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!Free Book ⚔ The Assistants ♸ Length Hrs And MinsA Wry And Astute Debut About A Young Manhattanite Whose Embezzlement Scam Turns Her Into An Unlikely Advocate For The Leagues Of Overeducated And Underpaid Assistants Across The City Tina Fontana Is The Hapless But Brazen Thirty Year Old Executive Assistant To Robert Barlow, The All Powerful And Commanding CEO Of Titan Corp A Multinational Media Conglomerate She S Excellent At Her Job And Beloved By Her Famous Boss But After Six Years Of Making His Reservations For Restaurants She D Never Get Into On Her Own And Pouring His Drinks From Bottles That Cost Than Her Rent, She S Bored, Broke, And Just A Bit Over It All When A Technical Error With Robert S Travel And Expenses Report Presents Tina With The Opportunity To Pay Off The Entire Balance Of Her Student Loan Debt With What Would Essentially Be Pocket Change For Her Boss, She Struggles With The Decision She S Always Played By The Rules But It S Such A Relatively Small Amount Of Money For The Titan Corporation And For Her It Would Be A Life Changer The Assistants Speaks Directly To A New Generation Of Women Who Feel Stuck And Unable To Get Ahead Playing By The Rules It Will Appeal To All Of Those Who Have Ever Asked Themselves, How Is It That After All These Years, We Are Still Assistants From The Hardcover Edition Paperback releases 5 2 giveaway on my blog I want to give this book to a baby boomer and watch their brain rage explode as they read it because it s hard to say which characters are painted as having entitlement the rich, sneaky, white male baby boomers who make money in shady ways, or the assistants below them who make 30 40k a year after having put themselves through college with thousands upon thousands of dollars in loans We are supposed to empathize with the assistants I wound up rolling my eyes at both groups throughout most of the book The main character is kind of bland, the other characters are kind of stereotypical, and while I actually really do sympathize with the plight of those with student loans as somebody who will be paying hers off for the bulk of her working life , when you take on debt, you have to deal with it ethically That s not really the story in this book As for whether or not they deserve to have that problem, let me say that their college degree already supplies them with a lot of privilege, and presumably they should have the brains to deal with it And it was hard for me to get past that and enjoy the characters. Anyone who pays attention to my reviews knows that I m constantly whining about how difficult it is to find light entertainment that s not jam packed with eye rollingly bad qualities, such as horrible characters who we re somehow meant to root for, predictable plots, painful attempts at humor, and writing that s just no good at the sentence level or any other level, for that matter Fortunately, The Assistants contains none of these qualities I was hoping for something light, fun, and fast moving after my lengthy immersion in Americanah, and this novel delivered in a big way Its main character, Tina, is smart but hilariously self deprecating, and she made me laugh out loud many times We get to know other characters to varying degrees, and somehow all of them, particularly Tina s apartment crashing roommate Emily, avoid becoming the stereotypes you might expect to find in a book like The Assistants The plot was intriguing, unpredictable, and morally complex Not everything worked Tina s relationship with her boyfriend was the least convincing thing about the novel, and could have been eliminated altogether but on the whole The Assistants was just what I was looking for, and I tore through it in two days Part of my 2018 reading project is to get caught up on current authors and decide whose careers are worth following and whose aren t I m happy to conclude that Camille Perri falls firmly into the first category. 3.5 At age 30, Tina Fontana has been a PA to media mogul Robert Barlow for six years He s worth millions she lives in a tiny Brooklyn apartment She s not the only young woman who can t seem to progress beyond an assistant s salary and struggles to keep up with her student loan repayments One day a mix up in refunding expenses lands her with a check for 19,147 If she cashes it she can pay off her debts once and for all, and no one at Titan Corporation will be any the wiser Except for Emily Johnson from the 43rd floor, who twigs to what Tina has done and wants her own five figure loans paid off This is a fun and undemanding read that will probably primarily appeal to young women I would particularly recommend it to readers of Friendship by Emily Gould and A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan Tina, a second generation