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( Read Epub ) ⚞ Sanctuary for a Lady ò The Injured Young Woman Michel Belanger Finds In The Woods Is Certainly An Aristocrat And In The Midst Of France S Bloody Revolution, Sheltering Nobility Merits A Trip To The Guillotine Yet Despite The Risk, Michel Knows He Must Bring The Wounded Girl To His Cottage To HealAttacked By Soldiers And Left For Dead, Isabelle De La Rouchecauld Has Lost Everything A Duke S Daughter Cannot Hope For Mercy In France, So Escaping To England Is Her Best Chance Of Survival The Only Thing Dangerous Than Staying Would Be Falling In Love With This Gruff Yet Tender Man Of The Land Even If She Sees, For The First Time, How Truly Noble A Heart Can Be I don t know if I ve read any other book by this author but I sure will A book that draws you into the French Revolution and how it would affect a family in than one way Isabelle is an Aristocrat hated by the peasants The destinction of the classes comes through The poor blame the rich The rich abuse the poor But yet a child cannot be blamed for what class they were born into.Isabelle was running for her life when beaten and left for dead in the woods This is where Michel finds her He takes her to his house and tends her wounds and broken arm This alone puts him and his Mom at stake of arrest Yet God s love crosses the class barrier.This is truly a story of learning not to judge people by their background and forgive Also how sin can cause the innocent to suffer People suffer just because sin is in the world Yet God works in the midst of the evel for good.A story I will not give the ending Hatred hurts the person who harbors it than those it is aimed at Also it is sometimes misguided Also forgiveness frees a person They aren t bound because of hating someone I d like to see another story about Isabelle and Michel. The characters had such powerful emotions, a powerful love, and such insurmountable odds against them being able to be together I wondered how the author would pull it off, but she did A great book. Hope shines against the backdrop of the bloody French Revolution Isabelle de La Rouchecauld flees Paris in hopes of escaping the indescribable war of terror being waged on the aristocrats amidst the turmoil of the French Revolution After being severely beaten by a group of soldiers, Isabelle is taken in by a handsome farmer, named Michel Belanger.But when the threat of the Revolution draws nearer, will they be willing to sacrifice the past, in exchange for a chance at brighter futuretogether I love how Sanctuary for a Lady captured the genuine fear and situation of that time period for those of the aristocracy This book gave me a window into the French Revolution without the typical gore that we typically relate to the terrible events of the revolution In this story I saw glimpses of the Good Samaritan, in the form of the handsome farmer, Michel, who was something of a brooding hero with a heart of gold And when Michel and Isabelle were together, sparks flew Both of the main characters where so well developed Isabelle with her stubborn determination, yet her sense of guilt over past events, made her a compelling character that was complex, yet easy for the reader understand With both Michel and Isabelle, I think what made them so real and relatable, was how it was easy to see how where they both had been in the past translated into the present.The one thing that I think was just plain fantastic about this book was how hard questions, like, how bad things can happen to normal people, were answered in a simple, straightforward, easy to understand way that was not preachy in the least Not only is this a wonderful romance, but it also has a strong Biblical foundation.Overall this is a terrific debut from author Naomi Rawlings, I found myself staying up late into the we hours just so I could find out what would happen next This book has it all, strong characters, wonderful plot, firm Biblical foundation, and an amazing historical setting and feel Oh, and let s not forget the the romantic tension Overall a great book that shows another side of the French Revolution.Thanks to the author from whom I received this book in exchange for an honest review Thanks It boggles this reader s mind that this is a debut novel Rawlings writes like a seasoned pro With the tight plot, impeccable characterization and enough emotional angst to water log the Kleenex company, this is a romance lover s dream Seriously good.Love the unusual setting revolutionary France There s a history lesson or two or three within the pages which I found to be a fascinating bonus Kudos to Love Inspired for branching out from their norm and to Rawlings for inspiring them to do so.This is a stomach churning, knuckle whitening read from cover to cover I was an emotional wreck all the way through, between shouting warnings, chiding stubbornness and wanting to throw something at someone including the author occasionally LOL But I survived to tell the tale to dream about the tale to carry on the tale to dream up a new tale based on this onewell, let s just say the story is still with me and I m praying it s not long before Rawlings next book is out And the romance Oh la la It s there in spades despite the impossibility of it all And Rawlings creates incredibly intimate moments even in the midst of anger and hurt Scenes that shot daggers at this sensitive reader s heart Totally amazing completely fulfilling.The powerful inspirational thread made me squirm and I battled right along with Michel and Isabelle, marveling at what a benevolent God we have and the faith and strength of so many in history who survived untold horrors but still believed This one is a gem, a definite must read