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Even with all the deceit, betrayal, and suspense, this story was still laugh out loud good Although Christina is smart, sexy and brilliant at her job, she doesn t see the men in her life as they truly are phony, deceitful, fakers Rather she sees them as perfect husbands and fathers OMG They are so NOT So poor, good guy, Steven, doesn t stand a chance When he needed her the most, Christina turned her back on him Once the truth is revealed, will he be able to forgive her Amazing story Band AidsChristina Brinsley has hadthan her fair share of heart breaks Unfortunately, she s been close to the altar twice and it s looking like the third time is so NOT the charm Instead of falling off the face of the earth, a business trip to New York allows Christina to get a littleacquainted with her ex delivery guy, Steven A handsome, younger man, Steven is just what the break up gods ordered While they both agree upfront that the undeniable chemistry between them is nothingthan a fling, they each find themselves wondering what if Chasing possible government corruption, missing funds and a scandal, Christina is chasing a story that leads her to Bayside University What she finds is Dr Steven Williams Five years later, all grown up, and evenappealing if that s possible Can they table the elephant in the room to work together While agreeing to work on finding the missing funds, after five long years, the chemistry between the two has never dulled Soon Steven and Christina are inseparable The closer they get, thenervous Christina becomes With so many failed relationships on her resume, Steven is demanding she step up to the plate Is there a future for Steven and Christina SWEET LITTLE LIES by Michele Grant is a great story, with loveable characters and plenty of sizzle The love in this story is not just prevalent, it attaches itself to the reader, and you feel the connection I found myself laughing aloud and was entertained from the first page to the very last page. #FREE DOWNLOAD ¼ Sweet Little Lies Ë Just When Writer Christina Brinsley Thinks She S Finally Found The Perfect Man, She Discovers He Is Married On Her Wedding Day Witnessing Christina And Her Fiance Arguing, Steven Williams Comes To Her Defence But It Is Not The Last Encounter They Will Have I truly believe that some writers and musicians only have one really good book or album in them Usher s Confessions was great, Raymond v Raymond not so much Sean Paul s Dutty Rock was enough to make me spend a year flying back and forth to Jamaica trying to capture the essence of which he sang Everything he s put out since then is just meh Do you see where I m going with this So I was worried when I received Sweet Little Lies What if it wasn t as good as the author s first book, Heard It All Before I shouldn t have spent a minute worrying because Sweet Little Lies is just as good, if not better.Christina Brinsley has created the perfect world for herself She has the career, the house, the car and the fiance Scratch that She HAD the fiance, her third fiance to be exact When he dropped a bomb on her just days before their wedding, her world went into a spin A week later she finds herself on the plane to New York for work, seated next to the same delivery guy who was a witness to her melt down at home just days ago.In honoring the phrase, there sto him than meets the eye, the handsome delivery guy who witnessed Christina s breakup with her fiance is really a grad student flying back to New York to finish school after a summer in the Bay area Sure Christina Brinsley is hot, but Steven Williams can already tell that she s a high maintenance bougie chick that may betrouble than she s worth So is it destiny or a bad twist of fate that lands him on her flight In between pursuing their careers, Christina and Steven burn up the pages with an intense game of cat and mouse that takes them from coast to coast and challenges them both to learn to trust again.What did you like about this book Christina is such a real character Like a lot of people she s so busy trying to control situations and second guessing everyone else that she stands in the way of her own happiness I kept wanting to scream out, Get out of your way And Steven If a man as perfect as this exists, I can only hope that Michele Grant has patented him and started producing his clone in mass quantities.What didn t you like about this book I hate the cover The woman on it is pretty enough, but she s not at all what I imagine Christina would look like.What could the author do to improve this book Keep writing I m appreciative of books that feature grown characters and Grant does an excellent job of bringing both the grown and sexy. Pheeew.what a book this was I was hooked just a couple of pages in and it didn t let me go until the end It took me longer to read because I had to savour it.I definitely wasn t ready to let the book and the characters go just yet I love the way this author writes her characters because they are so realistic She also does a good job of using them to make one self reflect which always a good thing Christina is the beautiful, amazing, and complicated woman who must decide to put aside her past fears, learn to finally trust again and entrust her heart to a guy like Steven As for Steven, oh where do I start He certainly has his flaws, but if there are men like him walking around, I sure hope the women who land them or are with them are worthy of such goodness. Ok, this is the second book that I ve read by Michele Grant and I m officially a fan She knows how to tell a story, y all And fromthan one point of view.This story started off with a bang The whole Jay David thing was crazy And such a funny way for Christina and Steven to meet These two were perfect for each other and I enjoyed their journey to their happily ever after, although I did want to smack Christina several times along the way Loved the way that Steven always called her out on her shit I also liked that she took the time to get herself together before going back to him And her wooing him Awesome He definitely deserved it.While I loved Ti Ti and S Dub s story, the best parts of the book may have been the scenes with Christina and her crew Those conversations were so real And hilarious It really felt like I was eavesdropping on them, instead of reading scenes in a book The authentic, sharp and very witty dialogue is, for me, one of the things that sets Ms Grant apart from other writers.If you haven t read any of Michele Grant s books, you are definitely missing out Get your life and read one p.s Ms Grant, I won t be mad at all if you decide to write a book for Carey and Clarke I d love to read their story I really loved this book It is my second read by Michele Grant, and I must say this one is my favorite I listened to the audio version and I was very pleased that there was a male and female narrator.This book is a very romantic read with some seriously sexy love scenes You will watch the main characters deny their love for each other, dance around their feelings and lose what they have both grown to cherish Five years later, they come back into contact again This time, one of them is determined NOT to let the past get into the way of something special. Christina and Steven had me wondering how this was going to end I was so into this story you would think I knew these people Love that there was both a female and male narrator This was another story that I wish I had of listened to sooner Looking forward to readingfrom Michele Grant and definitely recommend to others. It was just okay Sweet Little Lies was a very good read Michelle Grant writes a very fast moving story of a younger man older woman who s afraid to give her heart because of her 3 failed proposals Christina Brinsley is beautful, smart, articulate and hurt Steven Williams fine, sexy and smart is her delivery man who happens to be delivering wedding gifts to her as she breaks up with her 3rd Fiance They become acquaintances on a plane ride to NYC where they have to seated next to each other Thus begans a whilwind week of fun.This is the second book that I have read by Ms Grant and again I have been throughly blown away I have read both books in a matter of 24 hours they are so good For a good quick and enjoyabe read try her books.