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This is a very difficult letter to write I hope you will not hate us too much My son broke into your home recently while you were out A teenage boy who breaks into his neighbors homes to look around and hack into their computers A woman down the street reported missing by her husband is later found dead.Who is the young hacker and who killed the woman I found this book to be extremely enjoyable Everyone has secrets Even if you think you know your neighbors, do you truly know what goes on behind closed doors How well do you know your spouse In this book, secrets will be revealed as the twists and turns keep coming There are several suspects and each one is plausible and makes sense Just when the police bring in one suspect, someone comes forward with information or to admit to a lie I was right there with the investigators changing my suspect list as the book progressed I love putting on my super sleuth hat and trying to figure out whodunit and enjoyed every second of this layered plot As the lies and secrets are revealed, husbands and wives will learn harsh truths about each other, and neighbors will learn about their neighbors than they might have wanted to know There are quite a few characters in this book, but they all have distinct personalities which makes it very easy to keep track of them.Lapena did not disappoint with this book She is a clever writer who she everything together in the end in a pleasing and interesting way I love her writing I found the reactions of the characters to be realistic and found this book to be a fun, thought provoking and riveting page turner I also appreciated that the reveal did not come of left field with this book The reveal was believable and well done Whether you figure it out or not, this book was a wonderful whodunit The pacing was spot on There was never a dull moment and nothing in the book felt rushed The only reason this book didn t 5 stars from me is because I would have liked to have known of the backstory between the murdered woman and her husband, otherwise, this was a hit for me.As long as Lapena keeps writing I will keep reading her books.Thank you to the Publisher and Edelweiss who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. What a neighbourhood Seemingly quiet and middle class on the surface but behind closed doors, there are affairs, secrets, a teenage boy breaking into their houses and a missing woman later found murdered Lapena keeps us guessing as the murder suspects pile up and the police keep changing their focus Some of the characters are not very likeable and some seem pleasant enough but are hiding unpleasant secrets An engaging, suspenseful read with enough twists to keep the waters muddy until the murderer finally reveals themselves With thanks to Netgalley and Random House for a digital copy to read I had just read a sad historical novel and this book was just what I needed to purge the sad There is something about a murderous thriller, one where I really didn t bond with any of the characters but at the same time was able just to sit back and enjoy the show In a quiet, middle class suburb, philandering Amanda, a young wife, is murdered and of course her husband is the first to be suspected of killing her But this novel shines an unfavorable light on a lot of the neighbors and my inquisitive mind cast a wide net for other suspects and came up with about nine people who could have had a motive to kill Amanda This is a quick read and just as the police latch on a new suspect, we learn secrets and see that another person has a reason to murder Amanda This neighborhood has so many secrets and it s full of rumors and indiscretions, people hiding what they ve done, hiding what others have done, suspecting everyone else, not owning up to their own failingswhat a mess of a neighborhood Throw into this murder mystery the fact that a sixteen year old neighbor has been breaking into houses and hacking into peoples computers His mom finds out and sends an anonymous letter to two of the people whose houses he broke into and apologizes for what he has done This misguided action just adds fuel to the fire of suspicions, with disastrous consequences No one would want a murderer to think that you know his her secret Thank you to Pamela Dorman Books Penguin Publishing Group and Edelweiss for this ARC. What would you do if you accidentally discovered your lazy but so loveable teenage son has a dangerous hobby of breaking into your neighbours houses and hacking into their computers Would you consider writing an anonymous letter to apologise for his wrongdoing Just to make sure that his prank e mails do not have serious consequences Isn t it a decent thing to do and if we, parents, do not do what is moral and decent, how can we expect our children to learn what is right and wrong This is what Olivia Sharpe thinks Her husband and son, and family lawyer are of a completely different opinion The anonymous letters she has secretly sent her neighbours have enormous repurcussions on the life of everybody in this close knit suburban neighbourhood, because everybody here has their own secrets.We know from the very beginning of the book that a horrendous murder has taken place We know the murder weapon used and the fact that the murderer was male We also learn the identity of the victim Amanda Pierce is reported missing by her husband Robert The murderer is someone who lives in one of these houses It is in all likelihood someone we know But to discover who it was and why, we ll have to doubt every single person, no matter how nice and friendly they appear to be.Despite its relative simplicity there is a limited number of people involved , the plot is complex and frighteningly realistic A husband is cheating on his wife after twenty years of marriage and grown up kids A bored and lonely housewife gets infatuated with a much younger neighbour after he shows her a morsel of attention A teenager who used to be so well adjusted and problem free is suddenly showing signs of teenage alcoholism Another teenager gets a thrill from snooping around and spying on other people s secrets A couple who have always taken trusting each other for granted, but do not seem to be able to speak to each other about things which are important All these characters and their lives are interlocked and interconnected in this superbly written mystery.The police are there and they are doing excellent work by continually discovering new clues and putting pressure on the right people They also know when the suspect or rather the suspects, because there are several they arrest appears to be innocent and is to be released, because new evidence and new leads keep appearing and need to be checked out.When the mystery is finally resolved and it all makes sense, you will still be asking yourself questions about how far people are willing to go to cover a crime committed by somebody they love.This is my first book by Shari Lapena and now I can see why her previous titles became bestsellers The writing is incredibly compelling Someone We Know is a clever fast paced whodunnit that will keep you entertained and might even give you the satisfaction of guessing the identity of the murderer before anybody else.Thank you to Edelweiss and Pamela Dorman