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I LOVE this series but I still want to know what on earth went on between Halt and Lady Pauline Agh, this has been frustrating me since I read the pre series books What went on between them Also, I m really sad that Cassandra and Will view spoiler even through all that they went through together they couldn t continue to be friends I feel bad for poor Will At least Cassandra has Horace, but Will he s a Ranger I m guessing this is also something to do with why Halt and Lady Pauline had a disagreement I don t know, but something hide spoiler Four solid stars Told in 3rd person omniscient, there are only about 300 pages creating a swiftly flowing pace Long books wear me out The plot is solid but not confusingly complex The characters we met in earlier books return again, guarding each other s back, including Will, Horace, Evanlyn, Halt, Erak, etc Their bond of friendship further develops, a spirit of camaraderie, loyalty, trust.This series is classified as fantasy, but there are no fantastical elements in this particular entry except one scene with a berserker killing rage It s really like an alternative history, where English typecast characters from Araluen help the battle axe toting Skandians Vikings repel an invasion of mongol type invaders from the Eastern Steppes the Temujai , light calvary archers led by a Khan type chieftain.It was written for teens, but I enjoyed it There is maybe too much time spent on battle scenes, but the tactics were interesting and the fight did not feel overwhelming Kudos to the author for creating credible not Mary Sue action scenes with the young princess, Evanlyn Cassandra.There is a good map and a fun app at the author s website @Ebook ⚠ Oakleaf Bearers ⚤ Will Och Evanlyn Har G Mt Sig I En Stuga H Gt Uppe I De Skandiska Bergen, Och N R Den H Rda Vintern Ntligen Lider Mot Sitt Slut B Rjar Det Bli Dags Att P B Rja Hemresan Men En Dag N R Evanlyn Har Varit I Skogarna Runt Stugan Kommer Hon Inte Tillbaka Den Orolige Will Beh Ver Inte Leta L Nge F Rr N Han Hittar Sp R I Sn N Och F Rst R Att Flickan F Rts Bort Av En Ryttare Han Best Mmer Sig F R Att F Lja Sp Ren, Och Inser Snart Att Han Har Att G Ra Med Livsfarliga Motst Ndare Temujaierna, De Vildsinta Krigarna Fr N St De R Inte Bara Vida Verl Gsna En Ensam Spejarl Rling De Utg R Ett Hot Mot Hela Skandia Samtidigt Forts Tter Halt Och Horace Sin Desperata Jakt P Evanlyn Och Will N R Sn N I De H Ga Passen B Rjar Sm Lta Kan De Till Sist Rida In I Skandia Men Ska De Hitta Sina F Rsvunna V Nner I Tid Amazing I ve loved this series since Ruins of Gorlan the first book It s suspenseful, action packed, and fun to read It really makes you want to read I really love how mortal enemies can come together to save their world John Flanagan did a great job with this book and all his others Really, really good. There are few books that manage such a level of consistency and that s a compliment, though it doesn t sound really like one Normally in a series there are some good books, some not so good ones, great characters, characters that piss you off the Ranger s Apprentice series has had nothing but a consistently engaging plotline, an incredible cast of loveable and a fascinating setting It hasn t gotten boring once.In this installment we get to know Erak which I loved Erak and Halt s dialogue was hilarious It was also fascinating to learn about the Skandians While the battle was a little long winded, I think it was key It gave Evanlyn the chance to grow in her character After seeing everyone else doubt her abilities at times, she even doubted herself it was nice to see her grow in confidence and wow everyone with her hidden awesomeness I m intrigued about her and Horace s relationship and how it is going to progress over the rest of the series I have to admit that I missed Will a little bit though He still isn t back to his usual self for most of the book and he got a little weird towards the end Overall, this was fantastic just as I ve learnt to expect from John Flanagan I m excited for the next book. Verhaal 4 5Karakters 4 5 Schrijfstijl 4 5Herlezen Waarschijnlijk. The Battle for Skandia is the fourth book in the Ranger s Apprentice series.What can I say These books are just incredibly relaxing for me to read Flawed but endearing characters, easy but exciting plots I don t have to think and can just enjoy it.Though in this particularly there were some things I would have liked differently Most importantly I would have liked the book to deal with Will s trauma a bit He was enslaved, abused and drugged in the last book I feel like he should have some form of PTSD Instead it was just kind of dropped and hardly ever mentioned again That was a bit disappointing I also feel like the series could use a bit direction at this point Not that it s not interesting but currently I m missing an ultimate goal What am I reading to Is this series going to follow Will s life for the rest of eternity until his death Just like some kind of road trip Not that I won t read this, but still A bit direction would be appreciated.Apart from that, I m still enjoying the series. Very enjoyable So much better than the previous story Good ending Holy Bananas Book Four in the Ranger s Apprentice not only makes up for the lack luster book Three, it left it my fists pumping in the air Book Three basically set up the events for book Four, in which the ranger Halt and the warrior apprentice Horace were in search of the missing princess Evelyn and the ranger apprentice Will But enough of the pleasantries and onto the action Book Four, or the Battle for Skandia, is non stop action Grab it now and enjoy I m sorry Did you hear that noise No Well it was the sound of my heart exploding in sadness A sound that will never be heard again in all time At the end I decided who I shipped, and then my heart exploded in two Will Evelyn belong together And now I m extremely disappointed and scared to see if they will belong together With both of them stuck on either side of the fence Will being he is no longer her status Evelyn being Rangers always keep to themselves And me sitting here just waiting for my heart to explode Then it did.Now I cannot give a good review, and probably will never be able to Just know that I have been silenced in the beautifully sad closure of this book I fear their lives will never be the same again.