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Honestly, I hated the first couple of chapters of this book Zorie was annoying, then the whole Brett thing was ridiculous, because he was ridiculous, not sure how she didn t notice that at first Buttttt The Anatomical Shape of A Heart is my favorite contemporary ever, so I was like let me just proceed And thank goodness I did because this is one of my favorite contemporary books this year Given, this is the only contemporary I have read so far in 2018, but I m pretty positive it will stay at the front of the line.Then there was Lennon He was all kinds of cuteness and funniness wrapped in a ball of swoon Loved him The setting was excellent, because camping, come on Some of the drama could have been left aside, and I don t really see how they didn t talk sooner if they were best friends But the story was funny, beautiful and addicting I still haven t read Alex, Approximately, so I ll be checking that one out next Review on my blog FREE PDF ☩ Starry Eyes ☩ Ever Since Last Year S Homecoming Dance, Best Friends Turned Best Enemies Zorie And Lennon Have Made An Art Of Avoiding Each Other It Doesn T Hurt That Their Families Are The Modern Day Californian Version Of The Montagues And CapuletsBut When A Group Camping Trip Goes South, Zorie And Lennon Find Themselves Stranded In The Wilderness Alone TogetherWhat Could Go Wrong With No One But Each Other For Company, Zorie And Lennon Have No Choice But To Hash Out Their Issues Via Witty Jabs And Insults As They Try To Make Their Way To Safety But Fighting Each Other While Also Fighting Off The Forces Of Nature Makes Getting Out Of The Woods In One Piece Less And Less LikelyAnd As The Two Travel Deeper Into Northern California S Rugged Backcountry, Secrets And Hidden Feelings Surface But Can Zorie And Lennon S Rekindled Connection Survive Out In The Real World Or Was It Just A Result Of The Fresh Forest Air And The Magic Of The Twinkling Stars 4.5 stars This was such a fantastic read Seriously, from start to finish, I adored it The characters, the setting, the experience, I loved it so much Starry Eyes is a modern day Romeo and Juliette telling without the sad ending and all the heart Zorie and Lennon were best friends They were on their way to becoming than that Now, they don t even talk any They avoid each other Their families are sort of enemies and it makes things even complicated Both end up on a summer camping trip and Zorie has no idea Lennon is coming, but there he is And she is stranded out in the wild with him Forced to face each other and what happened to them, will Zorie and Lennon reconnect, or will things get a whole lot complicated This was one of those books that kept me hooked from the start I couldn t tell you which one of the main characters I loved , I loved them both so much Lennon was pretty perfect and Zorie was amazing as well And the moms The moms were great There was a bit of angst, a lot of emotion, some humor, and all around this was just a wonderful read Highly recommend I m a sucker for anything that hints at R J or BFF to , but to have both AND it comes with Jenn Bennett s name attached to it Yeah, I m sold.Love love love Zorie and Lennon She s addicted to planning and organization and loves the stars He s snarky and maybe a bit sullen and loves hiking Together there s a lot of history and hurt and feeeeeeeeelings between them and I absolutely loved reading them figure it all out There are some others characters, but it quickly becomes the two of them and that s when the magic happens.Plot wise, it s quite interesting because it s a setting that I wouldn t normally be interested I m much like Zorie in the beginning and believe the outdoors can be avoided , but I was captivated at how the scenery was described There is a fair share of drama, but it s tempered with positive and present parents, sweet swoons, and kissing Not to mention the fact that Zorie and Lennon talk talk talk and there are some very sex positive scenes.Overall, I loved these characters and this story and basically want to read Jenn s words forever Huge thanks to Simon Pulse for providing the arc free of charge Wow, I liked this SO MUCH Zorie and Lennon are my new favorites and I will not be told otherwise Also, queer moms that own a sex shop THIS WAS SO GREAT.TW cheating, death of a parent, depression, getting stranded although i didnt adore this as much as bennetts other YA contemporary novels, this was still enjoyable it was an easy, breezy read with relatable characters and fun plot very simplistic, but i think this would be a cute summer read for anyone interested 3.5 stars 4.5 stars Books like this one are why I love reading contemporary YA and YA romance in particular Compared to adult books, YA romance cannot rely on sexual tension as much, at least not to the same extent as adult romance can The authors need to make you feel that giddy, tingly anticipation without lots of innuendo and sexy scenes Not that adult romance can solely rely on that but a good dose of sexy does make things easier, I think Giving you, as a reader, that feeling of falling in love, making you giddy and smiley with butterflies and everything, is truly a work of art There are some authors who have such a knack for creating swoon worthy romance one that makes your heart pound and Bennett is surely one of them.This was a very classic setup best friends who tried