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As a forensic nurse in rural South Carolina, Ashlee Davenport Chadwick acts as both caregiver and cop, gathering evidence from anyone who arrives in the local E.R as the result of a crime It s a tough job, both physically and emotionally draining, but deeply satisfying.Then a child s red shoe is discovered on Davenport property The evidence leads Ashlee to the body of a missing girl and her work suddenly invades every aspect of her life As an expert and a witness, she must call upon all her resources And when the killer s eye turns to her, she becomes intimately involved with a crime that tests her mind and her spirit and the price of failure will be another child s life. I actually liked this book better than I thought I would The line on the cover that said He s searching for his perfect daughterwith each little girl he takes made me think it would be really scary and all about the guy doing it But it was also about the forensic nurse and her end of things that I found interesting. More suspense than romance, this story starts off after one of Ashlee Davenport Chadwick s dogs finds a child s shoe with a toe in it.Chadwick is a forensic nurse cop and soon she is on the trail where she discovers the body of a missing girl This crime invades every aspect of Ashlee s life and she has to call upon all of her resources to get through this.Will she succeed Note that this is actually a sequel to Hunter s book Ashes to Ashes which is really difficult to find I hope this continues to become another series, and enjoyed the cameo by Dr Rhea Rhea Enjoyable mystery with elements from many of Hunter s other seriesfamily dynasty, medicine, and the Carolinas. This was an OK book, not bad and not really good, if that makes sense I really liked the main character. It takes a very brave and bold writer to throw themselves out there and tell a tale of children being kidnapped and ultimately murdered It is a touchy subject Heart wrenching As sad as it is to think about the subject, Gwen Hunter managed to write the subject with delicacy and compassion. Slow at first then built up into a page turner Kinda sad since it involved children, made you think about it and relate to real life happenings. A great mystery plenty of edge of the seat moments, I found it hard to keep the back story history of the characters straight at times, and at points there was detail than perhaps needed about the political workings of the crime scenes which just confused me but the characters were good, and it switches perspective between the main character and a killer which I enjoyed So definitely worth a read, even managed a twist I didn t see coming which is difficult when I read a lot of these types of books (Download Pdf) Ç Sleep Softly Í Four Little Girls Each Blond, Each On The Verge Of Adolescence Stolen From Their FamiliesTheir Bodies Discovered Months Later In Shallow Graves, Surrounded By Trinkets They Never Owned, Clutching A Scrap Of Paper Bearing A Cryptic VerseAs A Forensic Nurse In Rural South Carolina, Ashlee Davenport Chadwick Acts As Both Caregiver And Cop, Gathering Evidence From Anyone Who Arrives In The Local ER As The Result Of A Crime It S A Tough Job, Both Physically And Emotionally Draining, But Deeply SatisfyingThen A Child S Red Shoe Is Discovered On Davenport Property The Evidence Leads Ashlee To The Body Of A Missing Girl And Her Work Suddenly Invades Every Aspect Of Her Life As An Expert And A Witness, She Must Call Upon All Her Resources And When The Killer S Eye Turns To Her, She Becomes Intimately Involved With A Crime That Tests Her Mind And Her Spiritand The Price Of Failure Will Be Another Child S Life Veel minder dan de andere boeken die ik van Gwen Hunter heb gelezen Alles een beetje over de top, te langdradig op sommige stukken, en heel vluchtig en oppervlakkig op andere stukken Hierdoor niet prettig voor mij om te lezen.