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These stories contain great writing and adventure I have never read erotica before, but this particular book is a must read What I loved most about this book is that you can sit and read the whole thing at once or just randomly pick a chapter and slip away into an imagined adventure This is a book to share with your bestie Book was provided to me for review by the great people at Goodreads [Download E-pub] ☭ The Coffee Table Book of Quickies ♶ Twenty Five Short Erotic Stories Intended For The Merriment Of Lovers With These Thought Provoking And Curiously Arousing Tales, A Teez Seductively Lures You To Turn Each Page With Her Deliciously Lustful Details Some Chapters Are Femininely Charming, While Others Simply Skip The Foreplay Commonly, Though, Each Has Its Own Unique Peak Her Personal Favorites Include Lawyer, The Jeweler, The Island, And Vegas Begin With One Of Them, Or Save Them All For A Climactic Ending You Decide It S A Coffee Table Book Not Your Typical Coffee Table Book, The Coffee Table Book Of Quickies Has No Images To Distract You A Teez Leaves The Artwork To Your Sensual Self With Spellful Words Of Seduction Read It Silently, Or Aloud To Your LoverTitillation Awaits Open Up, Leaf Through Delightfully naughty and very sweet at the same time It seems everyone has a favorite story A fun coffee table book that will certainly give you something to smile about A good read. While I haven t yet finished this book I ll update when I do I can say that this is a book of erotica you want to have The reads are quick and everything from poignant to hilarious From one night stands to long time couples making love, these quickies cover all the bases Pro Tip Read Tom ASAP Update I finished this a bit ago but hadn t updated It s an extremely fun read that you can take out of order, on a plane, on the kitchen tablehowever you like it While it is explicit, it s quite tame when compared to a lot of other erotica I d definitely recommend it to someone curious but apprehensive about the genre Full disclosure I know the author She s a friend I wouldn t, however, have reviewed the book if I wasn t totally enjoying it. I got this book free in exchange for an honest review Not a genre I usually partake in, but I had an open mind while I read it My biggest issue with the book is that some of the stories seemes forced and gimmicky, and there were times when the language used seemed too formal, therefore unrelatable I can see why some may enjoy this book, and it is not a time consuming read, so if you re curious check it out for yourself.