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A fun but forgettable collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiches They were slightly longer than I would have liked, five stories in a book of 350 pages, and Watson s voice didn t ring entirely true to me maybe his upper lip wasn t stiff enough in his descriptions of certain characters Also, Mycroft comes across as very irritating and not very smart I always thought he was supposed to be evenbrilliant than Sherlock, but exceptionally lazy. Having read a previous Donald Thomas Sherlock Holmes collection Sherlock Holmes and the Ghosts of Bly And Other New Adventures of the Great Detective, I thought I d try another The first was all right, and I did like Thomas style and use of language.This set wasdisappointing Not only was he clumsy in historical references, shoehorned in like he was furiously consulting Wikipedia and adding details in in rewrites, but he doesn t have a very firm grasp on the character of either Holmes or Watson.The first story which gives the book its title was intriguing, with Holmes in a very different sort of situation a prisoner of some of his many enemies and people he d foiled in the past However, the story had virtually no examples of deductive reasoning or great intellect, only a McGuyver style cleverness and the following stories were all pretty flat.From Sherlock Holmes instructing England s chief of intelligence on how to handle a mole using the most obvious and well known ideas on controlling leaks to his duel with Moriarty s older brother it just felt all wrong in terms of the characters And worst of all was his treatment of Mycroft who instead of being even smarter than Sherlock but muchlazy he was kind of an insulting dolt and upper class twit.Very disappointing overall, despite a few interesting bits. @Download ⚡ TheExecution of Sherlock Holmes: New Adventures of the Great Detective Õ Five TalesThe Execution Of Sherlock Holmes Elude Noose When Drugged And Manacled In Dank Newgate CellThe Case Of The Greek Key Crack German Codes The Case Of The Peasenhall Murder Prove Man Innocent Of Slaying Pregnant Serving Girl The Case Of The Phantom Chambermaid Stop Arsenic Wielding MagicianThe Queen Of The Night Foil Malevolent MoriartyNotes By Donald Thomas Grade B.This is my first from the famous Donald Thomas series on Sherlock Holmes, and may I say that he has done a wonderful job in capturing the essence of the original Conan Doyle work with a collection of five different stories of the world s most popular detective and his loyal sidekick.The book s title caught my attention the moment I saw it as, obviously, Sherlock Holmes has never been executed before in any adaptation This story revolves around Holmes kidnap and a mock trial by his enemies Holmes is drugged and chained to a dingy old cellar where he is watched 24 7 The curiosity is insatiable because the author painstakingly lays out the insurmountable odds in front of the reader As ever, the workings of his mind will leave you flabbergasted Despite the rather passive role of Watson, I enjoyed the story.Sherlock s legendary powers of logic are skillfully displayed in The Case of the Greek Key, in which a German code must be cracked to preserve some vital military secrets The way Holmes decodes the cipher made me a fan of his all over again More than a mystery, this one seemed like a twenty first century spy thriller, with all the right elements.In The Case of the Peasenhall Murder, Holmes undertakes the investigation of the murder of a serving girl to clear the guilty of charges since he believes him to be innocent This particular story was open ended and a little bit of a downer The Case of the Phantom Chambermaid leads Holmes to uncover a horrific murder plan while investigating the circumstances that led to the dismissal of an innocent maid working at a hotel After the first story, this one is a must read Thomas managed to give dear Watson some role finally.In The Queen of The Night Holmes shows his meticulousness as he tries to catch the infamous Colonel James Moriarty while the latter plans to steal during the Coronation ceremonies of His Majesty, Edward VII.The write up and the way Thomas has described every event, occurrence and scene is remarkable and it makes the reader picture every little detail, even if it does across as a bit flat at times The denouement too, was bland in most of the stories The author s research is splendid though, it soundsVictorian than the original stories.One major drawback was the injustice to Watson His role was minimal at best and he didn t prove to be of much help in any of the stories His chemistry with Holmes was notably found lacking.What made the book interesting were the plots The first story was the best of the five as the iconic Sherlock Holmes is made to expand to his limit in this one The fourth one proved to an all rounder With his logic, clarity and an ever observant nature, Holmes