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Now as an audio book can you ask for anything Telling Tales is a series of often funny and poignant short stories about 12 pages each about growing up in Leeds.The pieces slowly advance from his young boyhood, confused by a war that colored everything, yet also seemed far away, on through his start as a writer Telling Tales is not as powerful or moving as his Talking Heads series but I am not certain it is meant to be Bennett highlights his knack for catching the poetry of the absurd humor and melancholy sadness of simple day to day life. @Download Pdf î Telling Tales õ To Be Brought Up In Leeds In The Forties Was To Learn Early On The Quite Useful Lesson That Life Is Generally Something That Happens Elsewhere In This Delightful Collection Of Reminiscences Alan Bennett Recalls His Early Years In A Sequence Of Tales That Are Funny, Touching And Written In His Unique StyleBorn In Leeds In , He Realises From A Young Age That His Family Is Not Like Other Families When War Breaks Out In , The Bennett Family Is On A Tram Heading Down Tong Road As Neville Chamberlain Addresses The Nation So, Not Quite Partaking In The National Mood And, As Ever, Unbrushed By The Wings Of History The Precocious Alan Yearns To See The Places And Lead The Life He Reads About In Books, But Not Even The War Provides The Excitement He Longs For This Is An Ordinary Childhood Hiking In The Dales On Sundays, Trips Into Town With Mam Recalled With Wry Observation And Ironic Understatement, Which Is By Turns Moving And HilariousThese Beautifully Rendered Snapshots, Which Include Poignant Portraits Of His Parents, Confirm Bennett At The Forefront Of Contemporary Writing Presented Here As A New Edition, Telling Tales Will Delight Bennett Fans And Enchant A New Generation Of Readers Originating as BBC TV monologues by the author himself you cannot read these without hearing his distinctive accent and delivery even without having heard them broadcast I love Bennett s plays and other monologues his use of language and observational skills are second to none, and while I really enjoyed this short anthology, focusing on his own early life, it also pointed up a number of reasons why I, surprisingly, found his own autobiography stultifying The first is that while his style is refreshing and perceptive in such short pieces, it is seemingly unending in the larger tome In one piece he accuses an aunt of engaging in interminable, over detailed and ultimately inconsequential narrative and he could be said to have inherited some of her traits Within these monologues that is curtailed not so in his auobiography This is emphasised when he disengenuously in both these monologues and his autobiography tries to point out how dull his early life was In the autobiography it becomes a self fullfilling prophecy However, in the monologues his clarity of insight is self evident particularly in the chapters on ageing and names, the sad one reflecting on his faith life and the closing and very pertinent one on education Better stop now this is nearly as long as one of his monologues And I m not getting paid for this which was actually a very sour note with which Bennett launched the whole work, suggesting that he had written these monologues rather than do interviews where he would trot out such anecdotes for free I suspect he wasn t joking As I hear Alan Bennett s voice in my head whenever I read his books, it didn t seem too much of a leap to download an audio edition of this book I need something to distract me from the treadmill misery that is both January, when I m keen to exercise and Winter so the ground is covered in snow, here in Idaho This created a problem Periodically I would have to step to the side of the treadmill, clutching my side, unable to breathe with laughter At other times I had to stop and let the tears course down my face This is Alan Bennett I don t know what it is about the man s writing that affects me so strongly aside from the fact that it s very good, obviously These are people you know, real people with real stories, and I never tire of hearing them. Lovely little collection Photo at start of each one adds to the Magic You can hear him in every sentence. Alan Bennett, award winning playwright, writer, actor, etc., remembers his childhood in Leeds, Great Britain.These ten tales are perfect little wisps of remembrances, delicate curls of chocolate on the cake of Bennett s other memoirs I ve read his bigger autobiographical tome Untold Stories and I seem to remember some of the same incidents No matter Bennet is simply charming in his writings There s a slight melancholy throughout which is perfectly balanced by his sly wit I think my favourite is Aunt Eveline His description of her decollete is laugh out loud hilarious.I give this only 4 stars because it s simply too short A very enjoyable and entertaining collection of autobiographical pieces, originally broadcast by the BBC, covering Alan Bennett s childhood and early adult years, most notably concerning his thoughts on his parents Consistently amusing and warm hearted, a cup of hot chocolate kind of read. I m halfway through, and absolutely love it One of those books I won t want to finish. The only thing better than reading what Alan Bennett has written is listening to Alan Bennett reading what Alan Bennett s written.