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Syphon s Song is a wonderfully new and exciting story that opens with Bronte Casteel being pulled from her current existence and tasked by her family to deliver a message to the family s powerful enemy She has been cast out to the world of mages, existing in the severely regulated world of the Nons, and living in constant fear with a secret Rather than being a Non a non magically gifted Bronte actually has magic, a type of magic that has not been seen for many years and historically those who were found to have this gift have been killed on discovery of this power She has lived in constant fear for her life, suffering the emotional abuse of the rejection of her family, all while trying to eke out a living as a musician On arrival at the Rallis estate she encounters Vincent, whose path she crossed when she was a child, and the fireworks begin The Syphon s Song is a wonderful journey filled with a plethora of emotions including palpable fear, hope, and love all with an undercurrent of anger fueled with the fires of revolution in the making The writing was clean and well executed and filled with wonderful characters that are a joy to get to know The only thing that keeps this from being a five star read in this reader s opinion is a gap in the world building i.e perhaps there could have been world building regarding what occurred to bring about a world filled with mages and nons resulting in the prejudices against the nons For those who enjoy a little smexy heat in their reads you will not be disappointed The smexy parts are very sensual and well written adding to the storyline making it a richer read The ending is very satisfying and while this is book one you are not left hanging, but rather curious and eager to see what will happen next with this world and the characters we have come to know.I would recommend this book to fans of adult paranormal romance that is story driven and a little taste of something new in the mix I received this book from NetGalley. Wow One of those rare books I read in a day I just didn t want to step out of the world Rae created Colonel Vincent and Bronte wove their spell on me, and I was perfectly happy to remain ensorceled Syphon s Song was this pitch perfect mix of new adult and adult voice and story The world building was delicious, reminding me of Patricia Briggs but with romance I want to compare it to something, but nothing comes to mind This world of mages who have separated themselves from the rest of normal humanity felt new, a bit of paranormal I didn t know I was missing.I ve read a lot of paranormal romance and new adult This story brought me the best of both Now where s book 2 [Read Book] ⚆ Syphons Song (Mayflower Mages, #1) ⚑ Legends Say A Syphon Can Drain A Mage Dry He Ll Brave The Danger Will She Someone S Playing Pranks The Body Of The Late Casteel Patriarch Has Been Stolen And Gifted To The Family S Enemy, The Powerful Rallises As Far As Bronte Casteel Is Concerned, They Can Keep It She Hasn T Spoken To Her Family In Thirteen Years, Not Since They Exiled Her From Society For Her Lack Of Mage Power But She S A Syphon Mage, Able Drain Another Mage S Power Syphons Destinies Are Always The Same Death By Fiery Stake She Hides Her Secret By Living Among The Nons Powerless Humans And The Lowest Class In The Republic When Her Family Orders Her To Go Plead For The Body S Return, She Comes Face To Face With The One Man Who Knows Her SecretColonel Vincent Rallis Isn T Letting His Syphon Get Away This Time Not When She S Under Suspicion Of Body Napping And Aiding Anti Mage Terrorists He Ll Prove Her Innocence Whether She Wants Him To Or Not, And Then Convince Her They Belong TogetherforeverVincent S Help Comes With A Steep Price Bronte Must Reveal Her Power The Inevitable Ensuing Witch Hunt And Trial Would Be Bad Enough, But Even A Tough Girl Might Buckle If Her Prosecutors Are Her Own ParentsNTENT WARNING Hot, Steamy Nights With The Colonel S Magic Touch A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance A lovely, compelling, engaging read with a wonderful romance.I loved the alternate history setup and the intricate world building of the mage republic The different powers and spells, as well as the politics of the world captivated me and pulled me right into the story I could tell that the author thoroughly enjoyed building this world it shone through every word and description.Bronte is a likable heroine who lives with a secret power that might just be her death warrant if it is revealed She constantly has to juggle her striving for freedom and independence with being outclassed in terms of power by those around her, and that conflict is also present in her budding relationship with Vincent.Ah, Vincent Yummy One of those heroes that make me swoon sigh Tall, dark and intensely compelling, he s just bossy enough to push some buttons but makes up for it with his unconditional willingness to take care of the heroine I love a hero who wants the heroine from the get go, and is not afraid to go to some sometimes questionable lengths to make her his.I m already itching for the next book in this series. This book is the first in the Mayflower Mages series I picked it up because the second book was too tempting not to snatch up on Netgalley that review will be coming up in the next couple of weeks , and I just can t start in the middle of a series.Let s start with the fact that I am thrilled with this book, I enjoyed it very much I just can t see how to write this review without making it sound like I didn t like it And that is for very good reason, because what it most reminded me of is Ilona Andrews, and particularly her