beautifully pulls together multiple meandering threads and trumps all obstacles.When you re writing about Sherlock Holmes, you have got huge shoes to fill, and Donald Thomas accomplishes that to a certain extent Not the best adaption of the marvellous detective, but worth a read nonetheless.Let s sum up The Plots Amazingly spunWatson IrrelevantHolmes As good as always.Originally reviewed at Vaultofbooks.com, a close knit community of fanatical readers We are looking for perceptive readers who can write well, and we are eager to provide lots of free books in exchange for reviews Shoot us a mail at contact vaultofbooks.com This collection includes five stories, the first one being the title story of the book Sherlock Holmes is captured by his enemies and tied up in a dingy old cellar A trial takes place, which is clearly not very fair, before his execution As odds are stacked up against Sherlock, he has only his brain and quick thinking to depend upon The Case of the Greek Key deals with a German code that must be cracked to preserve military secrets Once again, the wheels in Sherlock s mind spins faster than anyone to get the job done In The Case of the Peasenhall Murder , Sherlock undertakes the task of clearing the name of a maid who he believes is not guilty In The Case of the Phantom Chambermaid Sherlock uncovers a murder plan In The Queen of The Night Sherlock is up against Moriarty while trying to stop the plan to steal the crown jewels.Having read one of Donald Thomas s books before, I thought that I was ready for what was to come in this book The one thing that had kept nagging while reading Sherlock Holmes the Ghosts of Bly was the dynamics between Sherlock and Watson I was hoping it would be different in this one and well it was because Watson was hardly featured in this one He featured only in one of the stories where his medical expertise was required, other than that it was a bummer On the other hand, Donald Thomas manages to maintain the vision of Sherlock as a brainiac pretty well On the other hand I also have to admit that I feel that he does have a very effective way of narrating his stories They are detailed and descriptive and makes for an interesting read The plots are mostly well rounded and action packed Overall, I guess that as far as detective stories go, these are good However, Sherlock and Watson being the lead I guess expectations run really high and in that case some maybe disappointed Read it without expectations and with an open mind you will like them. This book is bothsingular and, I think,consistent than the other Holmes pastiches by Mr Thomas that I read before this volume Overall I think this collection of stories hadpunch I also find myself writingdetails into this review than I normally do maybe not so much as to be spoilers, but enough to illustrate specific thoughts about the collection Again I find myself only giving it a 3 because it just doesn t quite deserve the 4 call it a definite 3.5.On a side note, I an many others are so picky about the Holmes stories that at times we may lose sight of the great pleasure they bring us For true fans any tale of the Great Detective is satisfying because it gets us another fix The irony of course is that Conan Doyle wrote his Holmes tales quickly and they are rife with errors and contradictions and yet these are the gold standard One should have pity on the author who dares take up the pen word processor to follow in his footsteps Instead, we judgeharshly because they are not Conan Doyle I suspect I am as guilty as anyone else in this regard That s it for the mea culpas.To be sure the opening tale, The Execution of Sherlock Holmes is very different and dark We get Holmes tale as it occurs to him Watson adding in a framing story of how he acted during this time and how Holmes related his part to him While the author may have woven a nugget of historical fact into the story an explosion and fire , it brings together a collection of villains intent on the destruction of SH It didn t occur to me at the time, but after completing the collection I wondered how this SPECTRE like association began It made for good reading, nonetheless.The quality of writing is very high, as it has been in all of Mr Thomas books so far In this book, I felt fewer of the moments when a phrase or mannerism grated on my sense of Holmes and Watson But, the author traded small issues for larger ones The title tale is one such cleverly written, but very bold Another has Holmes operating as a one man code breaking organization ok, Watson does lend his assistance Now, it is true that Holmes has broken codes cryptograms, too in the official canon one thinks immediately of The Dancing Men , but those were ciphers created by individuals or criminal organizations, not the intelligence arm of a foreign government It is an engaging tale, to be sure There is an excellent mix of detection mixed in with the code breaking and there may have been some