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!Free Pdf ⚔ Stormcaster ♵ The Third Book In The Thrilling Four Book Shattered Realms Series From New York Times Bestselling Author Cinda Williams ChimaThe Empress In The East The Unspeakably Cruel Ruler Whose Power Grew In Flamecaster And Shadowcaster Tightens Her Grip In This Chilling Third Installment In The SeriesVagabond Seafarer Evan Strangward Can Move The Ocean And The Wind, But His Magical Abilities Seem Paltry In Comparison To Empress Celestine S As Celestine S Bloodsworn Armies Grow, Evan Travels To The Fells To Warn The Queendom Of Her Imminent Invasion If He Can T Convince The Gray Wolf Queen To Take A Stand, He Knows That The Seven Realms Will Fall Among The Dead Will Be The One Person Evan Can T Stand To LoseMeanwhile, The Queen S Formidable Daughter, Princess Alyssa Ana Raisa, Is Already A Prisoner Aboard The Empress S Ship Lyss May Be The Last Remaining Hope Of Bringing Down The Empress From Within Her Own Tightly Controlled TerritoryMultiple Intricately Interwoven Storylines Converge In This Gripping Novel About A Brave, Coordinated Effort To Undermine A Horrific Tyrant This book was exactly what I d waited for, it did not disappoint I love this series, this world, these characters My god, there were so many bomb shells that I m still sort of reacting to I m just a sucker for it all, all the moving pieces and the way the storylines weave together and the endless strategy of it C.W Chima never fails to surprise me at every turn These are the kind of novels you have to set aside time to give your full attention to, that possess you with a need to know what happens next And then leave you floundering in wait for the next one I ll never be able to fathom why these books aren t widely read Go read them, don t let me spoil you Stormcaster was one thing after the other And, just like the last two books, we ve got way pieces of the puzzle to sort through this time We met Evan back in Flamecaster, but weren t exactly very endeared to him Now, with his entire past on the table, he s one of the family And having his and Destin s background made me need to peak back through Flamecaster and wonder how I could ve missed it I love Destin Karn and Evan Strangeward They broke my heart That seems to be a running theme for the pairings in these books Things really started to come together in this third novel We finally got a glimpse at what might really be going on Carthis, and it s not looking good to say the least Plus, characters have started meeting up, even filling each other in on all the endless plotting I loved it But the next book s reunions are going to be dazzling All my lovelies better get their happy endings, and I m really looking forward to certain folks getting what s coming to them Cover reveal I ll always be somewhat bitter about the cover swap of Shadowcaster However, I guess this cover is relatively nice looking so I do approve I need this book like yesterday, please April come quick Sale Alert Kindle monthly deal for February for 2.99 at This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart When I first read Flamecaster, I told myself be careful what you wish for This Shattered Realms series is set 25 years after The Seven Realms series, which is one of my all time favorite YA fantasy series Because that is the case, the character shift to Han and Raisa s children being the main characters meant they are not safe Some of the characters I love from the first series are going to die and that was also why thirty pages into Flamecaster I was in tears sobbing and didn t think I d continue the book Stormcaster made me glad I continued because after I wiped away all my tears I had a theory, a dream, a hope for my beloved character who was gone and I WAS RIGHT and it made everything so much better for me.Stormcaster is much like Flamecaster and Shadowcaster, in that we spend the first 30% of the book with a new character getting their backstory and bringing us up to present time Evan was the envoy that came to Ardenscourt for Jenna in Flamecaster His origin story was so interesting I didn t care that it took us a third of the book to get back to where we left off at the end of Shadowcaster Evan and Destin s history was fleshed out and I will say it was different than I expected but wonderful I was happy to find out he wasn t exactly what we thought he was You are in deep water, Pirate, and you ve forgotten how to swim Do not fall for this dangerous, moody, mercurial boy It will lead to heartbreak or worse. We have a few different story lines happening Adrian is with Lila headed back to his homeland and to see his mother insert tears here Alyssa is captured with Breon and headed to wherever the Empress lives Hal is on his way to his father to try to gather an army to look for Alyssa Destin is in Ardenscourt hoping to stop a civil war Lila is actually in all of the places because that girl is badass and totally gets around Jenna is with her Dragon Cas and they are having their own adventure, let s just mention here how awesome Cas is The thing I love about this world is that the women in it are so strong It is one of the few stories I ve read that has a Queendom instead of a Kingdom The head of the Army is a woman, one of the top spies is a girl and another girl is a tamer of dragons and has hatched a dangerous plan of her own Never is it said the girls should be bundled up, stowed away safely, knitting They are all out there making differences and being strong in so many ways.Stormcaster is where I think a lot of the story is getting traction There are some bigger movements on what the Magemarked are and why the Empress is after them I especially enjoyed learning about the bloodsworn and trying to develop a theory about what those crazy blood drinking priests might be Adrian s reunion with his mother opens back up the political intrigues which lead to Han s assassination and the attempt on Alyssa I loved getting page time with Raisa I ve missed her so much since she