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!EBOOK ☣ Sweet Mountain Rancher (Those Marshall Boys #2) ♻ HE CAN SAY NO TO EVERYONE BUT HERNate Marshall Used To Be A Yes Man Until Being So Agreeable Cost Him Dearly But Eden Quinn Has A Way Of Getting Him To Reconsider His Just Say No Policy Which Is How A Bunch Of Troubled Teens End Up At His Ranch For The Weekend Nate Can T Help But Be Attracted To The Woman Who Keeps Them In Line This Cowboy Knows Eden S No Damsel In Distress, Yet Hers Isn T A One Woman Job If She Must Do Everything On Her Own, How Can He Help Her Let Alone Get Her To Fall For Him I really enjoyed this sweet and heartwarming book I liked Eden s character is definitely is a fiercely independent women who would rather sell her possessions the take handouts from anyone But shes a women who if she had to would suck up her pride if she had to, to help the boys in her care I loved that she was caring enough to take in the boys she has and help them be better then what they were brought up I liked the relationship between Nate and Eden even if she sometimes made things difficult Overally this was a good book with a great storyline Its one of those types of books that are easy to escape into. Loree Lough s smooth and steady writing voice mixes perfectly with this heartwarming pardon the tie in there story about a gentleman cowboy, a stressed out but spunky heroine, and a houseful of boys in need of a new lease on life the boys and the house The attraction between Nate and Eden sparked immediately and simmered through the rest of the book ebbing and flowing as the story took shape The boys will tug at your emotions one or two in particular and will provide plenty of opportunity for grins and chuckles and even a few tears along the way Weaving through the plot is the important reminder that none of us can function for long on our own we need love and support from others to handle what life throws at us.Bottom Line Don t let the Harlequin label deter you no warnings needed for this clean, sweet romance While Eden s mixed signals toward Nate frustrated me at times, overall I identified too well with her character s need to take everything on to her own shoulders To me, the boys and Nate gave this book its heart, and I found it difficult to put down the book once I had started Even though this is the second book in a series, I did not feel lost from not having read the first one 4 out of 5 stars I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review. Eden Quinn cares boys no one else wants She is a very sweet girl with a troubled past of her own I believe her past is the reason she is drawn to the boys She knows what it feels like to feel alone.Jake Marshall is a great guy who got hurt by someone he trusted He grew up with a big and loving family on his family s ranch Eden s boys spend a weekend at the ranch and Jake doesn t trust them because of their background I think his mistrust comes from being hurt.To find if Eden lets go of the past so she can have a future and if Jake ever trusts again, you have to read the book Happy Reading This story truly does warm your heart The stories of the boys, their healing, learning, and living was interesting How some people were willing to put everything out there to help them, to get an even footing in the life was commendable, admirable.I love Nate, he is such a solid, good man Always kind, considerate, helpful, and sweet There s absolutely nothing not to like about him How he went all out for Eden and the boys was wonderful, I wish there were people like him in the world.Eden, with all her own baggage, was wonderful with the boys The sacrifices she made to provide them with tender loving care was amazing I admire her dedication, devotion, and commitment But she s not perfect by any measure, she is stubborn and needs to be in control in every situation And I mean in every situation, even when putting new sheets on the beds The way she behaved around Nate was unexplainable, compared to the rest of the time I didn t really even get the conflict that built up between them, what was she thinking Her attitude got old fast, and it lasted for way too long After all Eden put Nate through, the ending seemed rushed I wasn t convinced she had dealt with her baggage, as she should have.I also wanted to know about Thomas future and fate, I felt like the issue was left hanging.Overall, I enjoyed the story, there was so much love and care for the boys, the days and tasks at the farm, the huge family that seemed to fold them into their embrace The romance building between Nate and Eden was left on the back burner through most of the story, but it didn t take away anything from the enjoyment of the tale Four Spoons 3 1 2Nate Marshall isn t sure why he d said yes to Eden Quinn She is house mom to a group of troubled boys and wants to take them to the Double M Ranch for some new experiences Nate is surprised when he finds himself drawn to the boys but importantly to their feisty guardian Eden is attracted to Nate for lots of reasons but how he interacts with the boys makes him especially appealing Nate observes the way she keeps the boys in line and how they respect her When a problem arises that will affect Latimer House Nate wants to help, but will Eden s independence get in the way This was an enjoyable story overall Nate was a great