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Using actual cells from the motion picture, this collection reproduces this charming fairy tale into book form. in the time where the visual s interpretation limit the boundary of imagination absorbing from the experience of readingMiyazaki made it the other way aroundhe simply showed that visual arts are vehicles to move the boundary of imagination to an even greater dimensionunlimited i love all of the creations and adaptations of Hayao Miyazaki, he is a geniusi collected all of the anime by studio Ghibli now owned by Disney because of Miyazaki sensei.in the case of Hayao Miyazaki s creations i m kinda obsessive i have to admit i compulsively hunt for every anime created by him and look for the manga novel after watching the animeand Nausicaa has been named as one of the best by him geee you must see Laputa the castle in the sky or Zen to Chihiro spirited away , and howls moving castle won an award in the children movie in Venice and dont forget My Neighbor Totoro where the Ghibli adopted it s logoi can go on and on about it and you ll get bored Miyazaki sensei, ganbatte kudasaiarigato for complete summary of Miyazaki and his creations, pls visit nausicaa www.nausicaa.net I loved this set by Mr Miyazaki, this beautiful story about a girl who enters the spirit world to save her parents who ate the food of the spirits Chihiro and Kohaku together and the adventure that leads them to find one another again This is undoubtedly a great read. (FREE PDF) Ã Spirited Away Box Set (Spirited Away) ⚟ One Of The Best Selling Children S Videos, Spirited Away Is An Academy Award Winner For Best Animated Feature WhenYear Old Chihiro Is Heading Reluctantly Toward A New Home And School With Her Mom And Dad, Dad Takes A Wrong Turn, And The Family Becomes Lost In A Forest Eventually, They Find Their Way To A Strange Abandoned Amusement Park Chihiro Wanders Off And Returns Only To See That Her Parents Have Been Turned Into Pigs, And The World She Knew Has Become A Netherworld Of Ghosts, Demons, And Strange Gods Featuring All Five Volumes Telling The Story Of Hayao Miyazaki S Popular Film, This Boxed Set Comes In An Exclusive Collector S Display Case With A Collectible Spirited Away Playing Card Deck Each Volume Is Illustrated With Stills From The Movie, Using High Quality Coated Paper And Traditional Japanese Right To Left Printing Making It The Perfect Gift For Fans Of All Ages The English Language Dialogue Comes From Disney S Official Movie