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THE ETRUSCAN LANGUAGE An Introduction by Giuliano and Larissa Bonfante, the second edition of which appeared in 2002, is one of the few resources in English on this enigmatic language of early Italy As a student of comparative linguistics, I thought that the work would be interesting and would include some discussion of the possible links between Etruscan and other language families However, the authors show some dislike of the comparative method and are unwilling to consider Etruscan in a comparative context.The book is divided into three parts First comes the historical background, i.e who the Etruscan people were The discussion of the language itself comes in the second part, a meagre grammar with most of the phonology and morphology that can be discerned from available evidence The third part, Study aids , has sample inscriptions and texts and glossaries.I imagine that this book will be most useful to archaeologists and historians who need some basic understanding of the language Comparative linguists will want to look elsewhere. If you want to learn about the Etruscan language this is the book to go to It covers the language from a lot of different angles to give you the fullest possible picture There s the grammatical description and vocabulary that you d expect, but it also includes engaging and readable chapters on the history of the Etruscan people insofar as we re able to say much about it the history of archaeology of Etruria an extensive section with large plates showing language in its real context in photos of various artifacts and special sections on the alphabet, Etruscan vocabulary reported by Greek and Latin authors but not attested in Etruscan sources, etc.I must confess some disappointment after reading this book but through no fault of the authors I wanted to learn the Etruscan language but through this book I discovered that there is simply not enough known to make real fluency or literacy possible for the language And there probably never will be since Etruscan books and other significant texts have almost certainly all been lost to time The one known exception is a linen book for priests which was reused for mummy wrappings in Egypt and preserved in the dry climate there The odds of finding any other surviving texts of significant length is low.So spare a thought for the lost Disciplina Etrusca, the dramas and comedies of Etruscan theater from where our words person and histrionic derive , and other treasures And don t count on achieving Duolingo levels of mastery for this language But if you want the best guide available in English to what is known, this is the place to look. The title is very accurate The author touches on Etruscan culture and history, but not in any depth She makes no mention of Vinca culture symbols as possible predecessors to the Etruscan alphabet, and her short section on the runes is sterile and uninspired But again, the book does deliver on the title s promise It s well cited and includes some good images. There isn t much available on Etruscan, and I was honestly surprised that this book had as much as it did, even if there are a lot of question marks where glosses should be The beginning historical archaeological section seems solid to me, though I am not in a position to judge As a reference grammar, the sections on syntax, morphology, etc., seem decent to me, though they are of course speculative in many places I wish there had been , but we just don t have the data, as far as I know The best thing, I thought, was the extensive section of inscriptions with pictures, and I quite enjoyed the list of Greek and Roman references to Etruscan vocabulary.There isn t really anything here attempting to argue for linking Etruscan to major language families it s just an introductory grammar There s very little on genetic relationships The authors just accept that it s an isolate and move on I am fine with this, as I just wanted to read this because it s a reference grammar, but anyone looking to put Etruscan in with another family can safely skip this. ^Free Pdf ↿ The Etruscan Language: An Introduction, Revised Editon ☃ This Well Illustrated Volume Provides The Best Collection Of Etruscan Inscriptions And Texts Currently In Print A Substantial Archeological Introduction Sets Language And Inscriptions In Their Historical, Geographical, And Cultural Context The Overview Of Etruscan Grammar, The Glossary, And Chapters On Mythological Figures All Incorporate The Latest Innovative Discoveries