new series first, Burn For Me That is very high praise from me, because I adore Ilona Andrews, but of course I cannot help comparing it and it falls just a tad bit short of that for me But, others may really like this book better for the very reasons that it didn t quite hit all my buttons.This is an alternate US history where magic and magical ruling families control the world Magic is passed on genetically and the people who came on the Mayflower ships were mages There s some interesting world building going on, and Ms Rae avoids the info dumping issue mostly with aplomb, though there are a few places that did leave me scratching my head for a bit until I sorted out the rules The main focus however is not so much the world building, but the characters and their romance Bronte Casteel is a Syphon Mage, which in her world is a death sentence since it is assumed that Syphon s can suck all the magic out of other Mages So, she lives as one of the downtrodden nons, thrown away from her powerful family Colonel Vincent Rallis is her hereditary enemy, but a chance meeting when they were teens sets them apart and sets up the situation to bring them back together as adults Their meeting was what prompted her family to send her away, and was something that gave him both hope and an academic interest to balance his dangerous military career He s a powerful mage with a gift that could destroy him, she s an apparently powerless Syphon with the ability to suck out his magic, but it turns out that is only his magic, and for him that is completely not a bad thing By all the rules of Romancelandia, obviously these two are meant for one another.So what did I think This series is going to be set up as a series of potentially stand alone books, each featuring a different couple, and it looks like each focusing on a different unfair law or situation in their world Since their entire relationship has to be crammed into one book, there isn t quite the character exploration and building that I would have liked to have seen They are insta mates from the start, but it worked for me in the context of the world they are in, and he is much dependent and bonded to her than she is to him, so sexist as that may seem, it worked better for me than it does when the reverse is true And overall, I liked them as characters and for each other So, since the only thing I can do is compare this to Burn For Me, here goes While the world premise is just as compelling, and the supporting cast of family are just as quirky and fun, it just doesn t have the character depth and tension that I got from BFM, and the plotting and pacing had some rough spots and it just go as smoothly as i would have hoped it felt a bit rushed trying to cram so much into one book However, while Vincent has some rough spots and isn t above a little manipulation, he was nowhere near the Alpha hole as Mad Rogan was, so there was, in my opinion, much less to have to work through There s also a heck of a twist in this book to, though it is happier than the one in BFM Selene Glendor is a helluva interesting character and I can hardly wait for her book So, yeah, it sounds like I didn t like it, but I really did I think of it as a softer and romantic Burn for Me And for those who were disappointed by BFM, or put off from it, because there wasn t enough romance or because of what Mad Rogan did, but were otherwise interested, you will probably enjoy the heck out of this book.Cross posted As I read Syphon s Song, I was reminded of a regency romance set in a modern day urban fantasy setting Rae does a wonderful job of creating a complex story filled with family vengeance, political plots, and unrequited love I love the idea of a syphon with the ability to drain away a mage s powers, which puts Bronte Casteel at odds with her own family The love story between Bronte and Vincent immediately pulls you in The intrigue of the power struggle between ruling families and the underprivileged keeps you in suspense An excellent debut novel and I can t wait for 2 Received an ARC of this book from the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest reviewOverall rating 4.0 Rockin Stars ..Vincent s energy It flowed through her, a delicious warmth that would haunt her for the rest of her life He controlled everything Including her Sweetheart, going into the gyre was not following my commands You are freer here than you ever have been You don t have to hide who you are Not here You have choices You just have to find the courage to make them He d change the world for her I never forgot you, even if I didn t believe the memories I wanted you to be real I questioned Edmund over and over about a girl with long, dark hair and red lips until he thought I was crazy The connection she felt with him lingered despite the growing distance, but had nothing to do with his energy or her syphon It was her heart, desperate to cling to him while it could Sometimes you have to take a chance Her soft voice warmed him Fight back Defend yourself and the ones you loveThis was my first time to read a book by Anise Rae and I am hooked I loved her spin on mage and magic kind alike It was a interesting look at what the world would or could be like if there was magic ruled The story line itself has many twists and turns with many unforgettable moments Vincent Rallis or better known as Colonel is a powerful wizard who is in the Republic army His family is one of the founding families of the Mayflower, highly respected, revered and untouchable Bronte Casteel, an outcast, a NON by magical standards, is the one woman who can quench the colonel s flaming vibes, literally She has a sorrowful story of her own, which casts her