historical fact other than the names and types of British warships prior to WWI used, but that I cannot judge Does this strain the credulity of even the most ardent Holmes fan I thought it was reaching a bit.The remainder of the stories is a decent group of tales spanning a man falsely accused of murder in a small village, the early 20th century fascination with spiritualism , mesmerism and phantasms , and the coronation a year after his mother s death of Edward VII Each is a fairly well constructed tale the murder accusation being perhaps the weakest in the group and holds the reader s attention The final one brings back a character discussed, but never met from the first story, which is the foil against whom Holmes judges himself.In this last tale, the villain is stuck on a railway bridge, over the Thames, cut off on one end by Lestrade and a group of policemen On the other side, Holmes and Watson are advancing as the man fires off his last shots the final one being aimed at Holmes over a short distance Now, this is what I object to rather than both firing simultaneously like in some many other tales think Peter Gunn, or a western, or film noir , Holmes fires only after further approaching the man Now is that sporting or what It most certainly isn t cricket I think it diminishes Holmes, making him feel smaller and pettier than he should True, he had stated throughout the story that this was to be a duel from which only man would survive, infuriating his brother Mycroft and Lestrade along the way, but it still feels wrong Holmes is not the wild gunslinger who we expect to shoot first or an unarmed man Not that shooting first is a bad thing I am one who strongly objects to George Lucas re writing the original Star Wars film so that Han Solo does not fire first in the bar.Overall, I think this collection of stories worked best for me so far There is plenty of good plotting, detection, and characterization throughout the author s expansion of the adventures of Holmes and Watson I would not have a fan miss any of them Read and enjoy. The book starts off where The Game of Shadows was left off i.e in the mold ofof a action adventure rather than being a mystery Author himself gets entangled in trying to create the mystery e.g Linear code B and hence, just has to conclude Holmes solved it Few things make no sense at all Execution of Holmes no arrests at all Miss the basic traits of Sherlock Watson chemistry Instead of being Holmes, you will see many instances, Watson refers to him as Sherlock Holmes Tries to get into details which irrelevant to the situation and at times looks lost Sorely lacking in a build up, the writer instead focuses on the approach to solve crime like any other detective would do.Ideas are nice but shouldn t have used them on Holmes My advice forget you are reading Sherlock and you might enjoy, however, not one for the purists. A mediocre pastiche at best Stories are uneven, maybe 2 are interesting, the rest are flat at best, tedious at worst.Plenty of canonical name dropping, and the author has obviously done a lot of Victorian research, but he is actually fairly poor at his reproduction of Doyle s characters Mycroft Holmes, in particular, stops being a brilliant, but lethargic, counterpoint to Sherlock, and instead became a tiresome, not too bright older brotherconcerned with his status than anything else.A book to be avoided. This anthology consists of 5 stories, all written by Donald Thomas The first 4 ranged from good to great and I was willing to give this book 4 stars but then the last one happened, The Queen of the Night.In this short story, Sherlock Holmes went against Col Moriarty, Prof Moriarty s brother, unfortunately, it was overly complicated and Watson was made an idiot Holmes was unwilling to tell Watson what exactly was going on and when Watson reacted, based on his incomplete information, Holmes reaction was rather venomous and honestly, if I were Watson, I would have told Holmes to go to hell This story undermined all the pleasure I took from reading the previous 4 stories.Other than that, the first two stories The Execution of Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Greek Key feltlike spy stories than mysteries The first one was very MacGyver like, the second one reminded me of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy because Holmes was trying to find a mole.In The Case of the Peasenhall Murder Holmes wasn t looking for a murderer, he was trying to prove that the accused did not do it the murder itself remained unsolved.And The Case of the Phantom Chamberlain was interesting only because Watson was allowed to actually do something and used his medical knowledge. Started out pretty good The first mystery was interesting but not a typical mystery However, if you are going to write about Sherlock Holmes as Arthur Conan Doyle did you have big shoes to fill and the second mystery in this book quickly doused any interest I had.