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Interesting, I didn t agree with everything, but I like the idea of allowing our teens to have responsibilities and letting them be young adults instead of big kids. Robert Epstein, a professor and research psychologist who has written on various topics, challenges conventional wisdom in Teen 2.0 Of the book s three parts, I consider part one the most compelling Epstein discusses the change of public opinion on teenagers in the context of the Progressive Era, and shows the positive effects of programs for youth in which infantilization is avoided Those with too little time for the full book can read chapters two and four The Creation of Adolescence and Instant Adulthood Also important is Epstein s frequent reminder that large amounts of someone s potential can long be unrealized because of an entrenched societal belief in his her incompetence, and that societies must be careful when assuming the anger of anyone in a certain group of people to always be trivial and biologically inherent.Note firsthand that Epstein is an independent thinker, and that one is highly unlikely to agree with everything His book is not perfect his statements in chapter eight require evidence , but the importance of its high points cannot be denied. The basic idea is that teens are capable of much that what we in western societies allow them to do As a result teenagers by in large are trained to underachieve and so the societal issues we see so often in media are perpetuated A well referenced work, in which Epstein carefully walks through his reasoning with multiple stories and studies for each point. Was not for me probably because it was required reading for class however it brought up some debatable topics that could be evolutionary. Some provocative theories here about the excessive control we impose on teenagers I wasn t thoroughly persuaded, but some good food for thought. Fantastic, thought provoking book. It is a thick book, and there is plenty to think about, but it said in a LOT words what I believe and tried to live for several years now with my own teens. An eye opener about what teens are capable of and especially about what treating them like children could be doing to the relationship between you and your teen There is a fair amount of anecdotal information in here and to many outlier case studies but I am still going to make significant changes to the way I talk to and deal with my teenage daughter. ^Kindle ⇻ Teen 2.0 ⇧ National Indie Excellence Awards, First Prize In The Parenting And Family CategoryArguing That Adolescence Is An Unnecessary Period Of Life That People Are Better Off Without, This Groundbreaking Study Shows That Teen Confusion And Hardships Are Caused By Outmoded Systems That Were Designed To Destroy The Continuum Between Childhood And AdulthoodDocumenting How Teens Are Isolated From Adults And Are Forced To Look To Their Media Dominated Peers For Knowledge, This Discussion Contends That By Infantilizing Young People, Society Does Irrevocable Harm To Their Development And Well BeingInstead, Parents, Teachers, Employers, And Others Must Rediscover The Adults In Young People By Giving Them Authority And Responsibility As Soon As They Exhibit Readiness Teens Are Highly Capable In Some Ways Than Adults And This Landmark Discussion Offers Paths For Reaching And Enhancing The Competence In America S Youth