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Sam really liked the images of dolphins in this, but I thought it was kind of weird. At what point did I know this book was going to be vapid From the title itself, Swimming with Dolphins Unfortunately, no I picked it up without thinking much about that When I read the inscription, To the ocean and all her creatures, however, I had an inkling But not until one or two pages into the book did I really appreciate what a lame and simplistic read it was Not a gripper for the kiddos A quick return to the library. I love this book because it is about dolphins and they are my favorite animal In simple text, a little girl describes how she and her mother frequently go to the beach and swim with the dolphins The author also provides a note in the back with further information on dolphins.If you pay close attention to small details like the kookaburra featured in the first illustration and the only location mentioned by name in the author s note, you can figure out the setting of this book is Australia It adds just a little further touch of exotic feel to the book This is a super quick read, but there s a rich amount of further information in the author s note at the back A good choice for ocean lovers or families preparing to go on a vacation where they will swim with dolphins. Love this book and the illustrations I wanted to be a marine trainer as a child so I have a special feeling for this book. There isn t much of a story here, but the illustrations of common dolphins are very nicely done I was also very pleased to note that the dolphins are free living in the ocean and swim with the people on their own volition, rather than being kept captive. Sparse on story, but pretty pictures. Daughter randomly pulled this off the shelf, and really liked the pictures. This is a fun tale about a mother and daughter going for a swim and interacting with dolphins I thought the narrative was entertaining and the illustrations were terrific, but the story didn t seem very realistic Still, it was fun to read aloud and we enjoyed reading this book together This book was selected as one of the books for the August 2013 Summer Outdoor Activities discussion at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at Goodreads. `KINDLE ↜ Swimming With Dolphins ↟ With Stunning Underwater Illustrations And A Playful Text, Artist And First Time Author Lambert Davis Paints A Magical Portrait Of A Girl S Visit To The Beach And Her Exciting Encounter With Dolphins Let Me Tell You About Something Magical That Happens From Time To Time On Our Island Early In The Morning, Just After The Sun Rises, My Mother And I Go Down To The Beach And Wait We Watch The Oceanand If We Are Lucky, We See Dolphins A Young Girl And Her Mother S Day At The Shore Leads To An Underwater Adventure As They Put On Their Snorkels And Flippers To Swim With A Friendly Pod Of Dolphins Gliding And Diving, Spinning And Leaping, The Girl Frolics With Her Dolphin Friend And Experiences The Wonder And Beauty Of The Underwater World Factual Backmatter Included On Last Page