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I couldn t wait to read this Every Day was an amazing book and 5I couldn t stop taking about it for weeks.Enter Someday Plot what plot We can t be together Can we be together We can t be together We want to be together 300 pages of this.The villain couldn t wait to meet X and understand what was happening to them Finally some answers X says he can t teach A things Muahahahahahaha can t wait What we find out X knows nothing NOTHING So he served his only purpose in that A knows he s not the only one Great, let s kill him.Why does A love Rhiannon again She s so annoying I was hoping X would take over her body and wander off permanently.I m so disappointed. such a good read and addition to the Everyday series I was captivated by every chapter i was also interested in the side charters and wish they gotspotlight but it was nice the way he wrote it because by the end it felt like it was written the way life goes, sometimes you see pieces of everyone lives by passing them in the street but you dont always get to see their entire life up unill that point just that one piece of it I recommend for those who have read the first book I wasn t a fan of books, the first book that I really read was Every day , curiosity brought me to Another Day which is the other side of one s thought Someday isof the combination out of these two, reading it makes you feel like you shouldn t stop reading because there will be something A book could change someone s perspective on reading, I can t guarantee that an author can satisfy everyone, but there are manymasterpieces from David Levithan, hope people will enjoy it. I was really looking forward to this third book in the series, since the second really didn t add anything, it was just Every Day from Rhiannon s perspective I had hoped the third book would expand upon the ideas in the first book, give the charactersdepth, and that the plot would be a whirlwind of excitement and drama to the very end Rather instead, the book is relatively slow, with nothing new or exciting and the characters are pretty flat The way the book ends is also one of the greatest anticlimaxes I ve ever experienced.David Leviathan said it himself that it took himtime to write the first hundred pages of this book than for the entire movie of Every Day to be made My guess is he just wasn t inspired didn t care Maybe this was just a money grab like the second book felt like to me Either way, Every Day was new, unique, and revolutionary in a lot of ways, but this book wasn t any of those things and failed to expand on any of them This book could ve been so much better than what it is. &Free ↮ Someday ☠ Rhiannon Every Time The Doorbell Rings, I Think It Might Be A Every Time Someone Looks At Me For A Beat Too Long Every Time A Message Arrives In My Inbox Every Time The Phone Displays A Number I Dont Know For A Second Or Two, I Fool Myself Into Believing Its Hard To Remember Someone When You Dont Know What They Look Like Because A Changes From Day To Day, Its Impossible To Choose A Memory And Have It Mean Than That Single Day No Matter How I Picture A, Its Not Going To Be What A Looks Like Now I Remember A As A Boy And As A Girl, As Tall And Short, Skin And Hair All Different Colors A Blur But The Blur Takes The Shape Of How A Made Me Feel, And That May Be The Most Accurate Shape Of All A Has Been Gone A Month I Should Be Used To It But How Can There Be Any Separation When A Is In So Many Of My Thoughts Isnt That As Close As You Can Get To Another Person, To Have Them Constantly Inside Your Head As Im Thinking All These Things, Feeling All These Things, I Cant Let Any Of Them Show Look At Me And You Will See A Girl Who Has Finally Buried The Remains Of Her Last Bad Relationship A Girl With A Great New Boyfriend A Girl With Friends Who Support Her And A Family That Isnt Annoying Than Any Other Family You Will Not See Anything Missing You Will Not Sense The Part Of Her Thats Been Left Inside Someone Else Maybe If You Look Into Her Eyes Long Enough And Know What To Look For But The Point Is The Person Who Knew How To Look At Me Like That Is Gone My Boyfriend, Alexander, Knows Theres Something Im Not Telling Him, But Hes Not The Kind Of Guy Who Wants To Know Everything He Gives Me Space He Tells Me Its Fine To Take Things Slow I Can Tell That Hes Fallen For Me, That He Really Wants This To Work I Want It To Work, Too But I Also Want A Even If We Cant Be Together Even If Were No Longer Near Each Other Even If All I Get Is A Hello, And Not Even A How Are You I Want To Know Where A Is, And That A Thinks Of Me At Least Some Of The Time Even If It Means Nothing Now, I Want To Know It Meant Something Once The Doorbell Rings I Am The Only One Home My Thoughts Race To A I Allow Myself To Picture The Stranger At The Door Who Isnt Really A Stranger I Imagine The Light In His Eyes, Or Maybe Her Eyes I Imagine A Saying A Solution Has Been Found, A Way Has Been Devised To Stay In The Same Body For Longer Than A Single Day Without Hurting Anyone Coming I Yell Out Im Stupidly Nervous As I Get To The Door And Throw It Open The Boy I Find There Is Familiar, But At First I Dont Recognize Him Are You Rhiannon He Asks As I Nod, Im Realizing Who He Is Nathan I Say Now Hes Surprised, Too I Know You, Dont I He Asks I Answer Honestly It Depends On What You Remember I Know This Is Dangerous Ground Nathan Is Not Supposed To Remember The Day That A Was In His Body, Borrowing His Life He Is Not Supposed To Remember The Way He And I Danced In A Basement, Or Anything That Happened After It Was Your Name, He Says I Kept Thinking Your Name Like When You Wake Up From A Dream And Theres Only One Part You Can Remember Thats What Your Name Was So I Went Online And Checked Out All The Rhiannons Who Live Near Me When I Saw Your Picture I Felt Like Id Seen You Before But I Couldnt Remember Where Or When His Hands Are Starting To Shake What Happened If You Have Any Idea What Im Talking About, Can You Please Tell Me What Happened I Only Have Pieces What Kind Of Rational Person Would Ever Believe The Truth Who Wouldnt Laugh When Someone Tells Them Its Possible To Move From One Body To Another Thats How I Reacted At First The Only Reason I Stopped Being Rational Was Because Something Irrational Happened To Me And I Knew It I Can See That Nathan Knows It, Too Still, I Warn Him, Youre Not Going To Believe Me Youd Be Amazed At What I Can Believe At This Point, He Replies I Know I Need To Be Careful I Know Theres No Going Back Once The Story Is Out I Know He Might Not Be Trustworthy But A Is Gone A Cant Be Hurt By This And I I Need To Tell Someone I Need To Share This With Someone Who At Least Partly Deserves To Hear It So I Let Nathan In I Sit Him Down I Tell Him As Much Of The Truth As I Can Like The Other Two Books About A, This Is A Novel Of Ideas That Challenges Readers To Wonder If Someday There Will Be Another Novel About These Wonderful Characters One Hopes So Booklist,starred Review