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Warning This review may contain spoilers.Written from multiple POVs The H meets h while at a convention for work They fall into instalust and have a one night stand where H conveniently forgets to mention to h that he is engaged until the next morning Months later h is hired by H s partner after she is fired by spiteful ex boss H accuses h of stalking him then proceeds to tell her to keep their brief affair a secret.The H lets his fianc dictate their relationship at every turn She decides who they spend time with, where they go, and what they do She even leads their sex life There s no mention that he actually loves her even when asked directly They basically got engaged because all his friends family were settling down.The H refuses to end their engagement while still lusting after h even while going into jealous rages anytime he thinks h is flirting with or having sex with someone else.The H and h finally get together again while fianc is away on a girl s weekend and profess their love for each which I had trouble believing I definitely believe they lusted after one another since the following 10 11 chapters were of them going at it like rabbits There s quite a bit of dirty talk although some of it sounded like it came from a very bad porn flick and cheesy.Even though the fianc was a whiny witch at times I still felt some sympathy for her We get views into her thoughts from her POV and she is desperately insecure due to being picked on growing up She was an unattractive and awkward teenager who tries to correct her bad body image with plastic surgery She is desperate for love after 2 failed engagements After coming home from her girl s weekend she is blind sided by the H breaking off the engagement and admitting he s been cheating This sends the fianc over the edge and results in her stalking the couple, attacking the h, and ultimately results in her death.Overall I wasn t impressed with the H or the h He was a sleazy cheater and she was a walking doormat I wasn t impressed with sentence after sentence of what designer each character wore and I definitely wasn t impressed with all the time spent lamenting the h s breasts It got down right ridiculous how much time was spent talking about her boobs. Looooved it Full review soon. Kindle ♤ Serendipity ♵ Was Meeting Again An Unfortunate Twist Of Fate Or Was It Just Serendipity Julia McKinnon Was Convinced She D Found The One The Man Of Her Dreams, The Most Seductive, Experienced Lover She D Ever Known And The Night They D Spent Together In New York Was The Stuff Erotic Fantasies Were Spun From But With The Dawn Of A New Day Came Only Heartache And Betrayal, And Her Dreams Were Snuffed Out Like So Much Fairy Dust Nathan Atwood Felt Like The Lowest Sort Of Life Form After Seducing The Incredibly Beautiful Girl He Met In New York, Only To Break Her Tender Heart With The Confession That He Was Already Involved With Someone Else Leaving Julia Was The Hardest Thing He D Ever Done, And The Memory Of Their Passionate Night Together Haunted His Dreams For Months AfterwardsNow Fate Has Brought Them Together Again, And They Are Forced To Work Alongside Each Other Will Julia Be Able To Put Aside The Feelings She Still Has For Her Handsome Boss And Forge A New Life For Herself In San Francisco And How Long Will Nathan Be Able To Resist The Gorgeous Woman He S Never Really Stopped Thinking About Or Wanting 4 If I had met you first stars Julia Mckinson spent the best night of her life in bed with Nathan,the man of her dreams only to be awakened by the rude reality of learning that her dream guy was already engaged to his long term girlfriend in the light of the morning.I m not a huge fan of cheater romances nor am I an avid reader of forbidden romance reads either.Both aren t usually my cup of tea.I was searching for an Angst Erotica read when I found Serendipity while scrolling through various Listopia lists.And in my random mood to try something different,I thought I d this one a go,since there was no wife or kids involved.And I defiantly don t regret it Was meeting again an unfortunate twist of fate Or was it just serendipityMy thought s on the plot To be honest,Initially I was completely surprised and unprepared for the emotional angst that came in spades with this book.Yes there is cheating involved..but that s basically what the plot is all about.Serendipity deals with Nathan,the hero s reluctance to throw a 6 year relationship with his girlfriend, Cameron,down the drain just because he can t seem to get Julia,his princess..his last one night stand,outta of his mind.Through out the book we watch both Julia Nathan struggle with their emotions of anger,guilt jealousy while fighting off their growing attraction to each other.Especially Julia,I can t image how hard it would be to fall in love with the love of your life who just won t break things off with his girlfriend even though he s always been unhappy in his relationshipI m not okay, don t you get it I don t mean physically I already told you that But this is wrecking me emotionally, Nathan It s why I have tonot see you any It breaks my heart every single day to see you and want you so much but know you belong to someone elseSympathizing with Nathan was defiantly not hard after getting in his head a few chapter s inMan,he defiantly has a way with wordsHis unhappiness in his engagement,his sadness,his guilt,his longing for Julia all touch you through the pages,slowly softening your heart until you end up rooting for him in the end. I m aware of what a selfish asshole I am,Julia.I cant offer you anything myself,and yet I don t want anyone else to have you either The writing was beautiful,the secondary characters were great And damn This book was hot Like capital H.O.T Your would be lover