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What a great resource This book has TONS of information and ideas There s so much, I m going to have to borrow it again library e book to transfer the notes I m taking to my computer The author gives explanations, ideas, spells, rituals, etc I highly recommend this book, especially for those practicing the occult and who love stones It will become a much used resource book in my home. I was pleasantly surprised with this book It is pretty comprehensive and I feel as though I learned a lot in this easy to read book It is both informative and interesting, a combination that is not easy to achieve I d definitely recommend it to anyone interested in crystals and or with interest in magic Some great spell ideas in here A very helpful book for those who are interested in working with crystals that explains how to properly use crystals in spellwork I particularly liked that it was geared towards those of us who have already established a foundation in magickal work I ve read a thousand and one 101 books, and it was great to read a book that didn t assume I needed a primer Even though I m giving this book 3 stars, I still really liked the book It s kind of hard for me to rate a how to book, because while Ember Grant, had some really wonderful ideas for crystals and their uses and she had some minor anecdotes, but I still found myself not necessarily gripped, as it were. I bought this book 5 years ago and devoured it in one sitting I was especially excited about the chapter Sand and Glass Spells , as I had never considered using sand prior but it made so much sense.I have since committed a tremendous amount of time not only studying crystals but using them for healing and manifesting So reading it again 5 years later I find much of the information rather elementary I am very glad to have had the book and found it quite useful, but I don t think it is something I am going to keep on my shelves Excellent choice for those new to crystals and or want to explore the subject in depth. `Read ☂ The Book of Crystal Spells ☔ Raise Your Crystal Spellwork To The Next LevelDiscover Dozens Of Spells That You Can Use For Health, Love, Home And Garden, Problem Solving, Dreams, Astral Travel, And Much With Hands On Spells, Rituals, Grids, And Other Magical Methods, The Book Of Crystal Spells Is A Practical And In Depth Guide To Using Stones In Creative WaysFind Tips On Cleansing And Charging Your Stones Learn To Craft Magical Jewelry, Amulets, And Talismans Incorporate Numerology, Meditations, Elixirs, And Crystal Grids In Your Spellwork Expand Your Magic Practice By Using Glass, Sand, Metals, Quartz Crystal Points, And Increase Your Knowledge Of Crystal Spells With Accessible Exercises And Extensive Appendices And Correspondences Whether A Beginner Or An Expert, Take Your Magic To A Higher Level With The Magic Of Stones, Which Gives You Access To The Energetic Connection Between You And The Universe