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The book is faithful to the Pokemon episodes. With some added detail here and there.

It's been awhile since I read the book, but it also tells about the Princess VS Princess battle between Misty and Jessie. Then you have finally have the one episode where Misty plays a mermaid for an underwater ballad for her sisters.

It was nice. Since I have read this book more than once, I have nothing but good things to say about it. For one thing, I like the character of Misty, as she reminds me of me a little — with the exception of how she and I look at the Bugtype Pokémon, although there were some Bugtype Pokémon that Misty did make an exception for (such as Ash’s Butterfree), thus showing that she didn’t dislike all Bug Pokémon, just those that didn’t fit her standards of beauty.

Of course, one character flaw Misty had that I took notice of was that, whenever she got the chance, she would remind (or nag) Ash about her bike; that was something that did get on my nerves (at least some of the time).

Plus, if I had to pick a favorite quote by any character in this book, it would be this one from Ash when he realizes that Misty’s not wanting to see her sisters is the real reason why she suddenly began acting oddly after he informed her that he was headed to her hometown of Cerulean City (so he could get the Cascade Badge):

“So that’s why you were so dead set against coming here.” (p. 19)

It is revealed that Misty is one of four Cerulean City Gym Leaders, with the other three being older sisters, Daisy, Violet and Lily (who also call themselves the Sensational Sisters).

Eventually, after a battle with Team Rocket, who is sent blasting off again (as usual), Violet tells Ash and Misty that their match had to be postponed “due to drain”. Misty protests that she wanted to win, and Ash says that he wanted to win the Cascade Badge; looking down at his sneakers, he thinks he’ll never get it. However, Daisy says they’re giving the badge to him. When Misty asks why Ash gets the badge since he didn’t win, Daisy explains that Ash’s Pikachu was the one that saved them all, and if Ash had used Pikachu from the beginning, there was no way Misty’s Watertype Pokémon would have won. (This is true, since Electrictype Pokémon are good against Watertype Pokémon in the Pokémon video games.)

Misty realizes that Daisy is right, but deep down, she also wants to prove she was a great Pokémon trainer. When her temper gets the best of her after Lily teases her about not being a star like them, Violet tells Misty to “chill out”, and Daisy adds, “You know we love you”, to which Misty replies with “Yeah” — thus showing that she agrees with them on that.

I also like the part where it tells about the Princess Festival — a holiday where women and girls rule, and men and boys have to do whatever they say. Of course, Misty also thinks that Ash being jealous is a bonus; because he’s a guy, he thinks that guys get nothing at the Princess Festival. Before that, he tells Misty that he knows she loves the Princess Festival because she’s a girl, and the girls get tons of free food and stuff, as well as discounts at all the stores.

I give this book five stars, as well as two thumbs up; plus, I highly recommend it, too.. :) This was a great little story. I think it was a compilation of a few of the cartoon TV shows with a bit extra to tie them together. Worth the read if you like pokemon and especially if you like Misty. it's pretty cool and I liked it. I liked it when they battle. [ Read Ebook ] ♗ Splashdown in Cerulean City (Pokemon Chapter Books #7) ♘ Splashdown In Cerulean City Bulbapedia, The Splashdown In Cerulean City Is The Seventh Book Of The Adaptation Of The Pokmon Anime It Was Published Byand Ispages In Length Spoiler Warning This Article May Contain Major Plot OrPokemon Splashdown In Cerulean City WestNotRetrouvez Pokemon Splashdown In Cerulean City Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionSplashdown In Cerulean City March , NotRetrouvez Splashdown In Cerulean City March ,et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Splashdown In Cerulean City By Tracey West Ash, Brock, And Misty Venture To Cerulean City Misty Acts Odd And Takes Off When Ash Goes To Battle At The Gym When She Sees That He S Just Going To Be Handed The Badge Because The Three Girls Don T Have A Proper Pokemon To Battle With Misty Emerges From Her Hiding Spot She Reveals Herself As The Fourth Sister Of The Cerulean City Gym And Challenges Ash For The Badge Team Rocket Interferes Drawing The Pokemon Splashdown In Cerulean City On Vimeo ACDS Fourth Grade Book Review Of Pokemon Splashdown In Cerulean City By Tracey West Splashdown In Cerulean City Book,Get This From A Library Splashdown In Cerulean City Tracey West Misty Dives Into Action When The Cerulean City Gym Is In Danger This is a good but short book. A Cute Story! A Pokemon novel about Ash and his friends. A secret sisterhood... a fantastical act... Ash is on another adventure! oh my god :D i totally forgot about this (thanks nathan for reminding :DDD)