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It s from OXfam, it shall return to Oxfam, if I m feelign generous Worse than my low expectations. I had low expectations of this book after being disappointed in One Hell of a Woman, another noir anthology This one is jam packed with great stories Not just good, but great Vicki Hendricks, Jenny Colgan, Karin Slaughter, Stella Duffy and Sparkle Hayter all contribute standouts Brava, editors Stella Duffy and Lauren Henderson. [Free] ⚕ Tart Noir ♼ They Re The Bad Girls Readers Have Been Waiting For And They Re The Heroines Of This Collection Of Wickedly Edgy New Stories Of Hot Passion And Cold Calculation, Written By The Most Exciting Female Voices On The British And American Crime Scene Today Another last second airport purchase I just needed something to read and I was running late This was the first thing to catch my eye It is a collection of short stories Some of them are very good, a few just plain silly A woman has an affair with a Dolphin WTF I only gave it two stars because of the couple of stories I really enjoyed and the cover What I am a sucker for a cool cover Read it if it is free, but skip the fish story. An entertaining and light read, if you re the type that understands crime fiction A bit sex than I figured and one story involving a dolphin that was really kind of weird, but really just all in good bad fun. A few stories in, and I didn t much care for any of the characters I am reminded of why short stories aren t generally my thing C est la vie.I did appreciate, from one standpoint, the story with the dolphin Though I d hoped it d go a different route at the ending. This book was interesting I liked where the authors were going with the idea of tart noir It s chicklitwith an EDGE Great heroines in some of the stories but I have to say, some of the stories were FU ed a woman who has sex with a dolphin What the That one just creeped me out Fun A bit outrageous The last short The Diary of Sue Peaner, Marooned Contestant by Sparkie Hayter was a good way to end an otherwise bland collection In this, a Survivor type contestant is left to fend for herself when the cast is suddenly swept away courtesy of a typhoon Sue finds herself washed up on an island and faced with the ultimate survivor experience In its own right, this story gets 4 stars while Tart Noir as a whole, suffers from too much deviation from the sub genre and perhaps tested the limits a tad too far to which noir can be defined Some stories worked really well Karen Slaughter, Sujata Massey, Katy Munger, Jenny Siler, Vicki Hendricks, and Sue Peaner were among the best and others not so much Overall an ok anthology with misses than hits but enjoyable at times nonetheless 2.5 stars. Still reading Can t put down Think I ve discovered my long lost libido Wow Very cool Sort of like the sci fi anthologies I used to read in the late 60 s early 70 s Short stories exploring odd juxtapositions For example, one story involves Medea, Phaedra and Lady MacBeth on a morning chat show baring all Another involves forbidden love Er With a dolphin Whoah there me hearties Cool.Ok Finished this wonderful book on Sunday afternoon Brilliant Fun Engaging The stories where tight and well written and had twists and turns that made it impossible to put down Some where downright fall about laughing The case of the girl from the Marooned TV reality show had me in stitches My only beef was there wasn t enough smut This is a definite must read.