into the beautiful spirit she becomes as a woman with a power not to be ignored Their story is a heartfelt journey of pain and hope I truly could not put this book down until I was finished I wanted to know what was going to happen next and I was rooting for the couple to win In the endwell you ll just have to read Not to disappoint in the least So if you love a good sci fi romance, this is the one to read Well done Anise, I look forward to reading your next book Gr taHero Vincent Rallis 4.0 starsHeroine Bronte Casteel 4.0 starsSteam Level 3.5 stars Plot 4.0 stars Cliffhanger NoWould I recommend this book Yes Would I read other books by this author Yes Syphon s SongAnise Rae I love discovering new authors and it s always interesting to find out what they can bring that s new and original to the paranormal genre Ms Raes take on Mages and the world that they inhabit is completely different to anything else I ve read so it was with great delight that I sat down to read this book.Bronte Casteel is a Syphon, that is to say she has the ability to absorb and diminish the magical powers of other Mages Syphons have long been feared and reviled and hunted to extinction Bronte knows her own family despise her and has lived as a Nom pretending that she was born without magic The Mages have treated ordinary humans Noms as second class citizens but times are changing and there s a growing unrest.Brontes grandfather has died and it s believed that he was murdered but someone has stolen his body and Bronte is sent with a message to the Rallis family seeking help She s avoided them as some time ago she realised that her Syphon powers are amplified when she s in the presence of Vincent Rallis He has searched for Bronte for nearly thirteen years and now she s back in his world he refuses to let her go Bronte knows that if the truth about her own abilities is revealed to the world she faces death but Vincent is not a man to flinch away from a challenge It s getting harder to avoid each other but when Brontes accused of treachery and implicated in acts of terrorism it s time for the truth to come out Vincent will do all in his power to protect the woman he loves but proving her innocence is going to be harder than they thought.I was really interested to read this but unfortunately found this story a little slow initially I guess I just hoped for action and it took a while for the world building to really grab me In fact I did feel it might be a young adult take and then happily it just gathered momentum By the time I was half way this most definitely became an adult read with a surprisingly strong sexual tone As for the pace well it just kept going and bowled me over Such a lot started to happen and I loved that the author surprised me Terrorists, necromancers, sibling rivalry the list goes on of all the complexities that Ms Rae has riddled this story with So although initially I didn t feel drawn in I m happy to say that the destination was definitely worth the journey This author has well and truly found her stride When I turned the last page on this book, I was sad for a moment I knew I d miss my new book friends Anise Rae has done an awesome job of weaving all the elements of a good story together There are three dimensional characters Bronte especially leaps off the page, but Vincent is no slouch either Bronte is a syphon, capable of pulling magical power from other mages around her It s a secret she has hidden her entire life Theirs is a story of two halves completing each other I caught myself rooting for them to succeed as a couple in spite of the odds against the The author weaves the tale of the romance between the two into a magical, fulfilling story.There is intrigue Bronte must enter a place filled with powerful magic to retrieve something that has been taken from her family Ms Rae s depictions of the place and Bronte s reaction to it are absolutely delightful Ms Rae added the right amount conflict between Bronte and her family Her mother is a cold, hard woman who discarded her child like out of style clothing By contrast, Vincent s family is warm and loving The kind of family Bronte has yearned for That they accept her for who and what she is continues to move the story ahead and kept me riveted to the page This is Ms Rae s debut novel, but you would know it from the poised, lyrical style of writing in the book I greatly enjoyed this story and am looking forward to reading of Ms Rae s work. Bronte Casteel has tons of problems, but mage power ain t one of them apologies, couldn t resist Her estranged family continues to control her life in spite of pushing her out of theirs, she s limited by her powerlessness to performing mediocre music in spite of her own great talent, and there s that little secret of what she truly is that could get her killed if it gets out Oh, and she s tied to the powerful Vincent Rallis in ways she can t bear to deal with When a command from her mother lands her in the midst of the Rallis estate and temptingly close to Vincent s arms, everything begins to unravel.Anise Rae s alternate history world is incredibly well drawn with mage level detail that s both powerful and meaningful Her characters are well rounded, especially Bronte, who vacillates between wanting freedom and accepting her poor lot in life while refusing to take power when it s offered so she can avoid the corruption that s injured her family The plot itself has some brilliant twists that even seasoned readers of the genre won t anticipate, and the mage politics enhance rather than burden the story Finally, the romance is balanced well with other plot elements and should satisfy both paranormal romance and urban fantasy readers.