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I wasn t sure if I was in the mood for an easy light hearted chick lit read, but I did end up enjoying it very much It s a great beach poolside read, summer vacation book It s not heavy in plot, but it s cozy and easy flowing, about three women who have been fast friends from their early days Each one has a different personality and background Each one comes to the beach cottage Ebbtide , which they rented for the month with some kind of issue in their lives job loss, impending divorce, betrayal, commitment issues, etc The ladies are Ellis, Julia and Dorie Add Ty, the hunky landlord aka Mr Culpepper who hides behind his landlord status and resides next door in the garage Add Maryn, a well to do stranger on the run, who needs a place to stay and ends up taking a vacant bedroom at Ebbtide with the others, with some hesitation and suspicion The story flows easy longtime girlfriends getting together at a summer beach house in North Carolina There are a lot of other issues distractions that come into the story and the group pulls together to sort it all out And there are happy endings for everyone at the end Corny, some may say, but really, so what I like happiness I like when things work out when so often in life, they don t normally do I ve read some reviews that rated this book poorly and said it was lame with poor character development, plot Honestly, I don t know what was expected If you are familiar with the author, you already know her style AndThe title of the book is Summer Rental, the story is about three good friends renting a cottage on the beach for a month How simple is that This book is not trying to be something it s not It s a casual, noncomplicated read, sprinkled with some unexpected situations for added zest Yes, the reader may think some situations are stupid or you may get a flashback to the 80 s with some character s inane statement or description of their hairstyle or dress Mind you, these ladies are now in their mid thirties it wasn t that long ago for them to completely shuck their young past Some things just stay with you Who doesn t carry some sort of character identity from their younger days I certainly do I would have liked to be a girlfriend with this group on their beach vacation Not for a month, but maybe a week This book was a good, light and easy early summer read which shouldn t be too surprising given its title, Summer Rental I thought it started off pretty strong Andrews clearly developed the four main characters in the first half of the book From the beginning, it seemed that Ellis was somewhat of the main character and the other ones were often in the peripheral that remained consistent throughout the book, even when the story shifted its attention to the other characters temporarily I didn t mind that much since Ellis seemed to have the most relatable story line.The main reason I chose to give this book 3 stars and not 4 or 5 was that somewhere toward the middle, I started to find the story becoming incredibly predictable While still entertaining, as the end of the summer approached for these four women, there wasn t much surprise where they would all end up evenso when it became clear that they were trying to wrap up the story.One of the strongest positives about this book was that it was refreshing to read a story about four women in their early mid thirties with pretty realistic issues especially since most of the current popular literature tends to focus on a much younger age demo In fact, while I was reading Summer Rental, I actually wondered if Andrews was trying to set up a series that would continue down the road It did seem that while predictable, the story ended somewhat abruptly once the few loose ties were neatly squared away and perhaps there was a potential opening for the story of these women to continue either next summer or once they returned to their respective homes Overall, I would recommend this book to someone who wants a quick and easy summer read that doesn t mind a story that doesn t take tons of twists and turns. Read Epub ⚇ Summer Rental ♱ Sometimes, When You Need A Change In Your Life, The Tide Just Happens To Pull You In The Right Direction Ellis, Julia, And Dorie Best Friends Since Catholic Grade School, They Now Find Themselves, In Their Mid Thirties, At The Crossroads Of Life And Love Ellis, Recently Fired From A Job She Gave Everything To, Is Rudderless And Now Beginning To Question The Choices She S Made Over The Past Decade Of Her Life Julia Whose Caustic Wit Covers Up Her Wounds Has A Man Who Loves Her And Is Offering Her The World, But She Can T Hide From How Deeply Insecure She Feels About Her Looks, Her Brains, Her Life And Dorie Has Just Been Shockingly Betrayed By The Man She Loved And Trusted The Most In The World Though This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Of Her Problems And Secrets A Month In North Carolina S Outer Banks Is Just What They Each Of Them NeedsTy Baze Is Their Landlord, Though He S Hanging On To The Rambling Old Beach House By A Thin Thread After An Inauspicious First Meeting With Ellis, The Two Find Themselves Disturbingly Attracted To One Another, Even As Ty Is About To Lose Everything He S Ever Cared AboutMaryn Shackleford Is A Stranger, And A Woman On The Run