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Most excellent anthology, with many remarkable authors who surprise us by writing stories in this genre I think this edition is as good or better than the first Splatterpunks Which is rare and somewhat unusual A nice surprise. Some people think disgusting or plain weird equals horrific If that s the case, any halfway talented writer could write horror stories, and this is what has happened in this collection, for the most part Some stories are enjoyable, others are forgettable.The worst part about the book though is editor Paul M Sammon s shrill histrionics over female empowerment and such claptrap Now, I am not speaking of someone who makes a strong expression of his desire for women s equality in the book s introduction No Paul M Sammon is the kind of liberal nutcase who is out for blood, spewing his ugly hatred and filth all over the pages.In his personal acknowledgments, refers to Reagan, Bush, Sr., Pat Buchanan among others as criminals here on earth who should also, after death, rot in the agonizing eternities of their own private hells The editor s immature, pathological spewage is NOT why I bought a horror anthology I got this to be entertained and discover some good writers, not hear some liberal nutjob s ravenous rants over some kind of delusional war meant to keep women second class citizens Sammon, if you re still involved in publishing, keep your opinions to yourself Thank God I bought this used, so that no cent of my cash ended up in your pocket You psychotic, liberal twit. @Ebook ð Splatterpunks II: Over the Edge É Reach Beyond The Limits Of Convention And Rationality And Into The Darkest Corners Of The Human Soul In This New Volume Of Taboo Shattering Short FictionReviewers Called Splatterpunks Extreme Horror A Forceful Anthology Cum Manifesto Of Splatterpunk That Makes A Strong Case For Splatterpunk As Valuable, Morally Confrontational Art An Authoritative And Intelligent Collection For Horror Fans Willing To Go All The Way Kirkus Reviews And A Work Of Dangerous Visions Booklist Splatterpunks II Over The Edge Continues In The Groundbreaking Tradition Of The First Volume By Featuring Acknowledged Masters Of The Bizarre Clive Barker, Martin Amis, And Brian Hodge Established Women Writers Kathe Koja And Poppy Z Brite Underground Favorites And Bram Stoker Award Winners Nancy Holder, Melanie Tem, And Elizabeth Massie Steve Rasnic Tem And Michael Ryan Zimmerman Help Round Out This Second Daring CollectionProvacative, Shocking, And Frightening, As Well As Literate, Intelligent, And Revolutionsary, Splatterpunks II Over The Edge Promises To Open Your Eyes To A New, And Perhaps Dangerous, Way Of Looking At The World Beginning a re read of the horror authors I read back in High School Post College An average of 3 stars for this collection Some good ones, but a lot that just hit the trying to be shocking that you can get from horror The better stories don t feel so early 90s But a good start Splatterpunks I and the two Book of the Dead anthologies, and single author books. Stories in this collection were of generally good quality and enjoyable to read However, this collection definitely lost the over the top, right on the brink, edgy feel of the first Splatterpunks collection Sure it has its share of necrophilia, gratuitous gore, usw but, it just didn t do it for me It s worth the read if you can pick it up cheap, but don t expect it to live up to the first collection. Another reviewer mentioned that the editor did a lot of spewing his liberal claptrap around, but I didn t read any of the notes or the introduction, only the stories, so I couldn t tell you about that I have mixed feelings about this book Splatterpunk is kind of hit or miss for me I like scary, intense, shocking stuff, but I prefer it to have some substance and originality Some fo these stories did, some didn t I liked For You, the Living, a zombie story with the twist that the virus affects everyone slightly differently but they all become crazed sexually in one way or another All Flesh is Clay was interesting, about a man who sculpts people s bodies after they did and brings them back to life Heels was good, about a serial killer who is a foot fetishist and how he meets his fate Lacunae was a cautionary tale of a transgender woman whose forray into strange illegal drugs leads to madness.Overall, there was some stuff that was good, and, overall, it was worth reading.I was bored with the interviews and didn t read them, or the other material, I only read the stories I would say three to three and a half stars. This book was ok Certainly nothing to write home about There were some interviews other essays that I don t feel really went with the stories They may have been ok with of the same but they didn t work mixed in with the fiction I bought it used and certainly don t feel an overwhelming need to go out find the first one Probably the best thing about it was it was a pretty fast read. Often a bit much I guess I prefer