@Kindle ê Taken by the Native (Natives Desire, #1) ⚤ eBook or E-pub free

@Kindle Î Taken by the Native (Natives Desire, #1) Ï Nina Lives On The Frontier With Her Family It S A Hard Life, And People Do What They Can To Get By Nina, However, Is A Dreamer, Who Spends Her Time In The Forests With Nature Little Does She Know She S Being Watched By The Enigmatic Grey Fox, A Powerful Native WarriorWhen Grey Fox Decides To Claim Her As His Own, Nina Must Decide What Kind Of Life She Wishes To Lead EXCERPT He Tried His Best To Relay To Her He Was Not Going To Hurt Her He Did Know Some Of The White Man S Language, And He Figured He Must Have Been Able To Relay Enough To Where She Understood What He Was Saying, Because One Of Her Hands Had Come To Rest Upon His Own She Moved Over Closer To Him, But She Kept Her Dress In Front Of Her Nakedness With Her Other Hand She Brought It To His Lips, Tracing The Outline Of Him There He Took A Golden Opportunity To Touch Her Body In That Moment, And Bringing One Of His Hands In Behind Her Head, He Brought Her Lips To His, Kissing Her Softly, At First Just Allowing His To Glide Across Hers, As In A Soft, Welcoming Embrace As She Parted Herself To Him, He Allowed His Tongue To Slide In, And Met Hers Within The Cavern Of Moistness There They Intertwined Around One Another, His Sucking At Hers As He Closed His Mouth A Little Around Her, Toying With Her Senses He Felt Her Reaction, And He Could Sense That She Wanted , And As He Kept Her Enthralled There, Within His Kiss, His Hand Eagerly Slipped Down To Her Bosom, With Her At First Trying To Stop Him, But Then Letting Go, Allowing The Feelings To Overtake Her WARNING ThisErotic Short Story Contains Graphic Consensual Sex Between An Adult Colonial Woman And A Native ManPartOf Native S Desire, Titled Loved By The Native, Is Now Out