Maryn Needs Just A Few Things In Life No Questions, A Good Hiding Place, And A New Identity Ellis, Julia, And Dorie Can Provide What Maryn Wants Can They Also Provide What She Needs Mary Kay Andrews Novel Is The Story Of Five People Questioning Everything They Ever Thought They Knew About Life Five People On A Journey That Will Uncover Their Secrets And Point Them On The Path To Forgiveness Five People Who Each Need A Sea Change, And One Month In A Summer Rental That Might Just Give It To Them Summer Rental Is One Of Library Journal S Best Women S Fiction Books Of Alrighty, so I won this on Goodreads, automatically making me quite happy However, I was in a reading slump and didn t really want to read, but forced myself to anyway Oh my gosh, I am so glad I did Summer Rental was so fun to read and I really couldn t wait to write this review I spent the past for days reading this, rather than studying for my exams So, Summer Rental is about three best friends who are all thirty five and kind of at a turning point in their lives They had planned to rent a cottage together for a month along with one of the girl s sister However, at the last moment, the sister dropped out, leaving the three besties I really loved reading about these three because they reminded me of me and my two best friends almost exactly Ellis, who just lost her job at a bank that was downsizing, is super obsessive, driven, and plan oriented Julia is a super model who s coming to the end of her career, but doesn t really want to give up her childhood, even though she s almost thirty six Dorie is an adorable little Southern girl, who is probablybeauty than brains Together, the three are hysterical, working through their life issues at the beach All I can say is I hope I m as cool as them when I m thirty They stay a ratty little beach house named Ebbtide, which is owned by Mr Culpepper, who ends up being the random slash extremely attractive man that lives in the garage Ty To top it all off, Dorie invites a stranger to rent the extra room in the cottage because everyone is tight on money Thus enters Maryn Madison, who s running from her crazy husband It s crazy Read it Summer Rental is humorous and full of all the great things about friendships that last a lifetime 5 stars I loved it PS Besties, we are so renting a ratty little cottage with an attractive landlord in a few summers Got it Good Whenever I state categorically that I don t read some genre Sci Fi, romance, self help, memoirs of abuse in childhood, violent suspense somebody strongly recommends a book in one of those categories and I find myself enjoying it despite it s genre I don t read chick lit, or romance, or beach books But when Wilhelm s sister was visiting recently she gave me Summer Rental saying Mary Kay Andrews is one of her favorite authors, and as I know Betty Boop doesn t read trash I gave it a try And to my surprise I rather liked it.We have three 30 something women who grew up as best friends in Savannah They are now spending a month in a ratty old beach house on North Carolina s Outer Banks, renewing their close friendships, and sharing the career and romantic difficulties they face, some of which are pretty daunting.Ellis is a banker or rather she was a banker before she lost her job after 11 years of hard work and neglect of her private life in favor of her career What s next for her Julia is a model, working these days for catalogs like J C Penny She hates her job but she can t seem to make a commitment to her boyfriend, who wants to marry her Dorie is a schoolteacher withproblems than she can count Her husband has announced he is gay and is divorcing her, she is in a nasty bickering triangle with her mother and sister, and she realizes after she has split up with her husband that she is pregnant Where will she live Will she be able to keep her job the school has a policy about ex husbands and wives both teaching there How can she tell her mother about this Will her sister help or hinder Add a fourth woman, Madison, a run away wife who keeps to herself but pays the rent, which the others need badly The reader knows that her husband has been stealing millions from the companies he works with and has threatened to kill her, but the three friends just think Madison needs to get away for a while Until they discover 100,000 and a gun in her room.The house they are renting is old and beautiful and has been in the landlord s family for generations But Ty Baze, the owner, is about to lose his beloved house to foreclosure So he rents the house during the summer and lives above the garage Not wanting to be bothered by renters complaints, he does the rental by text messages and calls himself Mr Culpepper The super organized Ellis repeatedly sends Mr Culpepper texts complaining of too few dishes in the kitchen, a drippy faucet, fleas, and much else, not realizing that the man she is complaining to is the hunk living next door.I dare say for some this is a boringly familiar sort of plot, but as I don t read chick lit it s not an old story for me The author writes smoothly and the characters are slowly revealed as the month goes on and they confess their problems to one another and work together on solutions The mysterious fourth renter becomes less mysterious and Ellis and Ty get to know one another much