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This was one of my most magical reads of the year I am absolutely in love with this sweet, adorable story And I m not a sweet story person even For anyone who loved Practical Magic, this is the softer andsepia tale that will not give you even a drop of sadness Well, maybe a little bit of wistfulnessPlease, come read my full review on the blog here and find out why I loved this story so much.Read Post On My Blog My Bookstagram Bookish Twitter The Girl Who Chased the MoonFive stars Another delicious, heart felt read from Sarah Addison Allen.What is home to you A comfortable, warm place filled with loving faces Is it the scent of freshly baked cookies or pie wafting through the air A worn blanket draped across a favorite chair and a good book The soft, silky touch of a beloved pet s fur Finding shelter in the protective embrace of a lover Home isthan just a place it is a destination where you feel safe someplace where all is right with the world a spot you always want to be The Girl Who Chased the Moon is all about finding that elusive point called home What I Liked As with all the Sarah Addison Allen books this story is inhabited by characters that are genuine and amiable I feel like they are old friends after hearing their stories, that manage to reach out and touch my heart Julia, has unwillingly returned back to her home town of Mullaby, North Carolina after twenty years, to put her father s business in order and sell it for a profit She is filled with regrets and unsettled unsure of where her home and heart lie She has no intention of staying or getting mired in her past A past that involved pink hair, self inflicted cuts, one night with a handsome boy named, Sawyer, a teenage pregnancy, and the difficult adoption of her tiny, infant daughter Since then she patiently bakes her deliciously, fragrant cakes and pies hoping that the sweet scent of vanilla and sugar will guide her daughter back to her one day Emily, is a sixteen year old girl, reeling from the death of her mother She comes to Mullaby to live with her grandfather, a man she has never met, nor even knew existed Emily discovers that the town of Mullaby holds a grudge against her mother for a past transgression Somehow she must right a wrong, and make the people of the town see her mother was not the girl of her youth Her grandfather Vance is an eight foot tall man, who is adrift in a sea of loneliness He is constantly peering into the dryer hoping to reconnect with the ghosts of his past His a kind hearted giant, whom I felt needed a big hug Then there is Sawyer, the man that has always been in love with Julia but never acted on his feelings After a failed marriage, his heart still holds a soft spot for Julia in spite of their troubled past He has a unique ability that allows him to see the glittery, sugary trails of sweet aromas Winn, is a sixteen year old boy with a big, mystical secret He is eager to have someone see his true self He just might know a thing or two about the mysterious Mullaby lights that appear when the moon shines I love the writing Ms Allen s books always have fantastic characters, magnificent, detailed descriptions and just a wisp of magic I can almost smell the tantalizing food scents buttery vanilla, bold, tangy, smokey BBQue, and fragrant cakes and pies If only those scrumptious aromas could drift out of the pages The story is a complex chorus of many people Each lends their own voice to the blend and they all come together so sweetly and subtly into the perfect, poignant story, just like a beautiful melody Julia s song is making peace with old ghosts and learning to open her heart and love While Sawyer s tune is about reaching out and grabbing his heart s desire Emily and Winn harmonize to find their identities Emily rectifies her mother s past and establishes her place in the town Winn reveals to Emily his true self and in her eyes he finds the acceptance he so desperately sought Together they hear the promising notes of a new beginning Vance learns to sing with Emily and he is able to turn forward and peer into the future instead of his past In the end there is harmony and home for all.And The Not So Much This story builds with such emotion I wanted to savor it like you would a piece of cake Slowly eating each scrumptious bite saving the rich, velvety, chocolate frosting for the end, to relish the melting taste of the heavenly, sweet cocoa Just as I got to the sugary creaminess, the moment Julia s glittery cake aroma is answered, the story ends and it is snatched away I wanted to revel in all that decadent emotion I felt robbedplease tell me there will be a continuation and I can read Maddie s story I was a bit disappointed with the whole story line behind the Mullaby lights and the moon It was just one