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FREE PDF ⚇ The Find ♽ The Discovery Of A Mummified Dinosaur In A Cornfield Leads To A Journey Of Self Discoveryand Trouble For One Boy Growing Up In Rural Tennessee In A Fantastical And Stirring Coming Of Age Story As I Wove Through The Cornstalks That Were Still Standing, I Felt This Tightening Sensation In My Chest, Uneasy Like I Was Walking Toward What Seemed Like A Crack In The Earth It Was Splayed Open In Front Of Me Like A Busted Seam I Didn T Remember There Being An Earthquake In The Past Few Days Or Weeks, But Then Again, Sometimes Boulders Came Up Like That, Pushing Their Way Through The Dirt This Was Big Though, Bigger Than I Would Have Thought A Boulder Could Be I Walked Along The Seam Into An Area Where The Stalks Were Tramped Down All Around The Dirt Clump Loomed Bigger And Larger, About The Length And Breadth Of Our Neighbor S Twenty Three Mule Houser Harvester But It Wasn T A Machine It Was Some Sort Ofbeast, I Guess On One Side, I Saw A Great Big Crusty Eyelid, About The Size Of My Whole Torso Some God Awful Thing THE FIND takes place in the early 1900 s Joel is punished for a prank he played on his sister His punishment is to shovel manure until he reaches the top of the corn silo The time spent shoveling causes him to regret his actions When his father makes an amazing discovery buried in their corn field Joel is beyond excited The find could change their lives forever.I really enjoyed THE FIND I liked Joel s character The reader gets to see him change from a childish prankster to a repentant young man willing to own up to his mistakes and take responsibility for his actions A pleasant short story.