my horror with aesthetic style and less abuse some of the stories weren t bad though some good authors featured I probably would have liked the book as a whole better if the editor weren t so keen on defining and validating the term splatterpunk at every given opportunity. Overall review Excellent, gory horror anthology Of course, in a work featuring twenty eight stories, there are bound to be a few stories I don t care for, but that is due to personal preferences regarding writing tenses, overwriting and other relatively minor issues If you re a horror gore fan, get this collection.Standout stories 1 Accident d Amour Wildy Petoud Excellent, witty, cut to it tale about a woman s literally sick vengeance against an ex lover Memorable, vivid.2 Impermanent Mercies Kathe Koja A callous photographer Ellis witnesses an accident involving a little boy Andy and his unlucky dog True Bizarre, disturbing for animal lovers and excellent work.3 One Flesh A Cautionary Tale Robert Devereaux Multi layered, horrific and laugh out loud clever story about the conjoined reincarnation of a son and father and all the tragedies that stem from it Great work, with a chuckle worthy finish.4 Rant Nancy A Collins A divine white supremacist being with conspiratorial leanings tells the tale of his undoing Darkly hilarious and chilling his rhetoric is disturbingly media realistic piece.5 Heels Lucy Taylor A shoe fetishist turned serial killer Theo meets a woman Jules whose sexual predilections impact his own Blunt read with concise and masterful explanations for why Theo and Jules are the way they are.The resulting film short was released stateside on August 2, 2014 Jeremy Jantz scripted and directed it Brian Adrian Koch played Theo Julia Angelo played Felicia.6 Scape Goats Clive Barker Two couples on an island crashed sailboat quickly recognize that there s something wrong about the rocky mass their boat is abutting.Atmospheric, solid read with an interesting island backstory Scape Goats also appeared in the single author anthology Clive Barker s Books of Blood, Volume Three 7 Cannibal Cats Come Out At Night Nancy Holder Two cannibals Dwight and Angelo who are also best friends approach a crossroads event which may undo their bond of amity While the event itself isn t surprising, there is a well foreshadowed twist to it, making this exemplary, fast moving story even better.8 Embers Brian Hodge Entertaining, good read about an arsonist for hire Mykel whose reaction to a shocking, personal tragedy drives him to revenge.9 Xenophobia Poppy Z Brite Two Goths roaming through Chinatown find themselves working an unexpected, morbid job Brite s deft writing keeps this dark hued morality tale humorous and fresh.10 Calling Dr Satan An Interview with Anton Szandor LaVey Jim Goad Interesting, philosophical and provocative in a productive way conversation between Anton and Bianca LaVey and the author.11 Within You, Without You Paul M Sammon A post gig campfire hang out with her favorite industrial noise band Detour leads Reba down heady and dangerous by ways.The direction and ending of the story aren t surprising nor are they meant to be Sammon s worthwhile writing with its theme appropriate media savvy references renders the destination less important This one is about experience This review originally appeared on the Reading Writing By Pub Light site. Hit or miss In general, the stories are technically good However, many of them are also badly dated The fact that trans bodies were ever considered appropriate fodder for body horror says a lot about how far we ve come, but aside from that, throwing a trans woman into a story and leering over her body anxiety just feltcheap Use of kink for shock a couple times contributed to this feeling These authors were trying HARD to make it stick Sometimes I felt like I was reading a horror version of The Aristocrats If you re going to construct horror, construct it the Barker and Petoud stories were good examples of the genre, and Petoud was as gory as you could possibly want, but the gore had a purpose, you know And what is up with horror writers leaning on lesbian relationships I swear the book had eight to ten incidents of girl lovin and precisely zero of boy lovin Aside from general use of male homosexuality for shock value in For You, The Living It s not just this book, and I still see it in modern works, but the phenomenon really stuck out here and it made me wonder once again about the relationship of the queer community to horror and how that relationship has evolved There s probably a doctoral thesis in there somewhere but I ll leave it for someone with coffee and less time You re welcome.Moments where I was truly, viscerally disturbed by these stories were fairly rare considering It s hard to say if that was a reflection on their quality or the fact that they were tapping into a zeitgeist that is twenty years gone The Human Centipede and Saw have ruined us, apparently Alas, to be so jaded, and yet to have paid three bucks for this book.