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By the time they reach the end of this excellent book, readers may wonder that anything is still working in America for anyone other than the well educated, the well connected, and those wealthy enough to retreat to their financial and gated enclaves For examples, read the real estate section of the Friday edition of the Wall Street Journal After cataloging the depressing and interlocking shortcomings of American society over the last 50 years, Brill is still optimistic about the future, and includes many examples of people taking personal responsibility to foster the fading common good Those who are pessimistic than the author will recall that it took a vestigial socialist tradition, a Great Depression, and the Second World War to move America away from earlier tailspins More recently, the organized opposition of millions of Americans to the Vietnam war failed to end that senseless conflict Today millions of people are shocked by the level of gun violence in our country, but cannot organize around this issue to effect real change I applaud the efforts of Brill and the many people who are challenging the system with real alternatives, but I fear that it will take a seismic cataclysm to relieve the present persistent nightmare. Steven Brill is a brilliant man a superb writer I have read everything he has written I like to get up early read when it is nice quiet, but I must say this book was difficult to read than a chapter at a time because it is so depressing It set the tone for my day as negative Brill delineates the greed corruption of our congress the business world His facts are true that makes it all the disheartening And most disheartening of all is that the only hope he provides are in the last 3 pages of the book How I wish it was not so. A fantastic account of every court battle, regulation, and congressional act since the 50s that s lead America to where it is today the country with the most most wealth inequality in the developed world Reading this, it s clear how my generation of millenials was left with nothing but the scraps of a dying nation. In this extensively researched book, Steve Brill concludes that the country has gone into a tailspin since the post war era with, among other things, increased income inequality, a deteriorating infrastructure, a high poverty rate, mediocre health care and student achievement and a dysfunctional and money corrupted Congress He then goes into great detail to describe how this has come about and what some people are trying to do about it.One of his key findings is that meritocracy has become the new aristocracy In other words, top students from the top law schools began to enjoy enormous incomes by working with big businesses to generate favorable legislation and regulations and devise ways to work around tax and other laws.Brill devotes several pages to what he calls the Greening of the First Amendment which has enabled businesses to spend considerable money in political campaign and requires legislators to spend substantial time raising campaign funds He describes instances where the enormous amount spent on lobbying has prevented appropriate regulation and legislation.Brill laments that businesses that have been found to be serious law breakers are able to get by with fines that for many are just considered a cost of doing business while no action is taken against the executives who authorized or were aware of the unlawful activities.Overall, I found most of Brill s comments to be appropriate.Brill notes organizations trying to change things for the better, including the Bipartisan Policy Center, Better Markets, Open Secrets and Peter Edelman with Georgetown s poverty and inequality center.Brill ends with surprising optimism Things may get worse before they get better, he says But Americans are going to decide enough is enough. ( Free Ebook ) ☣ Tailspin: The People and Forces Behind America's Fifty-Year Fall--and Those Fighting toReverse It (English Edition) ⚕ Chapter The Protected And The UnprotectedIs The World S Greatest Democracy And Economy Broken Not Compared To The Civil War Years, Or To The Early S And Not If One Considers The Miracles Happening Every Day In America S Laboratories, On The Campuses Of Its World Class Colleges And Universities, In Offices And Lofts Full Of Developers Creating Software For Robots Or For Medical Diagnostics, In Concert Halls And On Broadway Stages, Or At Joyous Ceremonies Swearing In Proud New Citizens And Certainly Not If The Opportunities Available Today To Woman, Non Whites, And Other Minorities Are Compared To What They Faced As Recently As A Few Decades AgoYet Measures Of Public Engagement, Satisfaction, And Confidencevoter Turnout, Knowledge Of Public Policy Issues, Faith That The Next Generation Will Have It Better Than The Current One, And Respect For Basic Institutions, Especially The Governmentare Far Below The Levels Of A Half Century Ago, And In Many Cases Have Reached Historic Lows So Deep Is The Estrangement That Percent Of American Voters Were So Disgusted With The Status Quo That In They Chose To Put Donald Trump In The White HouseIt Is Difficult