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I was on vacation with girlfriends on Tybee Island when we stumbled upon a lovely shop, Seaside Sisters, and Mary Kay Andrews was there signing books Although I heard of her, I never read her books After chatting with her for a bit I was delighted to purchase and have her sign a small collection for me Not my usual psychological thriller, but a delightful and enjoyable read. I loved the Callahan Garrity series by Mary Kay Andrews The style and characters reminded me of Janet Evanovich and Stephanie Plum It took a few minutes to get into this new series New to me , but I warmed up pretty quickly to it There are still the quirky characters and the funny adventures although it seems a bitserious than the other books I ve read by her Looking forward to the next one. I ve owned this book for a couple months now I picked it up at my library s used book sale I m fairly certain I ve read at least one book by Mary Kay Andrews and since moving to Savannah I ve enjoyed picking up books set in the city While this was a mystery and technically what I d call a cozy mystery the main character, Weezie, never once had the thought to be an armature detective or that she could solve the murder before the police Nope She wanted nothing to do with it That alone made this book stand out to me The romance of the story seemed lacking, maybe it was just because they were pretty wishy washy and only kind sorta made up at the end From reading the synopsis of the next book it sabout BeBe While this was a neat quick read I doubt I ll pick up the next one. I will go to amazing lengths to find the perfect audio book I listen when I am driving for work and I usually want something light, humorous and with a bit of mystery Sometimes I will listen for awhile to something and then decide it takes too much concentration and I have to quit.Savannah Blues was perfect It took me awhile to get into the story, but once I accepted the premises that Mary Kay Andrews was going with, I was hooked.Weezie Foley is a picker She knows what antiques people will buy and she will go to great lengths to find what people want She will even go to funerals to check out the possibilities This is where this book starts Weezie and her uncle visit a prospective estate sale where she finds the perfect antique.This book is not for hard core mystery readers There are other important elements of the story that they might find distracting But if you like Savannah learning a bit about antiques and want romance in your books this is the one for you. Weezie dishonest, selfish, and self absorbed everyone did favors, etc., for her, while she really did nothing for them in return.Bebe was constantly there for her with help shelter advice groceries clothes other needs, but Weezie makes her pay the 50 profit she would make on a cheesecake when she wanted to cut into it All of the things Bebe did for her, but she mentions that. and accepted the money from her then proceeds to help her eat it of course Weezie couldn t even share a cake when Bebe had just helped her out of jail, took her in when needed, and brought groceries, etc Just one example of why I could not bring myself to like the main character.The story was mildly entertaining, but I kept getting annoyed by too many things to give itthan 2 stars. The first two thirds were good The last third kind of dragged.It was pretty good a lot of interesting characters It s a mystery with a chick lit feel Someone is murdered early in the story which gets solved by the end Weezie s plan hope is to buy a cabinet from an estate sale which she will sell for a large profit to allow her to start her own antiques store There are delays problems questions regarding the cabinet which are resolved at the end.There is an on and off romance for Weezie and Daniel a chef.The ending was too fast I wanted to seeof the romantic relationship It was technically happy, but I didn t feel good enough at the end.One chapter was Weezie first person, the next chapter was third person I didn t like the switching It was jarring I would have preferred everything 3rd person.DATA Narrative mode 1st and 3rd person Story length 499 pages Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual content one sex scene, no details shown Setting current day Georgia Copyright 2002 Genre chick lit mystery with romance. While the book was readable and I did not have any trouble going back to it night after night, I found it to be poorly written Maybe I m getting jaded but I don t think so I ve enjoyed other books with simple plotlines and 1 dimensional characters The book is presented as the story of a woman who has huge problems and needs to contend with her incredibly awful family I didin t see that at all Weezie and what a really stupid name by the way had very normal issue to deal with, newly divorced, no romantic social life, limited funds to work with, a job that she gets no credit for completing competently So what Welcome to everyone else s world Her family problems A mother who is alcoholic, a loving, patient father a loving, caring uncle who happens to be gay in the closet I ve seen much worse. What a delightful and entertaining listen I wanted something Southern for my drive and I absolutely loved this one My only mistake was not borrowing the next one in the series for my drive back The book had everything mystery, love, betrayal, friendship, secrets, and revenge I am somewhat new to audiobooks and the narrator was excellent, with her lowcountry southern accent to capture the essence of the