might crave everything I just had, he told her quietly But he s going to know that I was there first He s going to smell my scent all over your body, see where I left my mark on your skin, and hear my name on your lips And if he still dares to fuck you, he ll feel my cum deep inside you Yep,I told ya And that s only a paragraph from a page Would I recommend the read Defiantly To all my lovely,lovely friends who love their angsty forbidden love reads served Hot Spicy..This one s defiantly for you guys Warning THIS BOOK CONTAINS INSTA LOVE CHEATING. Great book, really good writing, enjoyed it a lot Looking forward to next book by this author. Got this book in a raffle, didn t read for awhile because I d never heard of the author but this is one of the best books I ve read in a long time Really really good writing, very emotional and real, dialog that doesn t sound stupid Will definitely readby this writer. SERENDIPITYthe randomness of fateIf you believe in cosmic energy, deja vu, serendipity, this is the book for you.This is many things, doubts, lies and betrayal, lust, ardor and obsession, but also a true love story.This is about two people, Julia and Nathan, two complete strangers, one lives in New York the other in San Francisco While walking from opposite directions amidst the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, locked eyes and both were struck with unfathomable sense of deep connection, attraction and unbelievable lust Without even knowing each other s real name, they gave in to their passion, that night was one very memorable night neither one would soon forget Comes morning and reality sets, Nathan confesses he s not a free man and engaged to be married, and broke Julia s heart She ran away knowing they ll never see each other again, until.serendipity brought them back together again Only this time, it s even harder and heart breaking than before The heat, the passion and sex is even hotter than the last.This is a true love story filled with romance, hot and sensuous and erotic love scenes The other characters added to the credibility to make the story whole The author s talent in describing each scenes vividly, the anger and frustration, guilt, incredible lust and longing, it is so real and tangible I m in awe I highly recommend and urge you to read this, it ll be very well worth your precious timeand the best thing, NO cliffhanger SERENDIPTY by Janet Nissenson was wonderful to read A very thought out so descriptive that it almost felt visual journey to love taken by her two leads, Nathan and Julia JN gives her readers the full picture, the ups and downs, the thoughts, the struggles, the guilt, the love, and definitely the lust The sexual times between Nathan and Julia were intensely hot, very descriptive and erotic Nathan can talk dirty with the best of them and ooh la la was it panty dropping sexy Her characters, all of them, were well developed and multi faceted, with individual personalities so defined you ll think you ve actually met them For instance, Cameron, Nathan s fianc e was as Travis says, an evil b h in many ways, but yet you were also shown her insecure, desperate and vulnerable sides Nathan himself was sexy as hell, loyal and loving to his family, and did his very best to be honorable to a woman who has given him two years of her life even though he didn t love her, wasn t the one to ask her to marry, and became engaged for very weak reasons And yeah, he was a cheat And at times a real jerk But he was also walloped over the head with a love at first sight, that only grew no matter how desperately he fought it It s noted numerous times that Julia is a stunning, jaw dropping beauty who turns the heads of every man who sees her That she has style, grace, elegance, and embodies nearly every man s ideal for a wet dream But she is also kind, talented in her field, thoughtful of others, and able to ignore the reactions she gets from men rather than use them to her advantage She falls hard for Nathan when she meets him in New York and is devastated when he tells her he has not been honest with her about his situation and that he is, in fact, recently engaged This is not a simple story told with a short span of time It reaches overthan a year as the undeniable feelings Nathan and Julia have for one another develop despite their best efforts to fight them It is not a simple story of lust that was given into It is a complex story of soul mates who find each other not only once, but twice in a serendipitous way What s simple to see is that they were meant to be together What s delightful to read is this story of how they get there It kept me turning the pages, a bit aroused, and completely captivated from start to finish I rate this book with five stars and can t wait to read the next installment in this series I m hoping it will be Julia s twin sister Lauren s or maybe Ian Gregson s It s always great to see a confirmed playboy bachelor fall hard Wow I was beginning to give up hope that I d ever find a book like this one I ve read a lot of just so so stuff lately and found myself really disappointed in several books, but definitely not this one.I found out about this little known book kind of by accident on a blog I follow from time to time I liked a lot of the things the author mentioned in her interview on the blog and thought I might as well try my luck It was one of the best decisions I ve made in recent months because this book is just so good that you 1 can t put it down, 2 don t want it to end and 3 wishing for once that this was a three part book like so many others are these days because you just want to keep reading about these characters.The basic plot Julia and Nathan meet by chance in New York and are wildly attracted to the other They have a really hot night together the seduction scene