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I received this book from its author Mira Noire and group Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock This is a very short story about a man and a woman who catch each others eye in a cafe and have an immediate sexual attraction The man is a bit apprehensive though because this mystery woman looks young but displays adult gestures and he does not want to get into trouble Feeling bold for the first time in her life the woman sees the man outside and decides to jump into the car with him and ride to his place There is a lot of teasing, small talk and wariness as they find out some truths about each other I believe that anyone with active hormones can understand seeing someone who is sexually appealing and wondering what it would be like to throw caution to the wind and act on that impulse Not everyone acts on that impulse but nonetheless the curiosity ill say is there I wish this book had dug deeper into the characters and the story plot It ended so abruptly it left you wondering what to think and where it was going to finish Based on the content I rate this book 18 I give this book 3 Fangs. [[ DOWNLOAD EBOOK ]] ☇ Talk to Me ⇲ EXCERPT Do You Want My Name She Was Playful She Released Her Tongue And Smiled With Gentle Cheekiness I Shook My Head Later Tell Me Yours She Was Suave, She Knew How To Handle Me She Must Have Done This To Men Before, Driven Them Wild, Deliberately Made Them Want Her Maybe She Was A Professional Tease Fear Suddenly Flashed Through My Brain Maybe This Was A Trap But Then I Looked At Her Body, The Way It Moved, Her Swollen Mouth, Ready For Kissing, Her Bedroom Eyes, Her Tousled Hair Loose Around Her ShouldersI Shook My Head Again Later There Was Plenty Of Time Time To See What Was Under That Tank Top Maybe Alright, She Sighed, Tipping Her Head To The Side And Narrowing Her Eyes Slightly In Mock Assessment You Want To Know How I Tick Right I NoddedShe Said, I M A Virgin While Running Errands, A Thirty Something Professional S Fantasies Spark When He Sees A Fresh Faced, Barely Legal Beauty Giving Him A Look He Can T Resist When He Sees Her Again, The Girl Slips Into His Car And Into His Head, Exciting Him And Scaring Him At The Same Time Who Is She What Does She Want She Says She Just Wants To Talk, But This Mysterious Young Seductress Is Still A Virgin, With A Burgeoning Body And A Mouth Like A Whore And The Way She S Touching And Talking To Him Make It And Likely That The Two Of Them Are Going To Be Doing Than Just TalkingContains M F, Verbal And Light Foreplay To be honest, I m not really sure how feel about this short read 19 pages is too short for me to feel any type of way I m on the fence of do I like it or do I do I hate it.Shell shocked by the leading male and his fantasy about underage girls, I don t how to feel about him.I understand that you see someone and you re attracted, but this story was just weird to me.Did they or didn t they Who are they I don t know where this story is going or if it s going anywhere at all.Very very mild foreplay So don t get your hopes up.Unfortunately, I m going to give this book 2.5 stars I just need substance and story.