book. This is probably a 3 star book, but I actually liked it enough to give it four In fairness, I should say that there were a few things working in this book s favor independent of its objective quality One was timing I ve had a run of heavy non fiction books, some of which were highly depressing, and was craving something light and undemanding The resulting contrast effect between this book and the others I ve been reading probably made meforgiving than I otherwise would be The other was the reader on this audiobook Aside from her charming southern accent, her wry inflections sounded exactly the way I would have expected the heroine to sound and successfully increased the book s humor quotient.With that said, I actually enjoyed this bookthan I expected to Eloise Weezie what is WITH these Southern nicknames Skeeter Weezie Tater Foley, newly divorced and living in back of her ex husband and his new fianc e she refused to leave their property and was awarded the carriage house in back in the divorce settlement , is scraping together an income as a free lance antiques collector a.k.a garbage picker and dessert baker for her friend Bebe s new restaurant When the book opens, Weezie is in an entertaining perpetual spite fight with her ex s fianc e, who is suitably bitchy without being too over the top Later, when the fianc e comes up murdered by a gun with Weezie s fingerprints on it and Weezie is found at the scene, Weezie s life is thrown into a tailspin Weezie is further discombobulated by a budding romance with Bebe s new chef, who happens to be someone Weezie dated in high school and turns out to be far better looking andsuave than Weezie remembers This book did have some of the hallmark chick lit clich s which tend to annoy me The chef boyfriend is gorgeous, generous, caring, socially adept, and magically interested in the same things Weezie is typical guy interests like decorating his home and cooking He passionately pursues the reluctant Weezie who is attracted to him but feels gun shy after her divorce To make the chef boyfriend complete, he comes with a dark and mysterious past which later proves to be a red herring that merely makes himsympathetic beneath the tough exterior lies a poor, wounded man who can only be soothed by the attentions of our heroine His perfection is occasionally marred by contrived misunderstandings between the two of them which appear to be thrown in just to increase the tension, and that s about as complex as the relationship gets I also have to go on a little rant here about sex scenes I know this is at least partially influenced by my religious background, but I m just not a fan of these play by plays that make me feel like I m right there in the bedroom with the happy couple It s worse on an audiobook when you can t just scan the page for where it ends When reviews of the book include adjectives like hot or spicy, I know I m in for it, and this book had plenty of hot and spicy I read a wide range of books I have yet to read a detailed sex scene that actually enhances the story Note to authors remember the movie Psycho, where you see the woman s face screaming and blood pooling at the shower drain but not the actual step by step mechanics of the killing Mucheffective, in my opinion Enough said.Mystery fans reading this book may be disappointed by the fact that the mystery itself is, at best, a subplot In addition to the romance and the mystery there were several side stories going on at once, some of which were pretty superfluous Weezie s lawyer uncle, whose viewpoint was included for no apparent reason other than to have someone constantly reminding us how great he thinks Weezie is, had a whole subplot around his homosexuality nothing graphic, but nothing that particularly enhanced the story either Weezie s mother s closet alcoholism and its worsening, a pretty serious issue in my opinion, seemed out of place in a story which was ostensibly intended to be light and entertaining For all its various plots, though, I would actually describe this book as largely character driven The characters themselves could be fun to read about, although they tended to be over the top at times I did like Weezie, who was slightly less Mary Sue ish than the usual chick lit heroine Weezie s antique collecting exploits also offered an interesting angle It s an unusual pastime and as a determined antique collector, Weezie didn t hesitate to resort to all kinds of original tactics to snag her deals I also enjoyed the depiction of Savannah as a gossipy southern town with its own social norms.In the final analysis, while I suspect that I may have rated this lower had I read it at a different time or not listened to it on audio, I did enjoy the experience and will therefore err on the side of generosity. ^READ PDF ☟ Savannah Blues ⇜ Meet Weezie Aka Eloise Foley, A Feisty Antiques Picker, Banished By Her Spiteful Ex Husband From The House She Herself Restored In Savannah S Historic District, Who Must Come To Terms With A Life That Has Suddenly Changed And Not, It Seems, For The Better In Mary Kay Andrews S Delectable New York Times Bestseller, Savannah Blues, Readers Will Feel The Sultry Georgia Breezes And Taste Sea Salt In The Air, As They Lose Themselves In A Wonderful, Witty Tale Brimming With Sass And Peopled By A Richly Endearing Cast Of Delightfully Eccentric Characters Revenge Is Sweeter Than Sweet In Mary Kay S Capable Hands, And Readers Of Fannie Flagg, Adriana Trigiani, Emily Giffin, Rebecca Wells, And Jill Conner Browne Will Definitely Want To Spend Some Quality Time In Savannah