better Nothing is jarringly unrealistic.Food and clothes in a novel always interest me and there are plenty of both in this story The author never takes herself too seriously, often using a bit of sly humor The women and Ty are likeable There is a scene of threatened violence but even that is played with an undercurrent of semi slapstick And the Outer Banks and the Atlantic are lovingly portrayed. I didn t realize this was the same author as a book to which I gave one star until after I purchased it It was an ok read Some of the turns of phrase in this book and in her other one , struck me asracist I m sure the author meant everything in a benign way or, at most, in a damn you PC people I m not racist way I m sure I m just a bleeding heart, overly PC type But, it bothered me, and took away from the otherwise summertime escapism of this beach read.The good thing is that I will now remember NOT to read anything by Mary Kay Andrews again. Let me first start by saying that I absolutely love Mary Kay Andrews I have read most of her books and enjoyed all of them Her settings are usually on the beach or in the south somewhere Her writing has a way of drawing you in and keeps you interested in the story I wish I could say that was true for this book While I enjoyed it overall, it was definitely lacking in areas too The month that the women spend at the beach together was so boring It was your typical beach read They go to the beach, go out to eat, fall in love, the end They didn t even get mad at each other or fight while they were there Tell me where you can get a group of women together in the same house, for a month, and NOBODY fights or argues I want to live in that world Another of my issues was the lack of character development Ellis stays the same throughout the entire book and then all of a sudden at the end, decides that she is going to change her plans and live by the seat of her pants Where the hell did that come from Usually Andrews writes about strong, independent women but I felt that was not the case here.I wish that there wasof an element of surprise tucked in there somewhere as well It was lacking drama excitement and was predictable, which is part of the reason for the 3 pineapple rating However, if you are looking for a quick, light summer read then I would still recommend this book. Having just returned from a vacation just a stone s throw north of the outer banks of NC, I couldn t WAIT to dive into this beach tale Happy to say Mary Kay Andrews did not disappoint, and I was immediately transported back to that blissful state of feeling sand in my shorts On a craft level, gotta give the author props Descriptions were well but not overly done, dialogue rang true to the characters, and timing was impeccable with secrets being revealed at perfect point that goosed the gas pedal to propell the story forward The main characters were all likeable and didn t wallow in self pity, as many women s fiction protagonists are wont to do, spiraling downward into a black hole when life throws them a few curve balls and the reader feels like curling up into a ball in a dark room herself Ellis, Julia, Dorie and Maryn just keep rolling along, accepting solving problems, and enjoying a few cocktails along the way It was a perfect day at the beach even though I was in my Laz y boy read These women were idiots All of them. Summer Rental by Mary Kay AndrewsConsidering that this is a book about women in their mid thirties, who are educated and worldly I had to say I was rather amazed at how Ms Andrews portrayed them.We get to spend the month of August with best friends since elementary school meet Julie, Ellis and Dorie who are spending the month in a beach house on the outer banks of North Carolina A very diverse group of women that in real life may never bond as well as this group does Add into the mix the sexy landlord Ty and a stray woman Maryn, a run away from New Jersey that Dorie picks up in a diner and we have the makings for either the perfect beach book or a slasher movie Of course, what would a good beach read be without at least one of them hiding a secret well how would you feel about at least 4 of them hiding something and one of them hiding something that could be deadly The idea behind this story, while is good one, it has been pretty much done to death and I hate to say it, done so much better Don t get me wrong, I adore the books of Mary Kay Andrews and have all of them on my shelf Therefore, I was very excited to be allowed to read this as a pre release And this books starts out very strong, with Ms Andrews typical well written and drawn characters, each with a clear and distinctive voice However, something happens about one third of the way through and the voices of each woman became one, and actually even Ty started sounding like one of the girls In addition, when I say that I mean GIRL as in this group of mid thirty something successful women start sounding like badly educated adolescents Words like dude and totally were used on nearly every page and in every conceivable variation I understand that this is a brain candy beach read, so I tried to read this with that in mind, but after a while, the dialogue just got too painful, the action to childish and the outcome too obvious.Definitely a book to grab from the library.