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[Read Pdf] ♌ The Failure to Protect ⚓ This Book Investigates The Reasons Behind, And Consequences Of, Military Operations By Western Powers It Focuses On Those Humanitarian Interventions Aimed At Protecting Civilians From Terror, Dictators And Criminals In Fragile States Contributing To The Cosmopolitan, Feminist And Post Colonial Literature On Interventions, Case Studies From Across The Globe Are Explored, Including Military Interventions In Afghanistan, The Central African Republic, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria And Yemen The Interventionist Era Post Has Been Associated With An Increase In Conflict Fatalities, While The Non Interventionist Era Is Associated With Declining Conflict Violence This Book Analyses Both Quantitatively And Qualitatively The Interactive Discourses Of The Proponents And Opponents Of Humanitarian Protection Timo Kivim Ki Explores The Need For A Representative Global Agency And Legitimate Institutions To Avoid Accusations Of Partisanship, And Calls For The Removal Of The Masculine Gender Bias In Protection To Create Democratic Matriotism A Timely Read For Advanced International Relations Scholars, This Book Analyses The Data Surrounding Military Interventions, Providing A Thorough Insight Into The Last Two Decades Of Humanitarian Conflict Work Politicians And Practitioners Of Wartime Humanitarian Protection Will Also Greatly Benefit From This Book