To Argue That The Cynicism Is Misplaced From The Relatively Small Thingsthat Americans Are Now Navigating Through An Average Of Water Main Breaks A Day, For Exampleto The Core Strengths That Once Propelled America, It Is Clear That The Country Has Gone Into A Tailspin Since The Post War Era, When John F Kennedy S New Frontier Was About Seizing The Future, Not Trying To Survive The PresentThe Celebrated American Economic Mobility Engine Is Sputtering A Child S Chance Of Earning Than His Or Her Parents Has Dropped From Percent To Percent In The Last Fifty Years The American Middle Class, Once The Inspiration Of The World, Is No Longer The World S RichestIncome Inequality Has Snowballed Adjusted For Inflation, Middle Class Wages Have Been Nearly Frozen For The Last Four Decades, And Discretionary Income Has Declined If Escalating Out Of Pocket Health Care Costs And Insurance Premiums Are Counted Yet Earnings By The Top One Percent Have Tripled The Recovery From The Crash Of Which Saw Banks And Bankers Bailed Out While Millions Lost Their Homes, Savings, And Jobswas Reserved Almost Exclusively For The Top One Percent Their Incomes In The Three Years Following The Crash Went Up By Nearly A Third, While The Bottom Percent Saw An Uptick Of Less Than Half Of One Percent Only A Democracy And An Economy That Has Discarded Its Basic Mission Of Holding The Community Together, Or Failed At It, Would Produce Those ResultsMost Americans With Average Incomes Have Been Left Largely To Fend For Themselves, Often At Jobs Where Automation, Outsourcing, The Near Vanishing Of Union Protection, And The Boss S Obsession With Squeezing Out Every Penny Of Short Term Profit Have Eroded Any Sense Of Security Self Inflicted Deathsfrom Opioid And Other Drug Abuse, Alcoholism, And Suicideare At Record Highs, So Much So That The Country S Average Life Expectancy Has Been Falling Despite Medical Advances Household Debt By Had Grown Higher Than The Peak Reached In Before The Crash, With Student And Automobile Loans Having Edged Toward Mortgages As The Top Claims On Family PaychecksThe World S Richest Country Continues To Have The Highest Poverty Rate Among The Thirty Five Nations In The Organisation For Economic Co Operation And Development OECD , Except For Mexico It Is Tied In Second To Last Place With Israel, Chile, And Turkey Nearly One In Five Of America S Children Live In Households That Their Government Classifies As Food Insecure, Meaning They Are Without Access To Enough Food For An Active, Healthy LifeBeyond That, Few Of The Basic Services Seem To Work As They Should America S Airports Are An Embarrassment, And A Modern Air Traffic Control System Is Twenty Five Years Behind Schedule The Power Grid, Roads, And Rails Are Crumbling, Pushing The United States Far Down International Rankings For Infrastructure Quality Despite Spending On Health Care And K Education Per Capita Than Any Other Developed Country, Health Care Outcomes And Student Achievement Also Rank In The Middle Or Worse Internationally The US Has The Highest Infant Mortality Rate And Lowest Life Expectancy Of Its Peer Countries, And Among The Thirty Five OECD Countries American Children Rank Thirtieth In Math Proficiency And Nineteenth In ScienceAmerican Politicians Talk About American Exceptionalism So Habitually That It Should Have Its Own Key On Their Speechwriters Laptops Is This The Exceptionalism They Have In Mind The Operative Word To Describe The Performance Of Our Lawmakers In Washington DC Responsible For Guiding What Is Supposed To Be The World S Greatest Democracy, Is Pathetic Congress Has Not Passed A Comprehensive Budget Since Like Slacker Schoolchildren Unable To Produce A Book Report On Time, The Country S Elected Leaders Have Fallen Back Instead On An Endless String Of Last Minute Deadline Extensions And Piecemeal Appropriations Legislation To Deal With Big, Long Term Challenges, Like Climate Change, The Mounting National Debt, Or Job Displacement, Is A Pipe Dream It Is As If The Great Breakthroughs Of The Past, Marked By Bipartisan Signing Ceremonies In The White Housethe Establishment Of The Federal Trade Commission, Social Security, Interstate Highways, The Food And Drug Administration, Medicare, Civil Rights Legislation, The EPAare Part Of Some Other Country S HistoryThere Are Than Twenty Registered Lobbyists For Every Member Of Congress Most Are Deployed To Block Anything That Would Tax, Regulate, Or Otherwise Threaten A Deep Pocketed Client Money Has Come To Dominate Everything So Completely That Those We Send To Washington To Represent Us Have Been Reduced To Begging On The Phone For Campaign Cash Four Or Five Hours A Day And Spending Their Evenings Taking Checks At Fund Raisers Organized By Those Swarming Lobbyists A Gerrymandering Process Has Rigged Easy Wins For Most Of Them, As Long As They Fend Off Primary Challengers In Their Own Partywhich Assures That They Will Gravitate Toward The Polarizing, Special Interest Positions Of Their Donors And Their Party S Base, While Racking Up Mounting Deficits To Pay For Goods And Services That Cost Than Budgeted, Rarely Work As Promised, And Are Never Delivered On TimeA Publishers WeeklyBest Book