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It is 1921 and the new luxury hotel, The Chatsfield, is having a lavish opening Along with members of the silver screen there will be many aristocrats and super wealthy people Rooms have been reserved for certain people as well.Justin Yorke is a writer for the People s Tribune and is there to write an expose of the opening He writes under the name Red Lancaster At the opening, Justin s friend, Dexter Maxwell is with Miss Vera Milton Kerr, well known stage performer Dexter introduces them and then tells them he is leaving and gives them his room key As they chat, drink and get to know one another, they decide to go up to the room where they make passionate love As the night goes on, they talk and tell one another their backgrounds and how the war has affected each of them Vera has been married before and her husband was killed in the war Afterward, she became a show girl and buried herself in that lifestyle Justin was a soldier in the war and has horrible memories of it, in addition to suffering a breakdown After talking all night, they open their hearts to one another and realize that they have each found the person of their dreams.Follow them as they leave the Dream Suite in The Chatsfield to see where life leads them.This is the first of three short stories that author Marguerite Kaye is writing for the Mills and Boon series, The Chatsfield. The Couple in the Dream Suite is one of the short stories of The Chatsfield series It is also the first complete ebook I ve ever read Being one of the so called older generation as I am, my usually book form preference is hard copy, ie, books that I can actually feel or touch, turning pages Therefore to finish this story is quite a challenge in many level But it has nothing to do with Marguerite s fantastic storytelling ability Always a firm believe that a writer s true ability is shown when they are writing short stories, I found Marguerite Kaye is indeed one of those exceptionally talent ones.The book is set in 1920 s, between the World War I and World War II Very similar to London after the Napoleon War, when part the society was somewhat battered and struggled to recover, while another part of the society turned blind eyes on everything and resumed partying and living glamorously as nothing had ever happened Both central characters, Justin York and Vera Milton Kerr, had seen the cruel side of war, and somewhat found it difficult to carry on their old lives The story began with Justin attending a opening party held in the Chatsfield Hotel with an air of disinterest about him Soon he was joined by his dear friend, Dexter Maxwell Dexter informed him he was set to depart the next day, trying his fortune in film industry in America Before he left, he made a rather odd request he wanted Justin to look after his lady friend, the socialite Vera Milton Kerr, who was also at the party Very soon the two of them realized there were certain something between them something that was rather difficult to resist With a key to the hotel s most luxurious and legendary Dream Suite another gift his friend had given it to him before he left, he offered the woman to spend one night with him One night to pause the time One night to dream Since neither of them believe in such a sentiment, would they dare to do it Would they dare to dream This is the one of the few stories I ve read that is set in the era after 1900 Everything is quite different than I am used to and rather refreshing One can easily see that from the opening scene, when Justin entered the hotel and headed toward the party venue It gave me a very The Great Gatsby moment, I must say Vera represents a new generation of women who were struggled to cope after their husband perish in the battlefield Compare to the same gender nearly a century prior, while their options were wider and the society would not judge them as hard, the emotional struggle was there all the same And through Justin s eye, I learned no matter what era we are looking at, War had never been the one who treat men kindly, or anyone in that aspect Both times, nearly a century apart, the governments sent the men to Wars, both times they did not know what to do with them when they returned Both of them came from a very different background, yet reflected the dark side of Post War society Even at such a dark times, they still did not give up dreaming and looking forward to the horizon ahead It is so positive and so spirit lifting And I cannot help but wonder what happen to Mr Dexter Maxwell after he set foot in America There must be another story there.The story pace is good I did not feel rush, or cut short when I read it something I often experience when I read the short stories Aside from the opening scene mentioned previously, I like how Marguerite started and finished the tale with news articles, written by a mysterious Red Lancaster It added a rather entertaining tune in it, as well as extra degree of enjoyment All in all, The Couple in the Dream Suite is a good story Short enough for one to read while they are waiting for the bus, sitting in the park at a sunny afternoon, or even as a light reading between other much longer, heavier stories, but sweet enough to make your mind linger long after you finish I solemnly recommend this little gem to those of you who dare to dream Five Stars. This is a short historical novella which is part of the Chatsfield continuity series which I understand the majority of are contemporary I was given an advance copy by the author in return for an honest review.I love the period of the 1920s but don t often read in this period strangely I m glad I read this one though and I also read it around the same time as Marguerite s WWI trilogy of short stories thus making it an even emotional experience for me But I ll come back to that.We meet the hero Justin Yorke at the launch of the hotel with his friend Dexter A journalist, he is hardened yet made vulnerable by his experiences in the war His friend is about to leave and arranges that Justin meet the heroine Vera Milton Kerr who is actually part of that night s entertainment Vera also has had a life where her experiences are as tragic as Justin s but a much tougher, brittle exterior.It turns out that Dexter is leaving for America and as a parting gift to them both he gives them the key to the Dream Suite, the most magnificent room in the hotel Does Dexter know them better than they know themselves They are interested in each other and certainly attracted but I don t think either believe that they ll necessarily use it But they do and it s not all about them going off to have sex, they do become very passionate as are these scenes, but during the night they spend together their secrets and pasts are revealed, including very painful ones and it becomes a distinct possibility that they may even have a future together.To be honest it was short but rather beautiful and emotional and after reading the love stories set in WWI which I ll review next it seemed like a progression and an overspill of the heightened emotions of those times Catharsis I really enjoyed this book, though have yet to read any others in the series I do hope we get to see of Justin and Vera, and I must try some of the stories Well at least I ve finished the series this is a rather pointless addition to the series that flashes back to the opening of the hotel in the early 20 s where England is still recovering from the Great War.Our 2 MC s are damaged and would likely be diaganosed as suffering from PTSD so this isn t a particularly jolly excursion into romance land Oh well ^READ EPUB ↷ The Couple in the Dream Suite ⇖ Step Behind The Hotel Room Doors Of The Chatsfield, London , London The First Time The Doors Open On London S Newest Hotel The Chatsfield Disillusioned Soldier Justin York Expects To Be Bored By The Wealth And Glamour On Display Instead He S Entranced By The Star Of The Show Socialite Miss Vera Milton Kerr Vera S Felt Nothing But Ice In Her Veins Since The Great War, But Justin S Dark Eyed Gaze Has Her Burning Up With A Key To The Chatsfield S Legendary Dream Suite, He Offers Her One Night Only Resisting Their Chemistry Is Impossible, But Hoping For Than One Frenzied Night Is Vera S Biggest Risk Of All