is not the star of the series But again she is the wonderful character I loved so much in the Seven Realms seriesYou smell of the road sweat and horses and leather, meadowsweet and pine She put up a hand when he tried to apologize No I like it My father was a clan trader, and he always came home smelling like faraway places It reminds me of something your father said once She closed her eyes, remembering He said, I want to breathe you in for the rest of my lifeIt is fantastic to be back in this world and while you might have shied away from it if you read the Seven Realms series, I think fans will be especially excited about a few of the developments in this series in regards to characters from the original series.Warning This contains a developing relationship between a same sex couple While there is no sex, there is a kiss I don t say this to discourage anyone from reading it but as a parent I liked knowing those things going in so I could answer questions my kids might have had I hope this doesn t dissuade anyone from reading Audio Note As always, this is well performed and the narration of the all the characters is done well Listen to a clip 4.5 Reading this now was ill advised Now there s the dreaded year long wait for the finale and I m still no closer to answers than I was in book one This was amazing I ve been waiting for Evan Strangward story since Shadowcaster and CWC did NOT disappoint I don t know how everything will be wrapped up in the next book since there are loose ends literally at every turn but I sure am excited to find out. How am I supposed to wait for the last book Send help 4.5 Stars My Video Discussion Well, it s safe to say Cinda Williams Chima knows how to build a story book by book, with each one out performing the previous installment I already knew this of course Having read both of her previous series , but it needs to be said for all the readers out there that have not had the pleasure of reading any of her stories In Stormcaster, the character development and world building are mostly complete We do get a couple of the characters backstory at the beginning, but other than that the characters and plot take center stage There is really no down time in this book The story glides through each of the eight POV s with steady precision There is a lot going on, but it never got confusing or felt diluted by so many storylines I could literally go a day without reading and pickup right were I left off without feeling lost I truly enjoyed each characters chapters, because they all have a vital role to play in the overall outcome Stormcaster set the tone for the final book in this series My emotions were literally up and down throughout the story A joyous moment would be followed by a disastrous event, or a long awaited reunion would be accompanied by devastating news I have a bad feeling all of my favorites aren t going to make it out alive The last section of the book had me on pins and needles Instead of just one cliffhanger, this book ended with several in the final chapters I m so glad the final book in this series was just released I would have gone crazy having to wait months on its release.While I don t read very much YA these days, the Shattered Realms series has helped remind me why I fell in love with reading to begin with To be emotionally invested in a book and it s characters is a wondrous thing, and Mrs Chima has always been able to captivate me with her stories I have been a faithful fan for many years, and this series has only solidified that bond between author and reader that so few in this world truly understand Actual Rating 4.5 stars Actual rating Yes, that s 5 5 stars All the stars I can throw in there Wow It s been a while since I ve read a book that I honestly could NOT put down But of course, it had to be Cinda Williams Chima s world that enchanted and wrapped me up completely in the characters and their intertwining stories Because, wowPlot This book has our storm creating pirate on the cover Evan Strangward , but it s about all the characters as they struggle to figure out how the fractured Seven Realms can unite and face the threat of the Empress and I LOVE how they re now all driving the same overall plotline This series always has the best political intrigue with a great ever surprising magic system Characters I love them wonderful, complex and distinctive characters And they re all in this one We have the pirate mage, the poisoner healer, the soldier so happy that Hal was in this a lot , the dragon rider, the spy Destin, I liked him from book one, and I m not disappointed now that we see , the princess, the magical musician, the smuggler But I wish there was of Breon He s just so adorable and funny, and I love his POV.Romance I loved the bits and start of romance I ship all the couples in this series so hard, and the one introduced in this one I knew was there since the first book Would it be a spoiler to mention who they are I did wish that there was a bit romance overall for the characters, but I guess that s because we re nearing the end, the plot is getting intense and putting everyone where they need to be but I need those reunions to happen for all the ships, before the actual ending of the series, please And fans of the first series, The Seven Realms I think you ll like this installment too The ending makes me know the next book will be EPIC, and judging by the final book of the first series, I have no doubts UPDATE 2.99 on Kindle US today 2 23 19Holy crap on a cracker I loved it I loved the hell out of this book I meant to re read the first two but wasn t able to but I m hoping to re read all three I hope the last book knocks the series out of the ballpark These characters are awesome Actually, I think I might need to re read the 4 books in the beginning of this world and then start these again Who knows I m just happy with this book for now Happy Reading Mel MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List REVIEW I haven t even read book 2 yet BUT WE HAVE A COVER OMG