element that I just couldn t relate to It is a good premise but Winn and Emily s story didn t speak to me the same way that Julia and Sawyer s story did The next time you are feeling down and need a cozy escape, pick up the Girl Who Chased the Moon In its pages you will meet some new friends, who will invite you to Mullaby for a decadent piece of cake and a sweet story about the journey to home You will laugh and shed a tear and leave the town knowing your friends have found their own comfortable corner in the world Favorite Quotations He not only saw her, he accepted her We get to choose what defines us Adolescence is like having just enough light to see the step in front of you and no further I am always homesick, I just don t know where home is The broken circle of history should have let all the animosity pour out but it didn t. Free E-pub ⚆ The Girl Who Chased the Moon ☪ In Her Latest Enchanting Novel, New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah Addison Allen Invites You To A Quirky Little Southern Town With Magic Than A Full Carolina Moon Here Two Very Different Women Discover How To Find Their Place In The World No Matter How Out Of Place They Feel Emily Benedict Came To Mullaby, North Carolina, Hoping To Solve At Least Some Of The Riddles Surrounding Her Mother S Life Such As, Why Did Dulcie Shelby Leave Her Hometown So Suddenly And Why Did She Vow Never To Return But The Moment Emily Enters The House Where Her Mother Grew Up And Meets The Grandfather She Never Knew A Reclusive, Real Life Gentle Giant She Realizes That Mysteries Aren T Solved In Mullaby, They Re A Way Of Life Here Are Rooms Where The Wallpaper Changes To Suit Your Mood Unexplained Lights Skip Across The Yard At Midnight And A Neighbor Bakes Hope In The Form Of CakesEveryone In Mullaby Adores Julia Winterson S Cakes Which Is A Good Thing, Because Julia Can T Seem To Stop Baking Them She Offers Them To Satisfy The Town S Sweet Tooth But Also In The Hope Of Rekindling The Love She Fears Might Be Lost Forever Flour, Eggs, Milk, And Sugar Baking Is The Only Language The Proud But Vulnerable Julia Has To Communicate What Is Truly In Her Heart But Is It Enough To Call Back To Her Those She S Hurt In The Past Can A Hummingbird Cake Really Bring Back A Lost Love Is There Really A Ghost Dancing In Emily S Backyard The Answers Are Never What You Expect But In This Town Of Lovable Misfits, The Unexpected Fits Right In This novel contains two parallel storylines 1 The former high school misfit, the boy she couldn t have and the secret that lies between them and 2 A teenaged orphan that arrives in town and realises her mother wasn t always the person she thought she was Although this novel is apparently aimed at an adult audience, I felt it would be better suited to be labelled as young adult There wasn t really a lot happening in this book At times it was boring and a bit of a chore to get through The novel lacked plot and character development and the ending was extremely predictable The storylines weren t original half the novel ripped off Twilight A teenage boy named Win, along with the other males in his family never leave the house at night because of a freakish skin condition no they don t sparkle, they glow in the dark, though that s not far off and Win has a habit of sneaking into the bedroom of the girl he likes at night to watch her sleep That was creepy and stalkerish in Twilight and it s still creepy and stalkerish now Authors reading this review please take note and quit using this in your novels I recommend this novel to teenage girls aged 12 16 that are looking for a light read for the beach that doesn t require much of your attention Two stars I enjoy reading books by Sarah Addison Allen They are so comforting and familiar This is the story of Emily, a young girl who has lost her mother, and returns to the town where her mother grew up She goes to live with her grandfather who is a giant, over six feet tall Emily is not exactly welcome in town because of the problems her mother caused so long ago It also tells of various town folks, mainly focusing on Julia You learn of her past and how this is impacting her future Julia bakes cakes and there is a particular reason she bakes cakes.Sarah Addison Allen is a food lover, there is no denying that In each of her books I have read, food is a big focus in the book In this one, you have a baker who bakes mouth watering concoctions After this story, I have a huge desire to make a hummingbird cake This woman truly has a sweet tooth.Each of her stories has elements of magical realism I loved the story of the wallpaper changing based on the moods of the occupant of the room, the reason that Emily chased the moon , etc I listened to this one via audio For the most part, the audio was just OK The narrator changed her