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Morally questionable and in poor taste Most likely Hilarious Most certainly This is a hard copy collection of stories submitted to the Darwin Awards , unofficial awards for people who remove themselves from life in the stupidest of fashions This is a quick, light hearted read Great to pick up and get a laugh from If you re looking for essays on the human condition, look elsewhere This is all fluff. I found that this was just of the same stuff Nothing surprisingly interesting or new, just of the same And because of that, I find it so much boring Although I did read the fourth before this one The only reason I m not giving it 1 star is that it still has those science articles They provide knowledge. @KINDLE ⚡ The Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest á The Hilarious New York Times Bestselling Phenomenon And The Perfect Funny Gift Honoring Those Who Improve Our Gene Pool By Inadvertently Removing Themselves Fromit, The Darwin Awards III Includes Than One Hundred Brand New, Hilariously Macabre Mishaps And MisadventuresFrom A Sheriff Who Inadvertently Shot Himself Twice, To The Insurance Defrauder Who Amputated His Leg With A Chainsaw From A Farmer Who Avoided Bee Stings By Sealing His Head In A Plastic Bag To The Man Crushed By The Branch He Just Trimmed, The Darwin Awards III Proves Again That When It Comes To Stupidity, No Species Does It Like We DoFeaturing Scientific And Safety Discussions And Filled With Illustrations Depicting Inspiring Examples Of Evolution In Action, The Darwin Awards III Shows Once How Uncommon Common Sense Still Is To be honest, I found this book tedious Two weeks ago, I heard the story of the guys in Canberra stealing copper piping from an old hotel The fireman, who had been there, was a much better story teller Admittedly, part of the problem here, is there is too much that is too similar I would have enjoyed it far if someone else was reading it and just read out the occasional story. This is the 4th or 5th collection of Darwin Awards stories I ve read, and they re always good for a few laughs at the stupidity of our fellow humans Northcutt divided this book by gender, with men and women each getting a chapter of their own, plus chapters featuring people of both genders whose act of stupidity involved certain common factors like fire or machinery.As in other books, Northcutt includes Winners, Honorable Mentions, and unverified personal stories Winners are those who succeeded in eliminating themselves from the gene pool usually by death , thus preventing the spread of their poor judgement genes Honorable Mentions engaged in acts as foolish as the Winners, but through a stroke of luck lived to tell the tale Because the Darwin Awards are governed by a strict process to ensure the stories are true, many entries seem legitimate but there is no way to prove they happened, so Northcutt classifies the best as unverified personal accounts She also includes a chapter of stories that previously classified as one of the first 2 categories, but after further review were determined not to meet certain criteria.Most of the stories were new to me, though there was one included from our local paper A fellow was working with power tools in the basement of a home he was repairing when he sawed off his hand For whatever reason, the guy felt his only option at that point was to use his nail gun to shoot nails into his skull The nails were short enough not to cause any severe damage to his brain, and the homeowner was kind enough to find the guy s hand and take it to the hospital so the doctors could reattach it and pull the nails out of his head Clearly an Honorable Mention, and I can t say I heard anything further on the story, nor do I remember the guy s name. Ok, so while all the stories weren t exactly funny, the writing was delicious Humorously delicious, albeit Surea greater respect for nature and human nature inclusive of all its faults both cerebral and transcendent should be respected, something I greatly respected about the writing. I always feel guilty reading the Darwin Awards, and laughing at the unfortunate demises of a number of innocent people That said, the books are really funny and they always kind of make me feel a little better about myself I know that if I m stealing scrap metal not that I would it s best not to try and cut down the beams supporting the ceiling of the room I am in, for example The Darwin Awards books are always good for a laugh and you find yourself shaking your head at how stupid the winners are. The Darwin Awards III Survival of the Fittest Darwin Awards 3 by Wendy Northcutt Plume 2004 304.64 Darwin Awards are given to those who render the greatest service to mankind by naturally selecting themselves out of the gene pool through some monumental ineptness or miscalculation i.e., the guy who shoots himself fatally by hitting a bullet with a hammer to see what would happen This is the third collection of stories of jaw droppingly stupid behavior by people who are now dead as a result My rating 7.5 10, finished 2005. This was the very first Darwin awards book I got, I got it from a friend for my Titanic themed birthday party which was in my Grade 9 year.I remember not getting the point of these at first, but now fully appreciate and understand what the Darwin Awards are all about, and I am grateful for that part of the world to be now a part of my intellect Whenever I am accused of not using my common sense, I can think of these books and feel much better that I am not as lost as these causes Although there have been many a time where I myself have been in possible running to win a Darwin Award, but likely, an honorable mention.These stories are humorous and gross, but they get that point across that some of us were born to die. You would think that we humans have common sense Many don t think before they act so they often end up injuring themselves and or death Some of these stories don t seem true, but they are very entertaining and fun to read Many people have read wrote stories about themselves and have become angry to reading them So then they go against the Darwin awards So funny, they don t want people to read their humiliation But, I m sure i would feel the same way I like that there were multiple stories and different situations, wrote through first person and third person I dislike that people get offended I would enjoy to read something similar to this I do recommend you read this to have a good laugh, or just learn lessons from it Common sense people