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FREE E-PUB á The Blue Jay's Dance: A Memoir of Early Motherhood ß New York Times Bestselling And Award Winning Author Louise Erdrichs Moving Meditation On The Experience Of Motherhoodthe First Nonfiction Work By One Of The Most Acclaimed Authors Of Our TimeLouise Erdrichs First Major Work Of Nonfiction, The Blue Jays Dance, Brilliantly And Poignantly Examines The Joys And Frustrations, The Compromises And Insights, And The Difficult Struggles And Profound Emotional Satisfactions The Acclaimed Author Experienced In The Course Of One Twelvemonth Periodfrom A Winter Pregnancy Through A Spring And Summer Of New Motherhood To Her Return To Writing In The Fall In Exquisitely Lyrical Prose, Erdrich Illuminates Afresh The Large And Small Events That Every Parent Will Recognize And AppreciatePregnancy, Birth And Caring For An Infant Inspire Erdrichs Reflections On Being A Woman, A Mother And A Writer In This Affecting Memoir Of A Daughters First YearsPeople I have recommended this book to several female friends in order to get a report on how it was received Not being able to carry out the reproduction exercise I can only say WOW it gave me a new positive perspective on motherhood. This is by far the best book I ve ever read on the emotional struggles and rewards of mothering The Blue Jay s Dance is full of poetic descriptions that are so powerful you feel like you are there with the author, watching through her eyes This book changed the way I see the world, my children and myself I highly recommend Louise Erdrich Her books are meticulously researched and written fromthan one point of view. I love all of Louise Erdrich s fiction books so it was fun to read this too Great book, I would recommend to new parents