at at some point and imploded because of a misunderstanding which could ve been dealt with if only the characters had freakin talked to each other Throw in some family drama and a few not so honest friends and you have almost all the standard contemporary YA elements So definitely nothing new or particularly special but the execution was just plain beautiful We have Zorie our MC, an obsessive planner, aspiring astrophysicist, a chic geek, as she calls herself, who s maybe a little bit naive, but overall a really likable character But the real star here was my sweet, sweet boy Lennon From the moment he stepped on the page I was smitten Quite dark, with a dry sense of humor, a soft spot for all things reptilian, a little emo, a little punk rock and just so freakin precious I love the best friends to lovers trope and Zorie and Lennon were absolutely adorable together I also loved the camping aspects of the story, it reminded me of the time I spent hiking through US national parks myself and that particular magic that comes with sleeping under a starry sky far away from civilization I think I ve read pretty much everything by Bennett and while her UF series wasn t that big of a hit with me, I really loved all of her YA books She has become what Kasie West and JLA have once been for me a go to author for swoony feel good reads Please keep up the good work, Mrs Bennett, and don t disappoint me like the others did Thank you. i posted an actual review i know, incredible Without a DOUBT, jenn bennett has now earned herself a place in my top favourite contemporary authors to ever exist bc gosh damn THIS WOMAN CAN WRITE So, I ve been hardcore slumping for a whiilllleeee and somehow this book saved my entire reading career, amazing enemies to lovers trope I am WEAK I love love loveD THIS BOOK FROM THE START like not only is the writing sooooo easy to slide into but the plot and adventure and characters and conflict feels so REAL and genuine I found my one true love, lennon mackenzie, plz marry me My snarky, emo baby I love him sm THE BANTER IS WILD M A P S Even the mc was fantastic and relatable and actually smart without being annoying, I just have so much love in my heart for this book aaaaaaa The kids in the book GO ON A CAMPING ADVENTURE and it turning into a flaming disaster, you don t wanna miss out Its So Bloody Cute I Can t Even Breathe Also I just wanna talk about how much I LOVE the relationship zorie has with her step mom, theres none of that animosity or any sort of strained feelings but they genuinely love each other so much my heart is bursting GRANDMA ESTHER Its funny and entertaining and engaging and BASICALLY THE PERFECT SUMMER READ WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO READ IT Zorie s dad tho, hes a walking trash bin ugh The only thing I can complain about is the fact that it ended too soon, I could have read this book foreverPlanning can t save you from everything Change is inevitable and uncertainty is a given Starry Eyesby Jenn Bennett was a fun, sweet contemporary YA NA read Sometimes you just need a fun contemporary YA NA I say NA due to some sexual content read to lighten things up This book did just that for me It was a perfect summer read camping, hiking, stargazing and a friends to enemies to lovers plot between Zorie and Lennon Throw in family strife stemming from secrets and parental infidelity and you have a story that was relatable and engrossing Bennett s characters were very human and flawed I really enjoyed that Jenn Bennett focused on nontraditional families Zorie s relationship with her stepmother Joy was wonderful It was a relationship built on love, mutual respect and support The scene where Joy reassures Zorie touched me It was perfectI am raising my own kid You are mine I didn t need to give birth to you to love you, sweet thingAdmittedly, I m kind of a sucker for a friends to lovers story Especially when it involves the adorable boy girl next door What can I say I m a cheesy romantic at heart Zorie Lennon s love story was just that and it was adorable Amidst all the teen angst, misunderstandings, secrets and camping mishaps you could just feel their chemistry I was rooting for Lennon from page 20 when he first appeared in all his side swept spiky hair, anime loving, teen goth glory He was so snarky, witty and sarcastic Luckily, he was also good out in the wild which comes in handy when their so called friends leave them stranded out in the wilderness without a car or a way of getting home after an argument Zorie and Lennon s story was adorable to watch unfold It wasn t surprising in the least like you know it s coming and you re simply looking forward to it finally happeningA map of us It s years in the making, and it s messy and convoluted, some of it even tragic But I wouldn t change the route, because we walked it together, even when we were apart And the best part about it is that it s unfinished Uncertainty isn t always a bad thing Sometimes it can even be filled with extraordinary potentialZorie s dad I have no words for him He was despicable Thankfully Zorie was surrounded by a strong support network with her stepmom Joy, her grandparents Joy s parents , Lennon and Lennon s moms yes moms they were a lesbian couple and her friend Avani Once again I have to mention how much I loved the strong family bonds presented, especially as they weren t related by blood but by choice.