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Just read it and it has good insight into Quinn s background and where she came from and after reading the second book I predicted that Sebastian would get the dragon and Quinn would get the sea serpent The Drowned Kingdom pulls together all of the little story threads that have been slowly released throughout the first three books of the series The interconnectivity of the characters, the plots that span a lifetime It is all revealed But not completely Just tied in well enough that you know the final reveals and the completion of the tapestry which Kate Forsyth has created will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.I really enjoy the thematic ties to the four elements throughout this series and this one is completely about water in case you didn t get that from the name Even the moments when they revisit their old home to see what is happening take place amongst the mist and the moisture There is a sense of completely surreal beauty about this story that worked really well with the water theme and the idea of lost memories and tragic pasts It all tied in neatly to the secrets revealed.Quinn has been my favourite character so far A foundling, someone with a bit of mystery to her and a witch I love that she spends the entirety of the storyline without shoes on, connecting with nature and spouting riddles There s something about this that I m in love with probably the idea that this is the kind of character that I would have loved to be this way as a child. #FREE PDF ⚡ The Drowned Kingdom (The Impossible Quest #4) ⚢ Quinn, Sebastian, Elanor And Tom Have Found A Dragon And Conquered The Dreaded Beast Of Blackmoor Bog Only One Item Remains On Their Impossible Quest The Scale Of A Sea Serpent Now They Must Journey To The Drowned Kingdom, Where They Will Face Their Deadliest Challenge Yet And There They Will Uncover The Truth Behind All That Has Happened The Truth That Will Change Everything Publication Released Suggested age group 8 Well, this one greatly surprised me.Synopsis I ve heard of a kingdom that was flooded and drownedand that is where the sea serpents liveQuinn, Sebastian, Elanor and Tom have found a dragon and conquered the dreaded Beast of Blackmoor Bog Only one items remains on their impossible quest the scale of a seas serpent Now they must journey to the drowned kingdom, where they will face their deadliest challenge yet And there they will uncover the behind all that has happenedthe truth that will change everything.Thoughts Review Everyone else has tamed a beast Quinn is a littlethan ready to tame her own.I never got tired of this book I feel like it s not as action packed as the previous ones, butinformative than some of the previous books Now I know what you must be thinking, Well, that sucks No, it doesn t a least in my opinion it isn t Ever since the series began Quinn was just the little girl trying to become a witch We didn t really know much about her Her parents, if she had has siblingsnothing like that This book helps you understand who she is and her heritage before coming to the Wolfhaven castle Her heritage truly shocked me I didn t think she is as important as she is Another thing that I truly enjoyed about this book was the Drowned Kingdom I found the sea serpents, the inhabitants, even the kingdom itself truly fascinating My favorite part of the whole book was that And I love Finn I m hoping we get to seeof him, but I wouldn t be surprised if we don t I don t dislike this book I really like seeing how the characters have developed since the first book Sebastian and Tom have grown a lot They are no longer bickering enemies now they re actually getting along.I can t wait to read book 5 It s just getting interesting, and I can t wait to see how the 5th book will end all this Till the next chapter Wordpress My favorite title in the series A ton of character development occurred between Sebastian, Tom, Quinn and Eleanor Plus a revelation of Quinns past, her family and her place in the kingdom of Stormness I enjoyed the change of setting from Castle and Bog to the Lost Isles Drool worthy for fantasy enthusiasts with medieval quests, magical meddling and epic battles to save a kingdom There is a flash of Lord of the Rings in this tale and I d also venture to say that anyone who loves Harry Potter would enjoy The Impossible Quest as well. This series is really hitting its stride, with excellent interplay between the characters, strong and creative worldbuilding, and a gripping story that keeps young readers engaged and often keeps them guessing The characters have grown a great deal in a short time, but are still believable young people that one can t help but root for The animal magical beast characters have important roles to play too, and have developed unique personalities A great choice for middle grade kids almost ready for YA novels but start at the beginning of the series This is the 4th out of 5 books in The Impossible Quest series The adventure continues and ends up close to home for the four heroes of the story Many pieces of the puzzle are put together in this book It s still a fun story, though obviously geared towards a tween crowd their escapes from seemingly impossible odds is hard to swallow, but on par with child and tween entertainment More mature children would also like the books if they are fantasy enthusiasts. Plot moves along, with this one, the penultimate book in the series, separating the characters in part, putting them in different dangerous situations Engaging but in part still feels like one long chase scene. This was an enjoyable adventure, having the right combination of danger and solace for a short book Quinn s test at the end I found fascinating and the way she handled it as well as the was Sebastian took a step back and supported her were beautiful parts of the story All the characters have had a lot of growth and it is nice not to have Tom and Sebastian snarling at each other any Sebastian perhaps has grown the most out of any of them.I m not mad on stereotypes such as hell hath no fury scorned women who are power hungry witches I thought the idea of a man putting his own little daughters into danger and hardship because of the actions of the mother were farproblematic than was acknowledged in the book though maybe that gets addressed in the next book I don t mind female bad guys but why does it always have to revolve on romance on sex Speaking of romance Sebastian is 12 I do not think that for a 12 year old his biggest temptation would be a great romance They have crushes, sure although I suspectso these days when we make such a big deal of heterosexuality as a society but I think his main temptation would be glory and his father s approval both also mentioned, but I just thought the romance thing was unnecessary.How predictable that someone is of royal blood no I won t say who ,Nevertheless the warmth and friendship that has grown up between the four, the complexifying of their interactions and the fantastic animals make it a feel good read Add to that high levels of danger and a need for courage and resourcefulness not just magic or might as well as a richly though briefly painted fantasy world and this isthan readable No question I am going to read the next one and finish the series Soon. The fourth part of this five book series The story is starting to ramp up now, with story threads coming together There s plenty of standard tropes here, but I can t help feeling that if I had read this series as a 10 year old, I would have been in absolute love with it On with the final part