voice for the male characters in the book, and I didn t care the voice that was used However, I had a family member visiting recently and I happened to be listening to the audio while making dinner Family member who is a huge book reader loved the narrator and wants to start listening to audios now She found it quite soothing to listen to someone read to her Awesome I very much enjoyed The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen as Emily and Julia s storylines were both engaging and refreshing to read All of the characters in this story were likeable and the plot was infused with steady paced intrigue and moments of mystical enchantment that kept me captivated the entire time In this story, seventeen year old Emily Benedict arrives in Mullaby, North Carolina, a town filled with misfits, after the death of her mother Dulcie When she comes to town to live with her grandfather, she soon realizes her mother s past is filled with scandal and regret, and Emily struggles to understand the mom she thought she knew and the town that hasn t let go of the past.Parallel to this, thirty four year old Julia Winterson is counting the days she can leave Mullaby as she is forced to settle some unresolved debt after the passing of her father a couple years prior As she works to get back to the life she left, she finds there s a part of her past that is waiting to resurface and hopefully offer a different outcome than the last time she was in Mullaby.One thing these both girls have in common They are both chasing the moon in search of happiness Great read that will leave you wanting to readabout Emily Win and Julia Sawyer, but not because the story abruptly ends, but rather because you come to care about the people of Mullaby Love it A year of full moons.Full Moon in January People tend to eat, drink and play too much during this full moon.Full Moon in February People tend to dream of places they d rather be during this full moon.Full Moon in March People tend to do something daring during this full moon.Full Moon in April People tend to hope this month and some ask their love to marry during this full moon.Full Moon in May People tend to think they are most attractive during this full moon.Full Moon in June People tend to seek forgiveness during this full moon.Full Moon in July People tend to buck heads during this full moon.Full Moon in August People tend to feel restless and overwhelmed during this full moon.Full Moon in September People tend to be moody during this full moon.Full Moon in October People tend to obtain insight during this full moon.Full Moon in November People tend to complete something they ve procrastinated during this full moon.Full Moon in December People tend to sleep best during this full moon. After her mom passes away, Emily is forced to live with the grandfather she never knew, in a town that inexplicably hates her mom The mom she knew was practically a saint, so Emily has to unravel and come to terms with who her mom used to be Her new neighbour, Julia, an old classmate of her mom, is the only person who doesn t wince upon seeing her, but Julia is tight lipped about the past because the town nearly destroyed her, and the only reason she came back was to settle her father s debts.I almost dropped this book because it annoyed me in the beginning, but I am so glad I didn t First off, the annoying bits Emily speaks like she s 13, not 17, has all the personality of drywall, and the POV jumps around a lot, especially in the beginning.Once I got about 1 3 of the way through the book, I was hooked It wasn t so much Emily she remains dry and generic , but rather the side characters and the town itself that caught my attention The soft, tantalizing bits of magic and the mystery of a certain family s issues drew me in.This book wasn t super eventful, some of the descriptions felt over the top, and the ending felt way too easy At least, that was what the logical part of my brain was telling me The illogical part of my brain was coveting Emily s wallpaper and hoping that everything would turn out all right in the end, because the characters had endured hard lives already This is a delightful, feel good story, with just a dusting of magic It s not for everyone, as it feels a like a niche read, but if you enjoy moderately paced slices of life, with a little magic sprinkled in, this one may interest you. 4.5 stars Loved it characters were so climb into my heart kind of people Loved the magical elements, Vance, the frog, Julia, Emily Onto the keeper shelf. This should really be 2.5 stars, but I give the benefit of the extra.5 for the entertainment value.There were things I really loved about this book, and there were things I really didn t like about this book Mainly, I loved Addison Allen s descriptions of both the normal the small