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~Download Epub ☦ The Bastard King (Norman Trilogy, #1) ♲ This Glorious Novel Chronicles The Life Of William The Conqueror, The Bastard Son Of The Duke Of Normandy, From Childhood Until His Death In He Is Destined To Succeed His Father As The Duke Of Normandy But Questions About His Legitimacy Mean He Consistently Faces Challenges From Potential Usurpers In The Duchy To Retain The Title He Marries Matilda, The Equally Intelligent And Ambitious Daughter Of The King Of Flanders, And Together They Have Many ChildrenIn , He Crosses The Channel From Normandy To England And Seizes The Crown From King Harold, Edward The Confessor S Popular Successor This Is The Roller Coaster Account Of His Efforts To Become Sovereign And The Events In His Life Afterwards, Including His Turbulent Relationships With Various Members Of His Family I now understand why Henry II s eagles and wife revolted against him It seems to be a genetic trait inherited from William the Conqueror His wife had a favourite son as did Eleanor William and Henry both were unwilling to name their their until their death which their children were none to pleased about. This book flamed my fascination for William the Conqueror Several years after I read it, I visited Bayeux in France and got to see the Bayeux tapestry Very exciting. The story was good and kept true to history but the writing style threw me a bit I m used to a modern narrative so it took me a while to get through it and I never really got lost in it. William is the bastard son of Robert the Magnificent and Arlette, the tanner s daughter Can William find peace and love with such tempestuous beginnings Plaidy is at her historical finest with The Bastard King Set in the 11th Century, Robert, an heir to the Duke of Normandy, falls in love with a common woman Arlette gives him a son, William Robert intends for William to become the Duke of Normandy after his death Robert s tenure as Duke is filled with passionate highs and sorrowful low points William is still young when his father dies, leaving him the Duke.William must rely on his friends and courage to retain his title He is vicious in his warfare, but his bravery and skill in battle as a young man cement his command in Normandy Those who are jealous refer to William as the bastard It s a title he abhors When he makes inquires about marrying Matilda of Flanders, she proudly asserts she will never marry a bastard.William goes to Flanders and gives her a beating she won t forget Matilda is impressed with his panache and decides William is the man for her They marry after an extended courtship.Edward the Confessor is King of England and a cousin to William Edward expresses his wish for England to go to William when he dies, and William savors the desire to become King of England down to his bones But will William s endeavors to conquer England ruin the happiness he s found with Matilda and drive his family apart Plaidy is the queen of historical fiction Through her meticulous research and understanding of history, she effortlessly blends fiction and fact Her style of writing is easy to read and follow, if not a bit telling at times.The richest part of the novel is the characterization William is neither a hero nor a villain, but a man with flaws He s passionate about those he cares about He s earned the title of Duke by destroying, but makes a point to build as well Discovering the complexities of the man makes for a fascinating read.Matilda is as passionate as William as well as fiery and determined They are a perfectly matched pair.What I enjoyed the most about the book was how well researched it was and how Plaidy gave equal attention to William s deeds as well as his private life There were times I felt like a fly on the wall as I watched William s trials and tribulations unfold around him.Plaidy s descriptions allow the reader to picture the novel s setting and her dialogue brings an authenticity to the period without weighing down the story Plaidy also shares little historical gems with the reader which includes the origin of Bayeux s tapestry and Bishop Odo, William s half brother The Bastard King delivers action, adventure, and demonstrates how love can shape a dynasty History comes alive under Plaidy s expert touch. This was a very good novel covers the full life of William the Concorer, the love of his life, Matilda and relationship with his sons It also links in some of the alliances and intreagues of the last kings of England before William, Edward the Confesser and Harold Godwin.An excellent story with lots of history worked in. This is the story of William the Conqueror Duke of Normandy and King of England, son of Robert the Magnificent and a long line of Dukes of Normandy Such a wonderful foundation was set by first telling part of the story of Robert the Magnificent and his love story with Arlette, daughter or a tanner who might not have been a suitable match on paper but was the perfect match in heart.We are walked through William s life and delighted at the turn it takes when he finds his own true love in Matilda of Flanders Through much strife William wades, always advancing his goal of power, coveting even the throne of England to which he has no true claim Both the good and the bad of William is exposed through his words and actions, but a powerful ruler he turned out to be Taking us from before his conception to the moment of his death, Plaidy fully explores William the son, William the husband, William the father William the Duke, William the King, William the Conqueror. This novel based on King William I of England, aka William the Bastard, aka William Duke of Normandy, aka William the Conqueror, had me hooked from start to finish.Ms Plaidy opens the tale before William s birth, showing how his parents met and why he was destined to be baseborn I m glad the author did this, as I knew nothing of these earlier events.I love the way we get to see William grow up, evolve into one of the all time great generals, and see him right through to his death Despite some of the harsh or even horrific actions he undertook or ordered, I found him likeable.Along with William himself, I especially liked the author s portrayal of the bastard s parents and of his wife, Matilda of Flanders.It s hard to review this book for anything else specific because I found it to be a continual flow of engaging narrative Thus, the best thing I can recommend to anyone considering reading it, is to read it.A regal read. Good book, although I hated how Matilda was portrayed I love William the Conqueror though, what a story. c1974 FWFTB Matilda, ambitious, crown, Harold, title I am 99% convinced that this is actually a re read I used to devour Ms Plaidy s books and there was a time where I read nothing but historical novels It certainly helped with O Level history I did find the story a little irritating at times I know that the author was trying to fill in the gaps of historical fact remember, though, that history is written by the victor but some of the interactions with the cast of characters were just awful When I was younger, I probably lapped this up I do remember feeling that I should be of Norman stock, then of Viking stock, then of Anglo Saxon stock all depending on which stirring novel I was reading at the time The description of the first meeting between William and Matilda irked me no end but I probably did not think anything of it when I first read the book Recommended to the younger members of the crew that are just starting to enjoy history.