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@Download Ebook Ø Slam Book Ü When Anna Starts The Slam Book, A Notebook Filled With Anonymous Comments About Classmates, She Is Sure It Is The Key To Popularity But She Is Wrong The Slam Book Sets Off A Tragic Chain Of Events That Ends In A Senseless Death From The Author Of The Baby Sitter S Club Series How do you review an absolutely insane book by the author of the Babysitters Club Disturbing. Slam books are of course the 80s 90s version of the burn book made famous in Tina Fey s Mean Girls A book put together my adolescent teenage girls with a lot of hormones and aggression and a need to bitch about their peers I read this book in grade eight and still remember it 13 years later because I skipped the after school special message of the book don t be a mean girl and jumped straight into the idea of let s make a slam book It didn t end well.I can t really speak to how well the book was written, but like most books by Ann M Marting, it dealt with some issues of race, some issues of growing up, and as I recall, it was neatly wrapped up in the end. Remember when slam books were a thing Analog social media bullying This book is horrible think 13 Reasons Why but in that very specific Ann M Martin way , sohow do you even rate that But uh it does include specific information on how to commit suicide, which I feel like even in the 80s an editor should ve made a note on Also after their first date a dude kisses a chick on the forehead likewtf Is this how AMM thinks heterosexuals behave I mean, I wouldn t know either, but I feel like it s not It s not, right Black girl called an Oreo as an insult and called a cleaning lady that is the full extent of the racism faced in this book I think these are literally the only two racist acts AMM knows about Character has such a weird fucking name who the fuck names a child Gooz And AMM seems to really like the name Randy Randi for a girl that you know they re named after a specific person she knew Being fat and ugly are character flaws Teen narrator talks like a 50 year old lady, and is a complete asshole we re supposed to feel bad for for some reason The only thing missing is an I Love Lucy and or Wizard of Oz reference I sound harsh, but I m really not AMM s writing isn t and never has been good, but I ate it up as a child I only own a copy of this book to complete a collection of her work well, it s still not complete, but getting there I thought I had read this one as a kid, but it s not familiar at all, so I guess I m thinking of something else But I would ve been all about tHe dRaMa as a kid. More like 2.5Boof This book At least it s short and fast paced justiceforcheryl annaisamurderer lockherup