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Really enjoyed this series and these characters Enjoyed following the characters through the three books and really enjoyed this last one The characters were warm and funny and the reader roots for all of them Highly recommend all three books. Australian playboy billionaire Logan Jackson is needs a wife fast He has to change his playboy image Logan s best friends dies and he is fighting for custody for their daughter Logan doesn t view marriage in a good light A marriage of convenience is the right solution As fate steps in Logan knows he wants Sophie as his wife Sophie Hamilton has to prove that she can be the general manager of her grandfather s mining company Her grandfather s match matching is getting in the way She has to show her grandfather that she is in a relationship therefore, she will be fine without a marriage This book was a charming and smoking hot story I really like this book I would love to read on this story I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review. [Download Epub] ♁ Roses For Sophie ☨ From The Polished, Pacy, Passionate Pen Of Bestselling Author, Alyssa J Montgomery, Come A Delicious Billionaire, A Mining Heiress, A Marriage Of Convenience And A Very Inconvenient AttractionTo Convince The Court That His Playboy Days Are Over And To Keep A Desperate Promise, Australian Billionaire Logan Jackson Needs A Wife FastTo Make Her Grandfather Happy And Sway Him Into Making Her Managing Director Of The Family Company, Mining Heiress Sophie Hamilton Needs A Husband Fast With Common Goals, Similar Values, And A Very Definite End Date, There Is No Reason Why Logan And Sophie Shouldn T Be Able To Strike A Deal To Satisfy Them Both No Reason Except That The Sizzling Attraction Arcing Between Them Is Too Hot To Trust This Story, Although A Stand Alone Read, Is A Follow On From Bestseller Echoes Of The Heart And Is Bestseller On I really enjoyed Roses for Sophie The chemistry was immediate between Logan and Sophie, but entirely believable One thing I really loved was that they were both from the same social sphere, and of relatively similar wealth, so there was no real power imbalance I liked that they both understood what each other s world was like Sophie s fears and vulnerabilities showed me that even the ones we think shouldn t have anything to worry about are just like the rest of us I am very much a fan of the dark, damaged billionaire, but I do have to say I really enjoyed that Logan wasn t one of the moody bunch.Despite the relative speed with which their romance developed, I understood these two and it made sense to me that they would fall in love like that.The glimpses of Sydney and the gorgeous Hunter Valley added something special to the story I will have to go back and read Jake and Amanda s story now Note The publisher provided me with an Advance Reader Copy of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Any and all opinions expressed are mine. This women can write.I enjoyed Roses For Sophie I enjoyed this authors story telling She just has a way of capturing you with the way she tells her story Its easy to the mind, its captivating You can sense that Aussie Western flare I also enjoy a read when it involves a confidant cocky male fighting for a sassy sophisticated heroine It had just the right amounts of heart, soul and romance.I wont go into details, but i truly enjoyed the story and this authors writing style I would like to thank the publisher at Netgalley for kindly providing the Arc in exchange for an honest review. What a great book It starts with the really premise of two mining superstars a billionaire and a billionaire in waiting needing to marry, fast But this is romantic fantasy and Alyssa J Montgomery makes it work The really becomes a wow so you re carried away in the unfolding story The hot romance includes the lovely language of flowers in this case, roses a beautiful touch I love Alyssa J Montgomery s books they are rich in emotion, conflict and passion When you finish, you feel like you re really gotten your teeth into things Roses for Sophie is terrific Thanks, Alyssa Roses for Sophie is one sexy read Montgomery s characters are wounded and seeking what has always eluded them, love Daringly they face obstacles, the kind money can not solve Sophie takes center stage in her own love story, matched by Logan s fierce determination to have her Roses for Sophie is the perfect beach read this summer I was a fan of Echoes of the Heart and hope to see in the series. I loved this book Multimillionaire Logan meets very rich Sophie thinking his sister Melissa had setup their date but Sophie was thinking Logan was her date from an escort service and relationship blossoms very quickly Logan needs to find a temporary wife or someone that he can be engaged to in a fake fashion all to get custody of his goddaughter Sophia agrees to the engagement but her rich grandfather has his birthday party and they are to announce their engagement that night To make her grandfather happy they get married for real because her grandfather has cancer and he might not make it another day The next day all hell breaks loose Sophie has fallen in love with Logan but has he fallen in love with her A great book that will warm your heart. This is another great read sensual and emotional as Sophie Hamilton mining heiress comes to terms with loving someone who does not love her oh they have a lot in going for them trust respect passion because billionaire Logan Jackson does not love and when he needs a wife to make it look good for a child custody case and Sophie is trying desperately to make her grandfather happy fate steps in and these two pair up and this begins a very sensual but rocky path to a beautiful HEA this one will have you smiling and needing tissues loved it. Yes Fantastic read I read this hot on the heels of Echoes of the Heart the latter which I purchased for 99c from The stories are very different, as are the characters and that in itself is refreshing In this story a stand alone yet follow up of Sophie who was a character from Echoes of the Heart I loved the sensitivity of the hero, Logan, who was just gorgeous and very alpha but still sensitive to Sophie s needs Too often, the alpha males are too caustic or arrogant Jake from Echoes of the Heart bordered on that description for me initially even though he redeemed himself nicely and early on in the story Logan Sophie s hero has arrogance but in a likeable larrikan sort of way I could definitely fall for him even without his millions Sophie was strong too and I loved the dialogue between them Sometimes it made me laugh, other times it was so deep it was just beautiful Loved it loved it loved it I read a lot of Presents books and although this author isn t writing for Presents, she definitely has that style of voice especially with the strong alpha heroes and the billionaire style.I ve decided that my top three authors in contemporary romance with the presents flavour are Montgomery, Marinelli and Morey The Ms have it ladies The reason I would give Montgomery the slight edge is that her stories are a little longer than the normal Presents books and seem to have twists and I enjoy that The twist in Roses for Sophie came early on, and I didn t see it coming straight away.