Books for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.My reviews can also be found on ( Ebook ) ⚆ Someone We Know ⚇ Maybe You Don T Know Your Neighbors As Well As You Thought You Did This Is A Very Difficult Letter To Write I Hope You Will Not Hate Us Too Much My Son Broke Into Your Home Recently While You Were Out In A Quiet, Leafy Suburb In Upstate New York, A Teenager Has Been Sneaking Into Houses And Into The Owners Computers As Well Learning Their Secrets, And Maybe Sharing Some Of Them, TooWho Is He, And What Might He Have Uncovered After Two Anonymous Letters Are Received, Whispers Start To Circulate, And Suspicion Mounts And When A Woman Down The Street Is Found Murdered, The Tension Reaches The Breaking Point Who Killed Her Who Knows Than They Re Telling And How Far Will All These Very Nice People Go To Protect Their Own Secrets In This Neighborhood, It S Not Just The Husbands And Wives Who Play Games Here, Everyone In The Family Has Something To Hide You Never Really Know What People Are Capable Of 4.5 rounded up to 5Raleigh Sharpe has been breaking into his neighbours homes He doesn t steal anything He just wants to see if he can hack into their computers His mother, Olivia finds out about the break ins and leaves anonymous notes to let the home owners know what her son has been up to But one of of her sons victims I d dead As the news of Amanda Pierce s death spreads, the list of suspects grows Her husband and some of her neighbours are under suspicion Each have area son why they might want Amanda dead, but is any of them guilty Or could it even be someone else The book opens with Amanda s murder.I was hooked from the first page With everyone a suspect, who actually held the hammer that killedAmanda Pierce Everyone has a believable and justified reason for killing her There are so many secrets, lies and twists I did not like Amanda s husband from the start It s obvious from the beginning that s he s a man with something to hide I felt at times like I was reading the s riot for an episode of Desperate Housewives This is the best book so far that I have read by the author.i never guessed until nearer the end, who had killed Amanda I would like to thank NetGalley, Random House UK, Transworld Publishers and the author Shari Lapena for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. Neighbors lurking, anonymous apology letters, and scandalous rumors spreading like wildfire I love a Shari Lapena novel and this one kept me entertained and guessing throughout I am still wanting to discuss the end I think I swiped my kindle several times after the last paragraph What The premise of murder in a cozy neighborhood has been a theme in the genre lately and I thought I knew where this was going, BUT it takes so many swerves and has such a perfect pace that I was eager to find out who was wearing the mask So many hands in the cookie jar With all the neighbors covering their tracks and the detectives breathing down everyone s back, their was a lot of squirming and pointing fingers.This is one panicky neighborhoodI was flipping the last pages to watch the penny drop I m a huge fan of this author Recommend to those who enjoy a twisty who dunnit, and a clever plot with plenty of suspense and neighborly or not suspects.Thanks to the publisher for my review copy This one is out July 25,2019 I m not even sure where to start or even what to say about this one It was an entertaining and quick read but I wasn t too fond with the way a few things played out in the end So I m going to leave it at that.Once again this was a Traveling Sisters Read and I was one of the few that didn t enjoy this book as much as others did in the group So with that being said, please don t let my thoughts sway you from picking this one up Thanks so much to Edelweiss, Pamela Dorman Books, and Shari Lapena for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book. Shari Lapena is one of those authors that should be on everyone s reading lists Her writing is always dripping with suspense, and she always knows how to captivate an audience Sadly, I ve only read her last release, An Unwanted Guest, but that was a fun adventure When I was given the opportunity to read Lapena s upcoming novel, Someone We Know I just jumped out of my chair at the chance Hell to the YES In a small upstate town in New York, teenager Raleigh Sharpe has been breaking into his neighbors homes After his mother Olivia finds out about her son s break ins, she contacts a lawyer for advice However, she innocently leaves anonymous notes for her son s targets apologizing for his actions She feels like it s the right thing to do, but now it becomes knowledge that there s been break ins within the neighborhood Why would her son want to go into people s homes and why would he want to hack into their computers Olivia brushes this moment as a thing of the past, that is until one of her son s victims turns up dead As news breaks about Amanda Pierce s death, Olivia starts frantically worrying over her son s innocence She knows he wouldn t do anything to harm another person, but will her son s actions unravel into a deeper, sinister mystery Someone We Know is a great light mystery, that weaves slow building suspense with each page I really enjoyed Lapena s ability to focus on a plethora of characters throughout this story We get to know a lot about each of the neighbors in this tight knit community, and each person is very different from the other Each character is portrayed in their own certain light, so you ll never confuse any of them The synopsis provided by the publisher, and my quick little plot wrap up does nothing to describe the mystery that unfolds in Someone We Know Olivia s son s actions are literally the tip of the iceberg in this multifaceted story The best part about this book were the interconnecting puzzle pieces all wrapped together into one massive mystery You don t know which character s secrets are most important, and you slowly start to see how one mystery snowballs into another making it deeper and darker than you ever expected.Shari Lapena s been a very popular thriller suspense author since her debut novel The Couple Next Door and her writing continues to grow in intensity and tact Someone We Know is definitely going to entertain audiences whether you can handle thriller novels are not Trust me, anyone can enjoy this book, even if you get scared easily Someone We Know is a book that will keep you guessing. 3.5 3.75 StarsEveryone in this neighbourhood has a secret but when a teenage boy sneaking in the neighbours homes and hacking in their computers and a wife goes missing and then after a couple of weeks found murdered brings the detectives to the neighbourhood every secret begin to be revealed Told in multiple POV, mostly in 3rd person, it s a standalone novel I m a fan of Shari Lapena s books and like always she didn t disappoint I liked the neighbourhood setting and enjoyed the story Although there were many characters in the story, it was easy to keep track of them Some of the twists were predictable and overall I don t think it was hard to guess them It contains short chapters, it s well paced, quick and an easy read Although the ending was satisfying for me but it wasn t shocking All in all, I had fun reading this and hope you like it as well