hero from the get go and I loved the Marshall family Eden was someone I had mixed feelings about I appreciated the way she interacted with boys and the love and care she showed to them I must say though, I didn t like the way she was with Nate To me she was unkind and unfair in the way she treated him I really don t see what Nate saw in her I also felt like things ended too abruptly and there was a thread left undone concerning a particular person It would have been great to have an epilogue to finish things out There is some danger along the way and you also find out where the name Sweet Mountain comes from This is Harlequin s Heartwarming Line of stories so they are sweet with traditional values but no spiritual message as with their Love Inspired line Sweet Mountain Rancher is the second book in a series but you can easily read it as a stand alone and not feel lost This complimentary copy was provided by Harlequin through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review For information about this book or other books by Loree Lough, I encourage you to visit her website at Thank you to Goodreads and the author for a free copy of Sweet Mountain Rancher This is a sweet, steady romance And while it s technically the second book in a series, I made sense of it just fine without reading book one There s nothing explicit or overly tense, the characters are sympathetic and realistic In other words, this is exactly what I would expect from a heartwarming book line.When I review romance books, I have a weird habit of picking one of the non romantic aspects to talk about And, go figure, this isn t going to be an exception One of the neatest facets of the book to read was the presence of homeschooling Eden is involved with troubled kids, giving them a safe, positive environment One of the things she s involved with as well is their schooling she homeschools them.Up until recently, I could barely find books with homeschooled characters in them and most of the ones that I found were about homeschoolers who went to school for the first time and had a hard time adjusting It s just cool to see homeschooling show up, not at the centre of the plot but rather as an interesting aspect of the main character s life.Which ties into what I like to see in a romance novel The relationship is good, but there are other interesting aspects of the plot apart from that. I received this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway This is the second book in Those Marshall Boys series While this book can be read as a stand alone, I m glad I read the first book prior to reading this one, because it gave me a lot of background on the Marshall family After being injured in a serious car accident that killed his fianc , Nate Marshall came home to his family s Colorado ranch to settle down and be a cowboy Then along comes Eden Quinn and the troubled teen boys that she looks after Not expecting to open his heart up to another hurt, Nate is caught off guard by the sparks that fly between him and Eden and she is caught equally off guard The characters in the book are delightful and make for an enjoyable read I thought the book could have been better edited as there were some grammatical and spelling errors that I thought should have been alleviated. 3.5 starsI am a fan of Harlequin Heartwarming Simply put, I know I can read this line of books and not worry about anything popping up that will make me cringe I love that I can depend on the Heartwarming line to bring me sweet, clean romances.I haven t read book one in this series, but I don t think one is dependent on the other Individual people, individual stories.I am a fan of Nate In every situation, he is a gentleman He is grounded and firm in who he is and what he is about Nate is patient and thinks things through before jumping in He is at his best when he is needed and he knows this Unfortunately, the one person he really wants refuses to need him.Eden is a frustrating character I loved Eden with her boys but I just didn t love Eden with Nate Ever Her interactions with him always left me frustrated and irritated She is so stubborn and mean even It s a complete one eighty from how she is with everyone else Her on off, hot cold attitude got old after awhile I wanted Nate to move on and find someone who would appreciate his best qualities But, as I said, I did love Eden with her boys If only there were Eden s in the world, willing to give so much to help kids who need it, the world would surely be a better place.Overall, this was a good book and a nice distraction Even with my Eden frustration All s well that ends well I ll be looking for the next book in this series As is the case with ALL of the books I ve read by Loree Lough, it was great from start to finish.The way she writes about the struggles of Eden with each of the boys she has taken into her care and the dedication she shows as to making sure they get the best chance possible to change their lives for the better and prove to the world they are worth the effort to save them from their situations It was great watching the story unfold and see how Nate s past experiences help the boys as well as himself and how Eden helps heal him as well.A very good story I just purchased it yesterday afternoon and just now finished it.so yes, it was THAT GOOD Great job Loree, can t wait till the next one.