Sicilian American, is a sharp, no nonsense protagonist who kept making me laugh Her romance with Kevin was a little bit clich d, but didn t detract much from the story.Favorite lines How was this my life I was supposed to be an island Hell is other people Hell is other people We were all defined by whom we assisted. I m not a friend to this book Proceed with caution What I Liked 1 A compelling premise Sticking it to the man by embezzling funds to cover student loan debts Mine s threw the roof and I could understand the desperation to clear such a heavy albatross over one s head.2 I won this book in a giveaway What I Disliked 1 Writing Flat, in need of editing Ironic considering its author s an Esquire editor , and boring Dialogue s minimal, dis enabling readers to grasp characterization further More so, I had trouble distinguishing timelines Seasons Days Missed opportunities.2 Bland characters You create a good premise with bland characters I can dig a good story with unlikable characters But, when both is bad, you lose me I had no one to root for in this story, despite understanding desperation and student debt 3 Tina, the main character, is 30 years old, but reads 21 I would not believe her to be her age at all She does idiotic things, I wouldn t expect a thirty something to do, like have someone squat in their house Besides, why is she still an assistant after six years 4 The plot, while promising, reads as a three episode arc of a bad Aaron Spelling show Will the Feds catch Brenda, Kelly, and Donna in the act Will Donna finally do the deed with Kevin Tina s boyfriend 5 Plot holes galore One example Tina s hinted at being a Lesbian yet, she conveniently gets Kevin, an unbelievably hot guy Trust It s mentioned every time he appears , who she would never hooked up with realistically 6 New York City s the setting But, without a few choice descriptions, you d wouldn t know How do you fail to make a great city a character in itself Gentrification Hipsters Class struggle Weak attempts at something real without substance.7 For a book lasting 279 pages, I needed than four days to get through it RED ALERT 8 Pop cultural references swallowed time than deserved We get it You know things But, they date your book and come off as smug Your winks at hipness belies a lack of coolness.9 Her crime is hand waved by it s neat as a bow ending Maybe it s a tale about college educated white girls getting away with their crimes Yes They say so numerous time By the end, I failed to care.10 Where s the humor For a story advertising wry humor, I counted one laugh and I cannot remember why I snickered 11 Did I mention the author s an editor Go figure Final Thoughts Editors and writers work best as separate entities Sometimes, meshing the two roles hurt readers Do not bother unless you enjoy hate reading Verdict 1 5 Cups of bland coffee, no sugar and no milk I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway Nope That s all I have to say about this not funny at all book about a bunch of assistants who steal from their company because their bosses make a lot money than they do The book prologue starts off and you know that something happened but in the end that Tina and her friends end up looking like folk heroes I guess it was that whole steal from the rich to benefit themselves thing going on The main character Tina Fontana is an assistant to the most powerful man in media, Robert Barlow Tina is 30, drowning in student loan debt, and after a chance mix up with her boss s expense report, she is provided a check to pay for an expense that ended up getting written off When she realizes the check could pay off her student loan debt Tina is haunted by what she should do and of course picks the option where she can pay off her debt However, Tina is not as careful as she thought, and soon she picks up a partner in crime who wants her student loan debt paid off too And then someone else finds out, and the whole thing snowballs I never got a handle on Tina at all through this whole book She does idiotic things throughout the entire book and in the end seems to be doing what she does in order to show her boss Robert that she can be his equal One character mentions her daddy issues with Robert, and there is an element of that going on She wants this character to be proud of her for whatever reason There are whole paragraphs devoted to Tina hating to get Robert and his company drinks and having to cut the limes She hopes one day to get a drink with him and someone else cuts the limes.You can t see me rolling my eyes but believe me I am Look I have a boss, actually I have four bosses If I stole money from my agency my ass would be fired and I would be prosecuted for stealing That s all she wrote Me trying to plead well I wanted to be treated equally and hey pay off my debt isn