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{Download Kindle} ⚢ Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse ó Bran Hambric Was Found Alone In A Locked Bank Vault When He Was Six Years Old He Doesn T Have A Clue How He Got There, Or Any Memory Of His Past There S Only One Explanation Magic But Magic Is Outlawed In The Great And Glorious City Of DunceEight Years Later, A Twisted, Hissing Creature Confronts Bran And His Foster Father, Sewey, On Their Rooftop Sewey Believes It S A Gnome, But Not Bran Sewey Isn T The Brightest Duncelander To Begin With Bran Soon Discovers That Whatever Leapt Onto His Roof Is Connected To The He Never Knewand That Bran Himself Is The Missing Link In A Plot So Secret And Evil That Those Behind It Will Stop At Nothing To Hunt Him DownArmed With Wands And Weapons, Bran S Enemies Are About To Attack With All The Power Of A Horrible Curse And A Terrible Crime Magic Won T Be The Only Law Broken In The City Of Dunce Couldn t finish it And I was listening to it on Audio as I painted Maybe, because I ve been reading so many books on editing, I wanted to cut to the chase and get the story started There were soooo many details about Bran s foster family I get it already They are self important boors who are obsessed with keeping up with the Jonesesreminds me too much of Harry Potter but without the humor and too much of the Dursleys Come On, I want the magic and the Hogwarts or whatever it is with the Farfield Curse Couldn t get through the second CD It just wasn t going anywhere. This is a great example of what Christopher Paolini SHOULD have donewritten the book when he was 13 and then spend 6 years editing it so that it s actually well written Of course, Paolini has sold so many copies, who am I to judge Anyways, onto Bran Hambric.The start of the story didn t really grip me I waded through and was really glad I did Nation did a great job building the suspense, hitting a climax, and setting us up for the next one well, next 4, but only one at a time I can definitely see his influences Rowling is a big oneBran suddenly coming into powers he knows nothing about, a huge name in the magic world, fighting the evil entity in the text, but it s not overpowering Some of the names are a little too cutsie for me and I didn t always think it was as funny as Nation meant it to be however, I think for a first novel written by a young author he s done an excellent job I ll absolutely pick up his next one. A book for Harry Potter readers that isn t quite Harry Potter Okay, you can t help but draw out the similarities boy who happens to be a magician living with people who don t want him to be around but who ends up being super important in the whole magic world Outside of that, there aren t a whole lot of similarities this is a self contained book that I don t really see anything else arising out of That is unfortunately one of its weak points as well young author Kaleb Nation took a great deal of time creating this world with loads of characters and rules only to really cram it into one four hundred page book There is so much happening towards the latter half of the book that it is hard to keep track of who everyone is and what they re doing.Bran Hambric lives in the attic of the Wilomas house in the town of dunce where magicians and gnomes are strictly prohibited Sewey Wilomas is an unfortunate, dim witted banker who happens to find Bran locked in a bank vault at a young age Under Dunce rules, finders keepers on orphaned kids The only information Bran had on him was a scrap of paper with his name and birthday Bran is treated like an outcast his only friend in the house is poor Rosie who is treated as little than a slave in the house But then, in the quiet town of Dunce, things start happening and Bran comes to realize that he has some magic in himself In fact, he finds out that he is somehow linked to a huge underground plan called the Farfield Curse a curse that was started by his mother before he was born and eventually led to her demise Now the people who killed her need Bran and have found where he is, and they will do whatever it takes to get him back to complete the curse In the mean time, Bran finds out that the unassuming town of Dunce has plenty of its own secrets.It s not a bad book, particularly for one that was written by such a young author Definitely intended for a younger teen audience think upper elementary into middle school, not high school This is a good choice if you re looking for a quick magic read or a book for someone who likes fantasy but can t commit to the entire Harry Potter series. Horrible Poor Imitation of Harry Potter Even the cover is a rip off This is getting good press reviews b c the author built a loyal following of Twilight lovers Kaleb Nation even went so far as to write a press release that he would play new Edward Cullen in the new Twilight movies This book is a testament to the fact that blind consumers will buy anything associated with Twilight and Harry Potter Flat writing boring characters, and magic elements straight out of Harry Potter.