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I wanted to like this one, I really did But despite the heroine s apparent history as an astute business woman, she spent the first couple chapters acting so darned stupid Eventually I ran out of sympathy and stopped caring about how she would dig herself out of this mess. Wow What a great book This was one of those where you read so fast because you can t wait to see what happens next This has to be one of my favorites This is the sequel to Savannah Blues This time, the story focus is on Be Be She meets this guy who sweeps her off her feet and then sweeps everything out from under her The only thing she has is a bunch of little cabins on Tybee Island The guy is a con artist and conned her out of everything Her properties, her money and her grandparents jewelery and bank account When she finds an opportunity to track him down, she takes Weezie, Harry the handyman she inherited from the cabins and her grandfather Spencer down to Florida to swindle back her money from Rory What happens next is hilarious I don t think I have read a funnier book I am on my way to add Andrews other books on to my wish list. Southern belle and three time divorcee BeBe Loudermilk pronounced Bay Bay loses all of her wordly possessions, including her restaurant and three historic homes in Savannah, to charming con man and professional investment counselor , Reddy This, of course, is the result of a hot and heavy relationship with said investment counselor And then there is the matter of a teeny tiny misunderstanding over a Durable Power of Attorney BeBe soon discovers that the only thing left besides her pretty white Lexus and the clothes on her back is a ramshackle motel on Tybee Island, a self described drinking village with a fishing problem BeBe moves into the manager s unit, enlists the help of hunky fishing captain turned caretaker, Harry, and works hard to turn a quick profit on the crumbling mess so that she can re open her restaurant When Reddy is spotted in Florida working another con, BeBe drops everything to pursue him and re claim what is rightfully hers She organizes a makeshift posse that includes her best friend, Weezie, Savannah Blues , her chef a k a Weezie s boyfriend, Daniel, and Grandfather Loudermilk With Grandfather Loudermilk snoring in the backseat and occassionally demanding to stop off for Kit Kat bars , the foursome make the drive to Florida to pull off a crazy and semi illegal caper that will get BeBe s money back.I love this author s sense of humor and quick wit She has a true talent for writing colorful characters BeBe should have come across as a total airheaded idiot, but instead she is a smart, strong, successful woman who just happened to take a wrong turn in life The loving relationship between BeBe and her grandparents was touching to read about and I got a kick out of the way she handles the headstrong and hunky Harry I m not quite sure how to categorize this series it s not quite chick lit, not strictly romance, and a little light on suspense For now, I m going to call it good old fashioned Southern lit with a hint of comedy. Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay AndrewsWith what happens to BeBe Loudermilk pronounced BayBay naturally in this book, you might think tat this was going to be a very depressing read I m happy to say, it is not Out of the three Southern books in this trilogy, this is by far the funniest and quirkiest How Ms Andrews could find us the humor in the facts that a very smart woman looses everything she owns to a con man, makes for an amazingly talented writer.BeBe, as I said looses everything she owns and then some, to a very slick con man When she is at the end of her rope, she finds that she somehow now owns a nearly derelict motel She seems to be in possession of a handyman manager too Frankly, this works out to her advantage in so many ways As Bebe, Weezie whom you met in Savannah Blues where her story is told Harry the handyman manager and of all people, Spencer, Bebe s grandfather, decide that they are going to hunt down and take down in a non violent way the conman the story becomes 30% intrigue, 20% romance and 30% comedic This leaves 20% to deal with the deep soul searching changes that are bound to happen when a life altering event like this crashes down on someone.As I ve said this is a funny, deep, frightening and altogether realistic look at something most of us think could never happen to us The characters are written with Ms Andrews usual compelling style and are so realistic I could swear that I went to school with a couple of them The descriptions of the area are such that I feel that I can see perfect pictures of the place in my head, and it is so clear that it is almost as if I ve been there.Savannah Breeze truly will make a perfect beach read, but be aware that at times people around you may look at you funny when you start chuckling out loud. Another cute and quirky book by Mary Kay Andrews 2 in the Southern series was pretty good with just a few slower parts The typical happily ever after ending, but that s OK with these books. Plot was pretty good but I wantedemotional impact view spoiler I would have likeddetail and conversation from the bad guy at the end Revenge feels better if you can see the bad guy hurting That was not shown hide spoiler .Download Ebook ⚇ Savannah Breeze ⚈ Mary Kay Andrews Takes Us Back To Savannah, Georgia, In Savannah Breeze, The Uproarious Sequel To Her Blockbuster New York Times Bestseller, Savannah Blues Breeze Is The Story Of BeBe Loudermilk, A Southern Belle Who D Dearly Like To Get Back At The Handsome, Two Faced Con Man Who Swindled Her Out Of Everything She Owns Except For A Broken Down S Era Motel On Tybee Island Joining BeBe On A Revenge Inspired Road Trip South To Fort Lauderdale Is Her Junking Friend Weezie, The Heroine Of Blues, And A Car Full Of Lovable Misfits Readers With A Taste For The Novels Of Fannie Flagg, Jennifer Crusie, Adriana Trigiani, And Emily Giffin Not To Mention Rebecca Wells And Sweet Potato Queens Queen Jill Conner Browne Will Adore This Delightful Take On The New South And One Woman S Discovery Of What S Really Important In Life great combination of friendship, adventure, romance, food, bargain hunting, and redecorating I liked this didn t realize til now this is a 2 in a series, I will have to read 1 One thing I didn t like is how most of the chapters are written from Bebe s perspective, but periodically a chapter will say Weezie and come from her perspective I felt this really broke the flow of the novel. Love Love Loved it Would like to see how everything works out for Daniel and Weezie and BeBe and Harry, but I really loved this book. I loved this book Again Andrews didn t let me down I recommend this book for a good summer reader.