t going to cut it with anyone I feel like this whole book was written so backwards I don t even know where to begin with it I don t talk about privilege a lot, but Tina and her friends though they don t see it are swimming in privilege Tina has a heck of a lot of options and just chooses to ignore them Same thing with other people in this book And even though there is acknowledgement by Tina that no one made her and her friends sign paperwork for student loans, they are still upset with the whole idea that yes you have to make payments on your debt And it s not fair that her boss can get expenses for new golf clubs written off when if she pays off her debt, that means she can move to a new apartment, go out to eat often, and even mentions taking expensive cab drives like spoiled rich girls do There is not a lot of there with Tina though The whole book just sets up how she was able to do what she does and her really pathetic justifications don t sell me at all And then in the end the author tries to throw out something about Tina s boss so I guess she could justify doing what she did Once again this book was not very well conceived I feel like there was a ton of stuff cut out I just needed to have interaction with Tina where we actually get to see her Instead she felt like a faceless person the whole book.Secondary characters like Tina s new best friend Emily, her boyfriend Kevin, and others don t fare well either No one made an impression on me at all Emily and others at Titan where they all work as assistants all seem to have huge student loan debt and all are angry that their bosses make so much money than they do I definitely believe in equal pay for equal work, but it seems like none of these assistants have ever asked for a pay raise, promotion, or applied for other jobs They just stick with the jobs they are in now, and hate everything that their job requires them to do.The plot was pretty laughable Everything gets handwaved away in the end, so there s no need to really put much thought into following things.The writing wasn t that great I felt like there was no dialogue really With first person points of view books, I need to see character interaction Tina just seems to be inner voicing most of the book and it was aggravating Because of this, we don t really get to see other characters There is a lot of pop culture lines here and there, and it didn t endear the book to me at all Just made me groan some The flow was terrible I have no idea what the timeline was since this book seemed to start in spring summer and somehow I think things ended in fall winter I don t know The only visual clue we get is that Tina and Kevin go apple picking when the weather turns I think since most of the book is Tina and her angst that the whole book just dragged It s only 279 pages though it felt much longer to me as I read it The setting of New York is not used at all Most of the book takes place in Tina s apartment Her apartment which is a hazard, made me annoyed, because even after her student loan debt goes bye bye, there s no reason for Tina to stay there Her apartment has rats and an ever growing water balloon in the ceiling that Tina is afraid will pop one day I am sure there is some symbolism there with the balloon, Tina s secrets, etc but I don t care to look for it.The ending tied things up way too neatly and as I said again, laughably in my opinion Cause God knows in this day and age, when you steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from a huge company and you are not rich, you totally get away with it. Ich hab irgendwie das Gef hl, dass die Autorin einen Groll gegen das m nnliche Geschlecht hegt Einige Stellen in diesem Buch waren beinahe richtig sexistisch Ich verstehe die Intention hinter diesem Buch, ich bin f r Feminismus Aber nicht, wenn das bedeutet in die andere Richtung zu hetzen. A fun read with a compelling premise Assistants for a major corporation pad their bosses expense reports to pay off their student loans But the book is so rushed And the logistics of the premise kind of fall apart as people get involved And then the plot explodes Ooof Everything becomes too convenient Well worth reading Again, lots of fun But it s not as well realized a novel as it could be. 2.5 5This book was just so so The writing wasn t great and the characters were a bit flat I also didn t find the resolution to be very satisfying If I hadn t been listening to this on audiobook, I probably would have DNF d it The Good The story itself is kind of fun I could picture it as a movie Sort of like a Devil Wears Prada type of thing The Bad The writing was not good Tina and the rest of the characters were very flat Especially Tina s boyfriend, Kevin I never understood how or why they got together I absolutely hated the audiobook narrator s voice.