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~Free ♁ The Best of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse ♦ Enter A World Where Elvis Is A Deity And NASCAR Is High Class TV Viewin And No, I Don T Mean Memphis Unconventionally Coupling Science Fiction With Redneck Humor, The Best Of The Bubbas Of The Apocalypse Is Like A Tractor Hurling Into NASA S Control CenterWe Ve Hand Plucked Of The Best Stories From The Four Previous Bubbas Anthologies And Compiled Them Into One Book Whether You Ve Made It Through The Entire Bubbas Catalog Or Whether You Want To Start With The Greatest Hits, Best Of The Bubbas Is A Wild Ride And You Ll Want To Grab A Front Row Seat The Irresistible Storyline Takes Us To The Year A Virus Has Escaped From A Secret Government Laboratory And It S Killed Off Everyone Except The Bubbas And Some Yuppies Who Live On As Zombies We Follow The Bubbas As They Learn To Live In The Apocalyptic World, Settle Down In Places Where Wal Mart Hasn T Been Invented Even France And Deal With The Four Plagues Of Flatulence, Halitosis, Incest And Ned I m trying to gather my books reviews from my other pen name altogether in one place here at Goodreads, so I thought I d put this review under this name.The Bubbas of the Apocalypse are just plain ol funny Yeah, it s good ol boy madness to the nth degree, but it s entertaining and it s science fiction There s great writing and great authors in this anthology, too What s not to like Across the board the women authors had much better stories than the men in this anthology Some of the stories were hilarious Most of them were funny. This is a collection of favourite stories from the Bubbas of the Apocalypse series Some are very funny, some are so so and some not at all funny The humour is VERY broad think teenaged boys style in most cases However, despite NOT being a teenaged boy, I did enjoy some of the stories However, for some reason, the name Ned seemed to be very popular with the authors of this anthology I m not sure why, but, well, there it is Oh, and in all cases, NED was a total moron But, other than that minor complaint, I did enjoy most of the names that were used And some of the set ups were just too funny And of course, I LOVED the premise of the zombies all were Yuppies The only thing that kept the Bubbas and the Bubbas of other countries safe was the really cheap barbeque sauce that was slathered over many meals In other countries it might have been mayonaise or the spices used in a particular ethnic meal at any rate, something that Yuppies wouldn t have been caught dead eating One of the stories was set in England, another in France, for those who want to see what a Bubba from there would be like Oh and in addition to the zombies, we also have problems with alien s hanging around, abducting people and generally making a pest of themselves Read and enjoy.