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What a wonderfully original story I am a READERas in, I read a great number of books all the time, and as a result can oftentimes see the plot coming from a mile away No so here Not only did the world of the story surprise me at every turn, but the characters and action are like nothing else I have ever read I had no idea what was going to happen in any given moment I can t even say well, if you liked such and suchthen this is kind of like that , because it isn t This stands alone I can t wait for the next one Hurry up. I loved this book A breezy and fun fantasy read that scratches the surface of a realm of myth and magic that I can t wait to learn about A foolhardy squire that is 1000% heart, and a wild mage who hates relying on others Looking forward to of this duo I LOVE this cover The snark alone is worth the price as it is And humor is always a plus in fantasy. This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures is good with a sword, but he has no common sense or other talents, for that matter After getting arrested for a brawl outside of a tavern, he ends up being sentenced to help guard a woman named Rime on her travels Rime is secretly a wild mage, and wild mages aren t supposed to be allowed to live Rime is on her way to chase a legendary witch who she thinks can help her contain her powers before she loses control and unleashes apocalyptic chaos upon the world.Spell Sword reads a little bit like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign This is neither good nor bad, it just is Many DND campaigns are imaginative and engaging, which is, in fact, the entire point of playing the game It s just that as you re reading, you can tell that the story follows a bit of a pattern where there are scenes dedicated to conversations roleplay , scenes where the characters fight encounters , and scenes where the characters have to use their wits to get out of a tricky situation skill challenge There was a particular encounter involving frogs that reminded me nostalgically of my first DND campaign, so props for that Scary frogs ftw G Derek Adams has a fantastic imagination Jonas and Rime encounter a vivid cast of characters ranging from your typical enemies on wyverns to less conventional frogs on roller skates I enjoyed the fact that it was impossible to predict what challenges our heroes would encounter I also enjoyed seeing the workings of Rime s mind, especially her mental library where she stores the knowledge from all of the books she s read in her life.Spell Sword is intended to be a funny book, but a lot of the humor didn t work for me This is nothing to do with the book itself As I mentioned in my review of Alice Will, I have a rather warped sense of humor that doesn t appreciate things that the rest of the world finds funny, such as the book Good Omens, which most people think is hilarious.The thing that bothered me the most about Spell Sword is that the worldbuilding seemed haphazard There were important bits of information that we didn t learn until far too late in the story, i.e what a wild mage is and why Rime is a danger, which wasn t revealed until something like 2 3 of the way through the book Seeing descriptions of the basic way the world works so late into the story didn t work well for me I prefer the worldbuilding to be seamless and to be integrated into the story early enough to keep me grounded.Overall thought Spell Sword was not quite as polished as I d like, but the author has potential The book could have used a bit editing, especially to adjust worldbuilding and pacing issues, but there were elements of the story that I enjoyed and would have liked to see fleshed out. I read this book in one sitting while enjoying some beautiful weather in a lawn chair in the middle of my complex s courtyard I tell you this not because I think you care about how I conduct my reading, but because I want to impress upon you that I spent several hours sunburning for the simple reason that I couldn t put the book down It isn t a traditional page turner in the WHOA, THINGS ARE CONSTANTLY HAPPENING sense rather, it is just plain fun and easy to read The prose is not bogged down by Tolkien esque descriptions, and what is described with greater detail is done thoughtfully, with a keen eye for metaphor The fight scenes which I often have trouble reading in many sci fi fantasy books because I find many authors have a hard time describing complicated action sequences in a way that I can follow were very clearly described, and I had no trouble following along These are some things that make the book good What makes it GREAT is the world building Adams places the reader in a world where swords, magic, DINOSAURS, elves, dwarves, FROGS ON STEAM POWERED ROLLERSKATES, and long dead, mysteriously advanced civilizations coexist side by side like it ain t no thang And it isn t somehow Adams manages to write all of these various anachronistic bits in in a way that leaves you saying Well yeah, of course there s a jukebox in this medieval tavern, how else would the patrons have music to drink to rather than What the actual heck is going on here Fear not, dear readers, Mr Adams is very much in control And that is a very wonderful thing. I ve read a good amount of fantasy and sci fi novels in my life, often at the expense of not reading supposed important novels I tend to enjoy escaping into new worlds , places and times I would obviously never see, and just be immersed in them Many of these are in established universes like Star Wars , others in entirely new worlds that the author has created Some authors can fall into a habit of trying to over explain their newly created world, bombarding the reader with the rules of their universe, geography, races, or supposed histories You come away feeling like you re reading a textbook or tour guide of their world It usually takes me out of their