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~READ E-PUB ☢ Sams Heart ♌ When Nicole Was Pregnant With Sam She Was Told That There Was Little Hope For Him To Live Now A Healthy Two Year Old Sam Has Had His Fair Share Of Operations And Time In Hospital, But Now Lives Each Day With Fun And Purpose Journey With Nicole As She Shares Her Family S Story Of Overcoming The World S Obstacles To Trust And Believe In God S Promise With God On Your Side Miracles Happenmsheart A story that will touch your heart Beautiful. There is nothingcompelling than written proof of something that really happened When Nicole Watson was pregnant with her son, Sam, she was told that he had such a serious heart defect, the medical professionals thought abortion was the best option they could offer What follows is Nicole s testimony about how she, along with her husband, Don, and older son, Jack, determined to believe God s healing promises in scripture Her faithful spirit, shining through on every page, was a huge encouragement to me If you don t want to live limiting yourself to what the world tells you is the best you can expect, this is definitely the book for you. Anyone who has struggled with a child s health issues will relate to the agonies parents endure While by no means glossing over the down times, Nicole Watson s faith shines through this Written in blog style, she traces the highs and lows, the blessings and battles, the testing and triumphs the latter two are chapter titles of 18 months trial when son Sam was born with a congenital heart defect Now a healthy two year old, Sam has had his fair share of operations and time in hospital, but now lives each day with fun and purposeWith God on your side miracles happen.