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~Book ♦ The Last White Knight ♓ Frech, Hinrei End Und Zum Schwelgen Sch N Lynn Shaw K Mpft An Allen Fronten Ihr Sozialprojekt Steht Auf Der Kippe, Ihre Sch Tzlinge Drohen Erneut Ohne Zuhause Dazustehen Dann Mischt Sich Auch Noch Ein Jung Dynamischer Und, Zu Lynns Leidwesen, U Erst Attraktiver Politiker In Die Sache Ein Doch Lynn Darf, Will Und Kann Sich Einfach Mit Ihm Nicht Einlassen Zu Sehr H Lt Sie Ihre Aufgabe In Atem Und Ihre Eigene, Bittere Vergangenheit Ihre Gef Hle Immer Noch Gefangen I wouldn t have normally picked this up, but I did after I learned that Ivan is distantly related to Tami Hoag back when we first started dating As I m systematically clearing out the audiobooks on my Rhapsody, I finally arrived at this one, over two years later.As romances go, this one had some elements that I could relate to The female protagonist worked with teenagers and was often mistaken for a teenager herself , suffered migraines, and threw herself into her work so that she wouldn t have to deal with larger emotional issues The way she was described even made me think she sounded quite attractive.I couldn t really get behind her romance with Senator Eric Gunther, though, maybe because I m just totally turned off by the idea of dating a politician, or maybe because he was pretty two dimensional There was nothing too spectacular about this book the relationships and central conflict were pretty simplistic, and it was a little hard for me to swallow the sweeping declarations of love when the whole book took place within the space of a week There was one unexpected twist at the end, but the book was weakened by the fact that it went on much longer than it needed to, and I got REALLY tired of the pity party the MC kept throwing for herself, convinced that she didn t deserve Eric because she d been a troubled teen who d made some mistakes, blah, blah, gag me why is lack of self esteem supposed to be sexy But, it was a romance, and it followed the tropes of romance, and I don t really like romances, so it gets three stars despite its shortcomings because it was nice to have a short, light read after The Informant, and because it won t stick in my head for being awful, either. Maybe 3 1 2 Stars, can t quite decide There are some thing I really liked about this oldie and some things I didn t Loved Erik, our Last White Knight hero Loved the touch of mystery too I found Lynn, the heroine, abrasive, closed up, a martyr and a coward She did show a lot of growth in a short book, but I didn t really like her.Lynn Shaw is a counselor for runaway girls at a home for them that is in upheaval due to a forced move Their new neighborhood in upscale and not at all happy with their new neighbors and are very vocal about it In steps State Senator Erik Gunther and their White Knight He is instantly drawn to Lynn, once he finds out she isn t one of the teens She has a similar response to him, but tries her very best to shut it down She has had a troubled past and has devoted her life to making up for it She just doesn t see how a rising politician could possibly be interested in her Erik is really to good to be true. 3.5 starsBefore becoming a 1 New York Times Bestselling author with her thrillers and suspense novels, Hoag was an author with Bantam s Loveswept line of romance books The Last White Knight is a reprint of a Loveswept romance originally published in 1992 If you are looking for a thriller, you won t find it here There are a couple of reviews rating this poorly because it is gasp a romance novel double gasp Really, I would have thought the title and synopsis might have provided a clue.Kudos to the author for embracing her romance roots no pun intended in her letter to readers at the start of The Last White KnightAll these years later I m in a very different place in my career, writing full on bestselling thank goodness suspense novels I am often asked by people who look down their noses at the romance genre if I am somehow embarrassed by my Loveswept past I always tell them the same thing that I worked and worried every bit as hard writing those small books and that I am every bit as proud of them as I am of the books that have landed me on the bestseller lists Anyway, I digress.Lynn Shaw is a counselor for Horizon House, a home for troubled teenage girls Lynn knows what it s like to be a troubled teenager she used to be one herself.When Horizon House relocates to a residence in Rochester, Minnesota, the neighborhood is whipped into a frenzy of protest by the self appointed leader of Citizens for Family Neighborhoods.Enter Senator Erik Gunther, Golden Boy of the Democrats, to provide his support.The attraction between Erik and Lynn is instant, but Lynn will not accept it s inevitability, convinced that she would cause damage to Erik s reputation because of the mistakes of her past.Erik must fight to win Lynn s acceptance while together they defend against those who would force her girls out of the only home they have.The politician as hero is unusual and unlikely, but Hoag manages this with ease although Erik is still no match for Reece from Extreme Exposure Erik is a great character who fights to get what he wants, even while succumbing to anger, annoyance and frustration And gee, Lynn could ring those out of a saint.Lynn is determined to continue paying penance for what she considers the sins of her past It consumes her every action to the point of martyrdom When her past is finally revealed, it is not enough to justify her attitude towards the inability of having a future with Erik, particularly in the face of Erik s strength and tenderness.Apart from desperately needing another chapter to flesh out the HEA or an epilogue at the very least , The Last White Knight is a nice, quick and easy read. My first book my Tami Hoag It was pretty good.The premise of Lynn Erik meeting, and the banter between them was really enjoyable A bit of a love hate attitude In my oppinion Lynn beats herself up a bit much, about her past, and the whole I m not worthy , about having a happy ending with the guy made me roll my eyes But over all a quick read with a romantic, happy ending I liked it. I must be a total romantic but I loved that the Senator did not give up on his belief that they would make a great pair I couldn t put this book down She didn t get good reviews on this book Sometime about her writing mystery I think but I must just love a happy ending Great book Take a chance and read this book. I picked this up from a give away bin thinking Tami Hoag wrote suspense Although there is a minor mystery, the book is mostly a romance very cheesy and unrealistic. Set in Minnesota in the 1990 s, a group home for troubled girls relocates to a neighborhood where the neighbors are less than welcoming One neighbor in particular really wants them gone It s a vaguely suspenseful story wrapped around a romance between the counselor at the group home and a local politician who takes up their cause for publicity but finds a personal interest as he falls hard for the counselor The story was interesting but I didn t feel the urgency and anticipation of a strong suspense plot, annoying neighbors are kind of meh The romance struggled along with the male main character really having to work for every inch of progress The insta love on his part was believable ish but the author resorted to bedroom scenes to overwhelm the resistance of the female main character, it just made it seem like he wasn t man enough to win the lady over with his clothes on.Violence, sex, mild swearing No thank you My final say Skip this one Lol Way better cheesy romance books out there. This was a sweet romance I liked the progression of the relationship between Lynn and Erik I liked the turmoil of the Horizon House that they were fighting I thought Hoag did a good job of showing the growth for Erik and his acceptance that Lynn was important than anything else I accept that Lynn had to deal with and therefore it would take longer, but I thought it took too long for someone to point out that she was avoiding facing her past in just the way that she would never let her girls do I both appreciate and regret that Hoag showed us Lynn was ready to face her past and make peace with it and yet didn t actually include that process as part of the story I d like to have seen how it was resolved but also understand that it would have been too much if done realistically and would have detracted from Lynn Erik s story All in all, a charming story and a quick read.