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( Read E-pub ) ⚞ Sheriff McCoy: Legend of Hanoi Rocks ⚨ Rokkarin El M Omin Sanoin Kaivattu Uusintapainos Vastik N Uuden Levyn Julkaisseen Hanoi Rocks Yhtyeen Toiselta Keulakuvalta Kirja On T Ydellisesti Uudelleen Taitettu Kuvaliitett My Ten LOISTOn Pokkariversiota Varten Kun M Kelaan Musiikkii, M N N Sen Usein V Reiss Pit Olla Tarpeeks Sinist , Et Se Punanen N Ytt Hyv Lt , Ja Siit Riippuu Miten Paljon Keltast S Paat Sinne Ne On Eri V Rei Ja M Rakastan Niit V Rei Nuorempana Kun M Otin Sienii Ja Soitin, M N In Ne Nuotit, Ne Meni Ymp Ri Mun Ruumista Kunnes M N In, Ett M Olin Kuin Jonkunlaisen H M H Kin Verkossa T Ynn S Teilevi Eriv Risi Nuotteja, Ja Siit Oli Tullu Ansa Mulle Mutta Hei, Musiikki Ei Voi Koskaan Olla Ansa Jos S Oot Urheilija Ja T On Totuus, Ik V Kyll Kun S P Set Tiettyyn Ik N Kroppa Ei Jaksa En , Mut Me Muusikot Parannutaan Loppuun Asti Ja Se On Fantastista I m giving this the benefit of the doubt that this book was just poorly translated into English Also, just because the stories weren t written in chronological order, as stated in the intro, doesn t mean they had to be published that way I never knew what point in time we were talking about. this book is all over the place literally chronologically it s very confusing razzle s dead then he s there again then he dies again and i could hardly keep track of who was who and when was when michael appears out of nowhere, no story about how they met sure, andy s a rockstar not a writer and this doesn t have to be that well written but my god, i ve never liked andy from the moment i laid eyes on him in my early teens and i had pretty keen intuition back then turns out he is very arrogant in this book and self unaware while trying to appear self aware he s very condescending, cocky and contradictory he has very concrete ideas, especially about karma, while trying to appear open minded at the same time no one is safe, he even rags on michael while at the same time saying how close they are he ll say things that make it sound like he s professing some great wisdom or compassion when really what he s saying is look at me because i m so much better because i don t think or behave like these other people but he doesn t put his money where his mouth is he is no better he tells snippets of gossip but then stops short and says things like i won t say exactly what went down, that s their private business why mention it at all then he says he s mad at steven adler for potentially, he reckons raping erin everly while overdosed who knows if this story is made up for sensationalism or not then makes a joke that steven should be raped in jail because apparently two wrongs make a right i don t know if andy knows, but in adler s autobiography he talks about sexual abuse he suffered as a young teen, sometimes being taken advantage of after being drugged andy says he prays for anyone who has ever lost a child but rags on vince neil and says he didn t get enough punishment vince neil s 4 year old daughter died in the early 90s andy doesn t comment on this, but if he knows, he probably thinks this is karma that s not how karma works and it s a dangerous belief i bought this book years ago and had to put it down mostly because of one thing that he said about karma that razzle died because of it apparently razzle accidentally hit and killed someone with his car when when he was younger and did time for it andy says he truly believed it was razzle s karma that he died the way he did im not even particularly emotionally invested in hanoi rocks or razzle, or vince, but this made me so mad, that andy could truly believe this, about his own supposed friend, no less he basically believes in an eye for an eye, while pretending not to because he s above that he thinks he s better than other junkies and looks down on them because he s supposedly kicked the habit and has no compassion for people who ve been through the same thing he went through no self insight or awareness andy also gets minus points in my book for mentioning astrology a few times but evidently only knowing basic sun sign astrology which doesn t work on its own and is the reason people think astrology is bullshit bonus points on the other hand for being a true libra sun and never being able to make up his mind about anything and always contradicting himself you re a true libra as you claim, andy all in all i would only rec this book if you re a die hard hanoi fan and want any info on them you can get though, fair warning this book is basically a post wank mess. Sheriff McCoy by Andy McCoy Subtitled Outlaw Legend Of Hanoi Rocks.This is Andy McCoys telling of his own rock Roll Legend and is stuffed with great stories of his sex and drugs and rock roll life.There is no shying away from the bad side of his and Hanoi Rocks legendary intake of drugs and there rapacious use of groupies.Throughout all the sex and drugs Andy conveys how much hard work he put into learning to play his guitar and learning to speak several languages, it is surprising to find out this Finnish Legends first language was actually Swedish followed by English then Finnish.But when he dishes the dirt about Vince Neil and his part in the death of Razzle, or about how Steven Adler got thrown out of Guns Roses there is enough humility in the telling of these tragic tales to make me sympathetic to most of the people involved except messrs Neil and Adler who really don t come out well It comes to something when even Axl rose comes out of this tale pretty well Andy does a fair amount of drug rehab preaching but also tells some very funny stories about being mindblowingly stoned on tour in India and Japan etc to make this book a must have read for anyone who likes his music with Hanoi Rocks or his other bands from Briard to Iggy Pop and beyond.