Of Persuasive, Bracing An Essential Read If You Want To Understand The Pressures That Have Brought A Sclerotic Uncle Sam To His KneesAlexander C Kafka, Los AngelesReview Of Books Tailspin Distinguishes Itself Within The America Gone Wrong Genre All Of The Books Chapters On The Law Crackle With Energy In A Downbeat Era, Tailspin Offers Some Modest Ammunition For Hope Daniel W Drezner, The New York Times Book ReviewStevenBrill S Tailspindoes Precisely What The Daily Torrent Of News Does Not Make Sense The Book Is Nothing Less Than A Unified And Persuasive Theory Of Everythingincluding Politics, Business, Cultureand It Even Includes Several Glimmers Of Hope Amid The Pervasive DarknessJeffrey Toobin, Author Of American HeiressA Penetrating And Personal Examination Of Why The United States Is In The Midst Of A Nervous Breakdown But With His Fantastically Reported Story, Brill Also Shows Howand Whomight Restore Some Common Sense And EquilibriumBob WoodwardAn Astonishingly Shrewd And Detailed Account Of Our Modern American Reality Tailspinoffers Something Unique A Meticulous Cross Disciplinary HistoryMattea Kramer, The New York Journal Of BooksA Compelling Story The Fact That Americas Best Values And Ideas, In Brills Estimation, Contributed To Its Tailspin Should Give Us Than Just Momentary PausePaul Rosenberg, SalonAn Absolute Must Read A Brilliant Chronicle Of The Failures Of Americas EliteSteve Hilton, Host Of Fox News The Next RevolutionThis Is A Book That Pulses With Dry Intelligence And Righteous Anger Philip Delves Broughton,The Weekly Standard An Eye Opening And Engrossing Treatise Representative Of All That Is Wrong With Todays Political Processes Library Journalstarred Review A Dysfunctional System Serving An Unaccountable Ruling Class Is Wrecking America, According To This Searing Sociopolitical Jeremiad Brill Brings Both Detailed Reporting And Wide Ranging Perspective To This Insightful Account Of How America Reached Its Current State Publishers Weekly Starred Review Penetrating In Large Part Because Of Brills Skill In Presenting Abstruse Legal And Financial Developments In An Accessible Manner A Clarifying And Invaluable Overview Bookliststarred Review Steven Brill Is A Remarkable Journalist Who Has Always Ventured Away From The Herd In Tailspin, He Has Identified And Analyzed Brilliantly The Surprising Pressure Points Where Our Democracy Has Fractured And Failed Over The Past Half Century, Leading To Todays Overwhelming Dysfunction And Cultural Polarization In Uncovering What Happened, Brill Shows Us That There May Be A Way Back From Americas Dire Predicament Carl Bernstein Brill Offers Ample Evidence That American Democracy Is In Peril Hard Hitting KirkusSteve Brill Has Written A Book That Every American Should Read It Faces The Problems Of Our Immediate Past Unflinchingly At The Same Time It Sees The Seedlings Of Hope All Across America Ultimately, It Reminds Us That America Is In The Choices We Make As Citizens The Future Is Up To Us Bill Bradley, Former US SenatorLucid And Engaging The National Book Review Tailspin Is A Must Read For All Citizens Troubled By The Inequities, Malfunctions And Bizarre Shape Of Our Public And Private Sectors Tom BrokawComplaining About American Politics Has Become A National Pastime But In His Expertly Researched New Book, Steven Brill Does Far Than Identify Whats Wrong He Explains Why American Democracy Isnt Working And He Gives Us The Powerful Stories And Surprising Personalities Who Are Feedingand Fightingour Democratic Dysfunction Jacob S Hacker, Stanley B Resor Professor Of Political Science At Yale, And Co Author, American Amnesia How The War On Government Led Us To Forget What Made America ProsperBrill S Perceptive Analysis About How The Cult Of Meritocracy Has Tragically Created An Entrenched Elite Who Are Determined To Defend Their Moatsand Make Themselves, Rather Than America, Greatshould Challenge Us AllThe Analysis Ismeticulously Detailed And Sourced, Building On Brill S Long Career In Investigative Journalism However,Brill Shows How Groups In America Are Trying To Fight Back, In All Manner Of Grassroots Ways, Making The Book Also A Manifesto For Practical Change And A Rallying Cry For Everyone Who Wants To Rebuild America Gillian Tett, Author Of Fools Gold And US Managing Editor Of The Financial TimesSteve Brill Has Built On Years Of Investigative Journalism To Produce A Brilliant And Powerful Book On The Most Critical Issue Of Our Time How Did Americas Core Values Get Hijacked By A Privileged Class During The Past Fifty Years, We Have Undermined Our Basic National Creed That We Are A Level Playing Field Where Any Kid Has The Opportunity To Build A Better Life This Book Is Not A Political Or Ideological Screed Instead, Its A Model Of Deep Reporting And Fact Driven Analysis Everyone, Left And Right And Center, Should Read ItIt Will Open Your Eyes And Challenge Your Assumptions Walter Isaacson, Author Of Leonardo Da VinciA Compelling, Surprising Narrative About The Unlikely People And Forces Responsible For The Dashing Of The American Dreamand An Uplifting Look At Those Working To Restore It Jill Abramson, Former Executive Editor, The New York Times