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Disclaimer The author is a friend of mine However, I purchased this book at full price.While Botsford s first full length Stargate story, FOUR DRAGONS, works very well as a stand alone story, most people would probably prefer to read that one before THE DRIFT THE DRIFT builds upon the events in that book and ties up many loose character threads.Our favorite SG team is back and doing what the do best However, Botsford does very well at exploring how the team dynamics are starting to shift now that Jack is the general in charge of the entire SGC Hammond and Major Davis also have their own threads winding through this tale to good effect.One of my favorite aspects of all of Botsford s Stargate tales has been how she delves deeper into what we can see in the show itself FOUR DRAGONS made one of the Goa uld System Lords a three dimensional character, while THE DRIFT view spoiler explores the concept of Ascension and what, exactly, an Ascended might be able to get away with hide spoiler (((Free Kindle))) ↺ Stargate SG-1: The Drift ✘ Truth And Lies With Earth S Ancient Weapons Chair At The Center Of An International Dispute, Dr Daniel Jackson Is Sent To Antarctica To Sooth Diplomatic Tensions Meanwhile, General Jack O Neill Reluctantly Takes Charge Of A Radical New Weapons Chair Training ProgramBut When A Natural Disaster Hits Antarctica, The Future Of The Ancient Outpost And Of Earth Itself Is Thrown Into Jeopardy Yet Again, Earth S Fate Lies In The Hands Of SG , But This Time The Team Are Lost And Powerless To Help Trapped Within A Strange Reality, SG Encounter Old Friends And Enemies As They Struggle To Escape And Stop The Ancient Cataclysm That S Threatening To Destroy The Planet I fell in love with Diana Dru Botsford s storytelling style after reading her first SG 1 novel, Four Dragons, and The Drift did not disappoint She shows her complete mastery of the SG 1 voice in this novel, weaving a story that s so true to the SG 1 experience that you ll feel like you re watching the show The characters are perfect, from O Neill s irreverent attitude and snarky quips to Jackson s earnestness and Sam s mix of I m a good soldier, but I sometimes want to kosh you on the head, Jack Botsford s tale is tightly written from top to bottom She excels at creating tension on multiple fronts, escalating the action with each new chapter This plot has all the political wrangling we ve come to expect from an episode involving the Antarctic weapons platform, and Botsford handles that deftly I was really impressed by the way she told the story from multiple POVs in multiple locations, yet managed to weave it all together into a unified whole It makes for an enjoyable 3D novel that loses none of the action I ve come to expect in an SG 1 book.A MUST read for SG 1 fans And I recommend reading her Four Dragons novel first, though it s not necessary. Good but Would have been helpful to know that some of the backstory is based on one of the author s earlier novels STARGATE SG1 16 Four Dragons Set just after the season 8 episode Avatar, Jack is s bit broody throughout as he struggles to come to terms with his recent promotion and change in responsibilities Overall a good read. This book literally sent me to sleep And I mean literally.It started with so much promise I was keen to see what the author would do with an Antarctic setting, especially since there were hints that we d see Daniel and Jack have some good character moments But things fell apart quickly once the plot started.A full third of it was just SG1 standing around and going it doesn t make sense but with a side order of a 50 page flashback of events from a previous book I have never, in my life, encountered a flashback that long I also don t understand why the author was once again hellbent on trying to convince us that a canonically evil character isn t evil.Frankly, I don t think that Botsford s books mesh well with the original canon And for me, that s an issue that can t be overlooked. This book is convoluted than various proofs of illuminati Too many ultra special and equally boring OCs The author is just so thirsty for Lord Yu that made me want to roll my eyes every page Plot that is half left over from Four Dragons that hadn t been made any palatable or enjoyable And there is a big case of You Keep Using That Word, It Doesn t Mean What You Think It Means It didn t make me as angry as Four Dragons, probably because my expectations were already as low as they could possibly get, and little could outrage me any I just was tired reading it Very tired. Jack has a mid life crisis in this story, and I really felt for him His journey parallels another interesting character introduced by the author in this novel There s plenty to think about in here, long after you finish reading, and the many possible meanings of the title is just one of them Great read Jack has a mid life crisis in this story, and I really felt for him His journey parallels another interesting character introduced by the author in this novel There s plenty to think about in here, long after you finish reading, and the many possible meanings of the title is just one of them Great read Diana Dru BotsfordThis book is amazing, to say the least Jack is opted to be Ascended, Teal c lost a good friend Daniel is still flustered at Jack s jockiness Sam shakes off the dust off her shoulders and eager to get to dissecting new piece of technology Its just like watching the SG 1, but in my head like a movie than an hour show Great journey, Diana I know what kind of ending to expect, but in a great book like this, that isn t the point Like life, it isn t the destination but the journey exploration of it as you get to he destination A definite Five Star read.I truly recommend this to all sci fi, Stargate SG 1 fans, military, explorative readers out there, as well as to the Chinese lovers out there Its a great book Fantastic even This was a very entertaining book and would be five stars other than the fact it got confusing at times This is due to it being a sequel to Four Dragons Some of what happens in the book was referencing things that happened in that book and my memory struggled to remember what happened in it since it has been a while since I read the book Other than that, was a good team book and saw some of the struggles going through Jack s head as he takes over the SGC.