town, the brown leaves, the lake, etc and the magical elements Win s warmth, Stella s husband s black powdery soot left on the legs and necks of other women, Sawyer seeing sensing sweets, the wallpaper, etc She has an amazing ability to bring the reader in with those senses and it s easy to see and feel everything the characters do.Sadly, the characters were so one dimensional I couldn t connect with any of them I fell easily into Addison Allen s world, but felt nothing for the characters within.I felt like she had two great ideas for two different books Julia s sort of chick lit story and Emily s sort of young adult romance story but didn t have either flushed out enough to stand alone so she pushed them together It kind of works with back story, but the characters remain flat Julia s mental health issues feels forced and just there without really being part of the character, a surface element We get no real emotion from Emily whose mother, and only family she knew of, died It s just something that has happened to her, and she acts as if her mother is just off in France or somewhere else while she s been sent to the grandfather she never knew Addison Allen says that Emily and her mother were close, but she never really gets that across from the character s POV, the reader never feels it.If Addison Allen took as much time with her character development as she did with her descriptions of the world around them, this would have been a five star book. Two Christmases ago, my co worker gave me a book No surprise there, but the particular book she presented me with was unlike anything I had ever come across before The book wasGarden Spellsby Sarah Addison Allen and the genre was magical realism As soon as I started in, I was lost I was in love Upon sinking into the story, I found myself awash in mouth watering food, complicated yet beautiful relationships, and surrounded by intriguing people with a little touch of magic Did I mention that the book was set in the south Yes Perfection So it should come as no surprise when I say I was somewhat eagerly anticipating Allen s newest release The Girl Who Chased the Moon I didn t know much about it, expect that it would be centered on BBQ and set in a small North Carolina town But knowing who the author was, I knew it was gonna be good I really didn t need muchincentive than that.Following the death of her beloved, activist mother Dulcie, Emily Benedict is sent to live with the grandfather she never knew she had in the small town of Mullaby, NC It s hard enough to find your place as a teen in a new town without discovering that your grandfather is actually a shy, reclusive giant, and that your seemingly perfect mother was really quite cruel and openly disliked as a teenager Needless to say Emily is feeling a little lost and sorely overwhelmed when she meets the strange and decidedly attractive Win Coffey whose cryptic references to their history leave Emily rather curious about the past and determined to uncover the secrets surrounding her mother.Living next door to Emily is Julia Winterson baker extraordinaire and a woman who is counting the days until she can escape Mullaby Having experienced a fairly troubled and turbulent youth in Mullaby herself, Julia is quick to welcome Emily and is one of the few who don t hold her mother s actions against her Emily is sure there is something special about Julia hoping she will be able to lend some understanding to her mother s history and their first meeting only confirms it Julia laughed It was a great laugh, and hearing it was like stepping into a spot of sunshine That she came bearing cake seemed oddly fitting It was like she was made of cake, light and pretty and decorated on the outside with her sweet laugh and pink streak to her hair but it was anyone s guess what was on the inside Emily suspected it might be dark.Don t you want to meet this woman I know I do.Once again Sarah Addison Allen has ensnared me with her airy and enchanting storytelling Emily was sweet and endearing in her curious, youthful confusion but I absolutely adored Julia Adored Admired Aime I want to spend the day baking with her or just follow her around in the hope that some of her loveliness would magically rub off on me Her story alone is too beautiful for words and had me constantly gasping with delight What s , the town of Mullaby itself was also practically fit to bursting with quirky and distinct characters all southern and all steeped in tradition and BBQ How could you not love a place where people can see trails of butter and sugar in the air, ghost lights dancing in the trees, and wallpaper that changes according to your mood Not to mention the constant references to Julia s delectable cakes that just might have sent me racing to the kitchen I just knew it was gonna be good And it was.