in the hotel room is amazing but he has to fess up the next day that he has a fiancee waiting for him back home I know the haters of cheating will come out in full force but honestly the situation is handled in a way that will make you feel for him and understand his actions, especially after the way he beats himself up over what he did throughout the book Never expecting to see each other again, both of them are shocked when Julia winds up working for the company that Nathan owns in San Francisco a few months later What follows is their attempt to keep things professional while still fighting off their attraction to the other Nathan in particular has to deal with wanting to do the right thing and honoring his commitments, but at the same time still wanting the girl he knew in New York and not wanting anyone else to have her.There are great supporting characters in this book who are a vital part of the story without the story being about them We are already getting hints of the storylines for several future characters Angela, Tessa, and Julia s larger than life twin Lauren who is my favorite character, by the way But what I appreciate is that their stories are only hinted at and don t become a side plot to the current book, which unfortunately a lot of authors seems to be doing lately, especially if they are trying to stretch their plot out to three books.What I love about this book is the detail and care the author takes with describing things to us, things that often get overlooked or glossed over in other books We get to see in detail what everyone looks like, what they wear, what they eat, etc It s written in third person, which is a real relief after reading way too many books lately in first person, especially where the hero or heroine has a bunch of stuff going on in their lives and the reader gets wrung out dealing with all of their traumas The other good thing about books in third person is that you get to see the story from a variety of viewpoints, not necessarily just the hero s and heroine s I wishauthors would go back to this point of view in my opinion it just makes for a better overall book.And, oh yes, this author can actually WRITE I m in awe that this is her first book because it is so well written and realistic It s so much better than a lot of the stuff out there now that reads like a pre teen s diary The dialog is smart and sharp, the situations the characters find themselves in not so unbelievable that you find yourself shaking your head, and no stupidity or pointless back and forth arguing What keeps the hero and heroine apart for most of the book isn t some silly, blow out of proportion argument or misunderstanding or some ridiculous set of circumstances or their own crazy emotional messed up state of mind And for fans of steamy hot erotic romance, this book also has plenty of that The sex scenes are written with as much care and detail as the rest of the book and Nathan is one of my favorite dirty talkers Overall, this is definitely one of the best books I ve read in a really long time and I was sorry to see it end unlike several other books lately where I literally had to force myself to finish it I would give it my highest recommendation and I m not always easy to impress Can t wait to see what this author brings us next. Serendipity is the gift we find accidentally when we make a choice or life chooses a course of action for usI discovered this series by accident, and I have to tell you that I feel very lucky for doing so.This is my first book from Janet and I was surprised by her writing style it was honest,simple, amazingly hot and funny I have to admit that I was attracted to the book because of its title and felt the need to meet this heroes upfront Julia and Nathan are total strangers, but end up having a steamy one night stand Their attraction is instant and although my feelings toward this kind of chemistry are not totally positive, their relationship was genuine and the moments they shared truly made me believe in their connection.Julia was my type of heroine She was smart, gorgeous, admired by every women out there because of her looks and smart attitude She was also fierce and the intensity of her feelings made me admire her She is not an one night stand girl, but due to her chemistry with Nathan, she took the chance and ended up falling in love with him She was like what you see is what you get and didn t hide anything She completely gave herself to him, and although she was aware of not seeing him again, didn t have any doubt of being with him.Nathan on the other hand, had something to hide When meeting Julia, he was engaged to be married and confessed this after their night together. I ve read a lot of negative reviews regarding the cheating aspect, but I think they are wrong First, Nathan was genuine attracted to Julia and loved her from the minute he saw her Second, his engagement was purely official, without having deep feelings regarding his fiance He respected her and wanted to do the right thing, but the love he felt for her was not comparable to his feelings towards Julia Third, he struggled with this situation and tried to keep his distance from Julia He pretended to be happy with his fiance, tried to make things work, but in the end he couldn t He just kept on interacting with her, discovering not only what a beautiful person she is on the outside, but on the inside as well.So, pointing to this things, he was not a miserable and pathetic cheater, he only made mistakes and tried desperately to correct them, but fate had other plans for this couple.I loved this book and even with this minor element that a lot of people dislike, I enjoyed the characters, the plot that was dynamic and consistent and please don t forget the serious amount of hot scenes that were delightful.5 stars D