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~DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♶ Shoot the Moon ⚇ From One Of America S Best Loved Storytellers The Author Of TheNew York Times Bestseller WHERE THE HEART IS Comes A Tale Of A Small Oklahoma Town And The Mystery That Has Haunted Its Residents For Years In , Windswept DeClare, Oklahoma, Was Consumed By The Murder Of A Young Mother, Gaylene Harjo, And The Disappearance Of Her Baby, Nicky Jack When The Child S Pajama Bottoms Were Discovered On The Banks Of Willow Creek, Everyone Feared That He, Too, Had Been Killed, Although His Body Was Never FoundNearly Thirty Years Later, Nicky Jack Mysteriously Returns To DeClare, Shocking The Town And Stirring Up Long Buried Memories But What He Discovers About The Night He Vanished Is Astonishing Than He Or Anyone Could Have Imagine Piece By Piece, What Emerges Is A Story Of Dashed Hopes, Desperate Love, And A Secret That Still Cries Out For Justiceand Redemption Set in Oklahoma and filled with intensity, suspense and Seventies nostalgia, Shoot the Moon is an unforgettable blast from the past steeped in murder and mayhem. Nah, never happened Too many quantum leaps Oh, good, she s not my cousin. Waiting for my book order to arrive, knowing I had another few days, and a blizzard that made traveling to the nearest bookstorethan I wanted to take on, I found this book in the back of my bookcase After reading Where the Heart Is , I had followed up with The Honk and Holler Opening Soon Ms Letts characters charmed me in the first book, but by the second, they began to wear thin and even border on annoying, so this third aquisition had gone unread I forced myself to begin reading, and found this book to be a nice surprise The characters are still poor, colorful, small town residents of Oklahoma, but this time involved in the brutal murder case of a young mother and the disappearance of her baby, which makes forbalance against the quirky town and it s people The diary entries of the young soon to be mother are at first simply facts the reader can use to solve this crime, but by the end of the book, one grieves for the girl who wrote the entries Good mystery, good romance, good entertainment. The first thing that I see people talk about this book is its small town Oklahoma setting Having lived in a small town myself though not as small as DeClare, but comparable , I appreciate the simplicity of its institutions as well as its residents In terms of writing, I think it s a smart move It keeps your character count small and confined conveniently in one small town.Don t be fooled, however I did not like Shoot the Moon If I were to sum up my thoughts about this book in a few words, I d say it was boring Not just because nothing exciting really happened, but the writing style itself failed to engage me.Shoot the Moon sells itself as a mystery novel with some romance sprinkled here and there When I read the synopsis, it was intriguing I was hooked The excitement stopped there, unfortunately, because the events that our protagonist Mark Albright went through were predictable, save for one revelation at the end This big revelation that you spend the entire book reading about is indeed unpredictable, but the way you find out about it is so anti climactic that you re left with disbelief There could have been a lotplot twists and shady characters that could make the story a lotsinister, but I guess Letts decided to play it safe.As for the writing style, I also found it boring Letts tries to be descriptive but falls short of her attempt, and immediately after said attempt, the subsequent sentences were undescriptive I m not sure if this is her writing cadence but it s definitely jarring The characters personalities are also quite uneventful They re like robots, simply acting within the set parameters and never showing any dynamic.Overall, Shoot the Moon had the potential to be somethingThe premise is very interesting and there are a lot of workable possibilities to really keep the reader on its toes Unfortunately, Letts chose the vanilla route, leaving the book as interesting as a town whose residents know each other, with Walmart as its main commercial hangout spot. 1972 in De Clare Oklahoma, a child is missing the mother Gaylene Harjo is found murdered Thirty years later a stranger come to town to find his birth mother and something about his real family Mark Albright found out the family name Harjo before he arrived in De Clare.The town was buzzing with the information Could this be little Jack Harjo Mark did a lot of searching of the family and his late mother s friends and her diary When the truth was uncovered it never soothed the wound It causeshurt than before in some families Mark was able to move on and was happy.The author s words brought the reader into the town with the characters getting lost in a different place.Loved the book. This is a sort of Hallmark card of a story The cover promises a little bit of mystery, a small piece of romance and that s what you get It s the sort of thing you re gonna like if you like that sort of thing It s not a great story, but it s a story If you like absurdly happy endings, don t mind absurdities reading about Wal Mart as THE place to shop, and can deal with simplistic characters grab some Billie Letts. read this as an unabridged audiobook and though the reader did a great job with all of the voices and there sure were a heck of a lot of characters and kept up a nice casual pace which didn t put me to sleep, I found the book to be disappointingly average Shoot The Moon starts out describing life and gossiping about the inhabitants of a small town that is shocked when a young boy goes missing and his mother is found dead The boy Nicky Jack is never found but his pajama bottoms are ominiously located The book then fast forwards to the present day when the child, now a grown man, heads back to town to learn about his mysterious past Mark is now a successful veterinarian and has always had the very best that money can buy but when his adoptive parents die he finds evidence that maybe his life wasn t meant to be lead tending to pampered pooches in California When he arrives in Oklahoma his appearance opens a great big moldery bag of worms Mark or Nicky Jack as he s known in Oklahoma is alright as characters go and the cast full of small time folks are okay as well Unfortunately, it s all pretty average There isn t a lot of spark to hold this little mystery tale together and I have a feeling that if I were reading this as a regular book it would ve been far too easy to put down It neededlife,humor,something . Really a 3.5 The killer was concealed cleaverly Entertaining, fast read A change of pace. A rare book I am so glad that I stumbled on to this one It s a complicated story, simply told It has the feel of the author sitting down with a friend and telling the story It s the story of Nicky Harjo who is ten months old when his mother, an unwed teen, is brutally murdered and Nicky goes missing After days of searching, the baby is presumed dead A suspect is arrested and although there is little, if any evidence against him, he kills himself before trial And so the case is closed However, 30 years later, Mark Albright, upon the death of both of his parents, discovers that he was adopted when he was ten months old He travels from California to Oklahoma to confront his mother about why she didn t want him When he arrives in the small rural town, he finds out his mother was killed and her ten month old baby was taken, a most likely, murdered as well What follows is the story of Mark Nicky investigating not only the murder but who his mother really was and discovering who he is.Excellently written.