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It s a great book It has some excellent broad humor, as well as one heck of a challenging ending that will make readers think Really, one of the best open ended picture book conclusions in recent memory I will now present six theories on what exactly happens at the end of Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, from least likely to most likely.Theory 1 The Dog is Jesus TheoryIn this theory, the dog that accompanies Sam and Dave is Jesus, trying to lead the boys in the right direction notice that the dog is always pointing the way to reach the jewels , yet they don t listen and end up missing the precious stones every time Thus when the dog Jesus digs down at the end of the book, the boys land in purgatory Oh, and what s that on the first page of the book An apple tree cue crazy guy voice GARDEN OF EDEN ANYONE Theory 2 The Truman Show esque Civilization TheoryThe boys fall into an underground world built to resemble their own The only problem The details are off Basically, if you ve seen the movie The Truman Show, it s exactly like that The sky isn t the sky it s a giant dome with lighting orchestrated by Ed Harris The cat is an actor cat Sam and Dave have entered a giant reality show Proponents of the Mount Weather conspiracy who believe there is a shadow government operating in a mountain in Virginia will likely be drawn to this interpretation.Theory 3 The Epic Journey TheoryIn this scenario credit to my wife for this one , the boys return to the exact same place they started, but their epic journey of digging as epic journeys tend to do forever changed how they see the world Hence the same, yet different vibe of the house and yard at the end.Theory 4 The Other Side of the World TheoryThis might be one of the most difficult theories to make sense of, yet it seems fairly plausible Sam and Dave dug through the earth, and the reason things look slightly different at the end is because they are different It s the other side of the world.Theory 5 The It Was All a Dream, Man TheoryWhat happens to the boys right before the craziest part of the book They fall asleep in the hole If TV, movies, and books have taught me anything, it s that if a character falls asleep and crazy stuff starts happening, it might be a dream Also supporting this theory is the fact that the boys go from filthy clothes to slightly less filthy clothes as they fall and land in the yard.Theory 6 The Alternate Reality TheoryI m guessing this is the one most kids and adults will arrive at It s the theory that seems the most likely to me When Sam and Dave dig deep enough, they don t end up on the other side of the world, but in an alternate reality This parallel world concept makes sense when you see how the house and yard at the end are almost exactly the same The could also be called The Another World Theory. Sam and Dave Dig a Hole The uninspired, to the point title is the only thing uninspired about this very charming children s book The humor here is mainly in the visuals, but this is not to say the story itself is lacking though it s simple, it s highly memorable and just hilarious, and with only a few sentences per page, this is an ideal bedtime read There s no moral to the story, but so what Sometimes it s ok to just have a laugh.Final verdict A must read now probably most suitable for ages 4 6. I tell you what, Sam Dave really know how to dig Their parents must be miners or something They dig these elaborate tunnels looking for something interesting The cute thing about this beginning story, is that we are able to see in the dirt around them and we see all the diamonds they are missing by inches They have the worst instincts for digging as every time they are getting close to a diamond, they decide to change directions The kids were going nuts It s right there, they need to keep going They were trying to get the kids to change directions The nephew kept saying they were so close The nephew got a little excited over this and he liked this book He gave it 4 stars The niece thought this book was amusing She gave it 3 stars The artwork is very minimalist in some ways It has lots of negative space I think is what you call it, or just space It is not frilly It is a cute story. Such a cute book The title says it all Jon Klassen is one of my favorite children s books illustrators today, and he does not disappoint If you have kiddos I highly recommend reading this to them ( DOWNLOAD PDF ) ♳ Sam and Dave Dig a Hole ♩ With Perfect Pacing, The Multi Award Winning, New York Times Best Selling Team Of Mac Barnett And Jon Klassen Dig Down For A Deadpan Tale Full Of Visual HumorSam And Dave Are On A Mission A Mission To Find Something Spectacular So They Dig A Hole And They Keep Digging And They Find Nothing Yet The Day Turns Out To Be Pretty Spectacular After All Attentive Readers Will Be Rewarded With A Rare Treasure In This Witty Story Of Looking For The Extraordinary And Finding It In A Manner You D Never Expect Oh, I like it Sam and Dave set off with their dog in search of something SPECTACULAR and they seem to think they ll find it by digging a hole in their backyard Well it s as good a place as any to start.It was an interesting book At the surface it is a story of two boys playing in their backyard searching for a treasure AND exasperatedly missing it over and over and coming home empty handed and hungry I was groaning page after page watching the illustrations thinking, Just watch where your dog is looking Oh, come on, look, it s over there On the other hand, in the end, there was than one way to interpret the story The house they leave and the one they come back on closer inspection are a little different They have a different weather vane on the roof, a different cat on the steps, a different flower on the porch, and a tree bearing a different kind of fruit in the yard and no trace of the hole.Did they return home after the adventure and the things weren t like what they remembered, because they have seen of the world You know what I mean Did they land in a parallel dimension Did they dream it all like Alice Or is there another way to read this clever little book Story by Mac Barnett, illustrations by Jon Klassen This is the second collaboration by this duo I ve read and third one by Klassen , the first one being Extra Yarn, and they are sure getting better. Sam and Dave dig a hole They dig, dig, and dig down, under, and side to side in search of something spectacular Do they find what they re looking for Barnett and Klassen make a spectacular duo Mr Barnett s quiet, witty way with words and Klassen s sly sense of humor and masterful use of space on the page make a fun, quirky, smart read Kids will be pointing and shouting at the page It s right there Haha.My favorite part was the look on the dog s face It s amazing what Klassen can express in those little, bitty eyes So grab a shovel and start digging Come see what Sam and Dave find I ll bring the chocolate milk and animal cookies A highly recommended read that reminds readers that it s alright to fall Sometimes falling is the best part You never know where you ll end up. When should we stop digging asked Sam We are on a mission, said Dave We won t stop digging until we find something spectacular Dave and Sam go out to dig a hole They dig and dig To the child s reader s frustration, Sam and Dave always just miss the giant peach colored diamonds hidden under the earth They are accompanied by a wise little dog who always looks like he knows what s up.The ending is wildly implausible.Highly recommended to children who dream of digging to China and spend hours outside playing in the dirt.Great illustrations. This is a Black Mirror episode for kids, and I love it. Sam Dave completely had me until the very end I love that the boys plus dog decide to dig until they find something spectacular They keep stopping short and changing directions just as they are unknowingly about to uncover enormous, cool gems So great for a discussion with kids about perseverance, and visually it s so fun But then, the end didn t work for me Ah well, maybe I gave up on it too soon.