tale, and the book is quickly abandoned The better authors just get into their story, and let the reader discover things as they go along, as the characters naturally encounter them They make the reader want to know about a battle that was casually mentioned as an aside, or why a certain race no longer exists.Fortunately, G Derek Adams falls into the latter camp.Adams debut novel is a quick read, but in that time you are given glimpses of a much larger world What seems to start out as an almost typical sword and sorcery fantasy slowly reveals elements you wouldn t find in a George R.R Martin book, the best part being that enormous attention isn t even given to them by the characters they ve dealt with these things before, it s not new to them I m being intentionally vague so as not to spoil any surprises.There were also several times throughout where I got the feeling, Hey, this would make a pretty good game The trio of characters known as The Hunt easily my favorite in the book felt like they would be at home in an old school Squaresoft RPG, and the quest of the two young heroes could easily be a tabletop campaign.I ll admit I raised an eyebrow when I first read the back cover copy describing this as swordpunk , but I get it now, and it definitely earned it. I am an action adventure scifi buff I use to say I was a fantasy person, till I met real fantasy peeps Not really sure why I never got into or understood the fantasy side of things There have been times when I ve tried to insert myself, but to no avail So, it was with excitement and trepidation that I opened Spell Sword Would I get it, would it get me, would there be names and places and history I d know nothing about Would I be confused, lost, would I give up in frustration My fears were swept away within the first page and from the Ogre s white liquid oozing eye to the roller skating frogs from the dinosaur to the enormous swamp snapping turtle I was engrossed Not only did Adams create minor characters in such a way that you knew exactly who they were, what they looked like, how they would act, he created a damsel in distress who s wild magic can level an enemy with the wave of a finger and an young man who is the epitome of loyalty with the wave of his sword As you grow to know and love Rime and Jonas, you hope their adventures never end This book grabs you from moment one and takes you on a ride you never want to get off of Maybe Adams should have waited to release this book when he had already written number 2 and 3 and 4 and Because when you are done with Spell Sword you will immediately want to read the next G Derek Adams book This new movement he has created, SWORDPUNK, is one I want to be a part of It s one I know I can be a part of I ve already been planning my costumes *DOWNLOAD EPUB ⇶ Spell/Sword ☟ Rime Is A Wild Mage She Can Bend The Very Fabric Of Reality, But At A Cost A Cost To Her Health And Her Sanity Her Power Is Unstoppable But It Leaves Her Empty, Weak, And Often Unconscious Jonas Is A Squire On The Run Running Away From The Shadow Of Murder They Travel Together To Find The One Person That Can Save Rime From The Wild Magic, From The Inexorable Madness And Death That Comes To Those Who Are Born To Ignore The Rules Of The Universe The Gray Witch Of The Wheelbrake Marsh, A Creature Out Of A Fairy Tale I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads.In the beginning I loved this book It was creative, witty and adventurous Magic, swordfights, fantasy, dragons, you name it this book had it However I discovered about halfway through the story started to really drag for me and keep my interest long enough to finish I can t exactly place what went wrong It felt like too many villians started to be introduced and even though the story was starting to pull together by around page 160 I had already lost interest in the other characters I really only continued reading because Adams had done such an excellent job on main characters Rime and Jonas.Rime is a mage has magic She has this power but when she uses it there is a rather unfortunate side effect unconsciousness She will pass out for minutes, hours, days, and be helpless to anyone and anything around her She s fearless and determine despite this huge drawback She enlists the help of squire Jonas well he s really forced into it but that s a whole other explaination He ends up being loyal to her and her mission despite learning she doesn t have the money to pay for his help Jonas is a bit of a lovable screw up He seems to be always getting drunk to often hilarious and disastorous results Yet he s also a smart and brave protector.I didn t love this book but I didn t dislike it either and I would be willing to read about Jonas and Rime in the next book of the series. I first stumbled upon G Derek Adams when I read Asteroids Made of Dragons Who doesn t want to read a book with a title like that Well, nothing has changed about my opinion of his writing He is a silly writer, interspersing very serious moments with true life events, like how the hell did that potato get there in the middle of a sword fight The dialogue feels like actual dialog, not spellchecked grammarchecked stuffy talk Spell Sword is a great story, reminding me of some Dungeons and Dragons games I ve made up A mage is looking to travel across the world and needs some help Read the synopsis if you want The beauty of this book is that it doesn t go into too much detail with the main characters pasts It doesn t matter to the book, because you learn about them here and now and discern their personalities that way It makes the book much fun to read in my opinion Most of the side characters are easy introductions as well Even the main villain is given a brief background The story itself is very grabbing I think I read it in 2 days, minus a few hours of sleep It really wants you to read it, weaving itself into your thoughts easily Very good read, and much recommended.