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A wonderfully dark and intriguing collection of dark and intriguing stories, Devils in the Darkness includes shocks, horror, thought provoking mystery, prose as smooth as the demon s dark slither or as butter running down hot corn in J.L Mulvihill s opening tale, the Demon of Natchez Trace , classic terrors and even fun I m a Baptist So I m allowed to cuss declares one character in Phillip Drayer Duncan s haunting The Misconception about Demons In the same story, religion may differ, but in theory our practices and knowledge of demons are the same Reader beware Meanwhile in drowned Southern forest land, white barked trunks lost most of their branches as they rested knee deep in stagnant water, evoking a place I ve never been, where devils may darkly haunt in Melodie Romeo s The Devil s Stone Pamela K Kinney s Let Demon Dog s Lie will keep you far from dark cemeteries at night And the rest read them if you dare, but not when the dark wind s blowing.Disclosure I hosted a blog tour and took forever to get around to reading my copy I offer my honest review with my apologies for being so slow. My story and a couple of others are worth reading in this book. {DOWNLOAD KINDLE} á Southern Haunts â From The Fiery Abyss Of The Underworld Comes Hellish Tales From The South And Southwest Within These Charred Pages Are Stories That Will Introduce You To The Many Demons That Stay Hidden But Are Always Nearby Authors Provide Stories Of Possessed People, Objects, Houses, Highways, And The Devil S Favorite Playground The ForestDare To Meet Deidless, A Demon Who Is A Buyer Of Souls Discover What Kind Of Demons Men Can Summon Read Of Battles Between Good And Evil Learn Of Ancient Artifacts And Stones That Crave Sacrifice Finally, Become Acquainted With Legions Of EvilAgain, We Invite You, Sit Back, Dim The Lights, And Prepare Yourself To Meet The Devils In The DarknessFeatured Stories And Authors In Southern Haunts Devils In The Darkness The Demon Of The Old Natchez Trace By J L MulvihillBattle For Vicksburg By Della WestDediless By Linda DeLeonWhat Goes Around By Herika RaymerDead End By CG BushSorry Charlie By Angela Dalton LuciusThe Misconception About Demons By Phillip Drayer DuncanThe Blackberry Man By Diane WardThe Devil S Stone By Melodie RomeoAnd There Was Nothing Left But Ash By Miguel L ViscarraBarred For Life By Louise MyersThe Devil S Doorway By Kalila SmithWhat Demons Men Make By Windsong LevitchAncient Blood By Ethan NahteLet Demon Dogs Lie By Pamela K KinneyJack In The Box By H David BlalockDorm Rat By E G GloverBeleth By Roman MerryAre You Ready By L R Barrett DurhamAttachment By Alexander S Brown