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5 StarsArc Book ReviewRelease Date 30 8 18Oh my friggen god I bloody adored The Golden Line Knotted, 1 like so much.Just when I think it can t get any better than my previous Addison experience I get this little gem.I don t really want to share this nope nope nope.I want to keep the delectable delicious Simin and all his deep grumbly purrs all to myself he s not yours girls This Adorable Alpha is all mine.Okay okay, I suppose I m being greedy trying to keep Simin all to myself I can share the love if I absolutely have to.So this was really a tale of two halves for me one of which I entered rather blindly I really was quite literally in the dark towards where this was ultimately heading.Experiencing alongside Morgaine her frightful treatment at the hands of her Alpha tormentors.I was there as they broke her with there unapologetic conditioning and as she hit rock bottom my heart hurt so much for this poor confused and traumatised girl.Frantically looking around for someone to save her I was losing all hope.That was why it was so special to see Simin take a step out of the stereotypical box and attempt with his whole entire being to rebuild Morgaine s shattered psyche.To come along and take this supposed feral omega for himself but also to actually see her as an individual and person in her own right was bewitching.So this one for me had as ever everything that I usually find captivating and hypnotic when it comes to this authors work.All the usual magnetism you d expect was still produced but this was alongside a much softer overall approach when it came to her Alpha than we are usually given.Don t mistake me Simin is as Alpha as they come but he also came with the ability to place his omega at a much higher importance than his own needs and wants and it was magic.Simin understood the best way to gain his omega Morgaine s heart was ultimately through her trust he had her lust but as his end game he wanted her soul also.He was much romantic than his predecessors and was not afraid to voice his feelings but rather than emasculating him it only enhanced his overall allure.I also think taking away the ability to communicate through language and only through an interpreter brought a new layer to Alpha and Omega expectations.Much care was taken considerably on Simin s part because of the lack of verbal cues.It made it much crucial to observe the non verbal signs in each other.So this had everything you would usually expect from this series but with such a difference in approaches than what we are usually used to.I have to say, I m equally a fan of both ways.I also loved the finale here where it left us, on edge and salivating at the mouth for that next anticipated instalment.I feel like I am poised, waiting, breathe bated in expectation the scene has been set with such finesse.Addison Cains omegaverse universe is fast becoming one of my all time favourite series I can t get enough of it, whatever light the participants are portrayed in.So before I go I should mention that this is an extended reworked story from the Royally Mine anthology that was originally titled Consumed.That was a short story that is no longer available The Golden Line is now a full length novel and has been extensively improved on.This is a series I can t recommend highly enough and gets my whole hearted seal of approval every single time.Thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC of The Golden Line Knotted, 1 of which I have reviewed voluntary.All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.https www.facebook.com beckiebookworm www.beckiebookworm.com (((Read Book))) ↽ The Golden Line (Knotted #1) ⇨ They Call Me Brutal They Call Me Unrepentant They Call Me Possessive I Am All These Things And Much Worse But To Her, I Will Be Conqueror The Golden Line Is A Dark, Sinister Omegaverse Romance For Those With Twisted Tastes And A Love For Delicious Villains Complete Power Exchange Dominates These Pages, As Does An Attentive Alpha Hero You Will Adore An Omegaverse Dark Romance Now this story was freaking hot I can t tell you how grateful I am that I grabbed this little gem up when I could It was a slice of sci fi romance deliciousness and I m eager for stories from the Omegaverse Aside from the fact that I couldn t stand the heroine, Morgaine, I loved pretty much everything about this book, such as the purring, the rubbing and exchanging of bodily fluids, the slick , the knot, the true Alpha persona, the submissiveness of the Omegas, and the absolutely incredible world building As the blurb says, Simin was a truly attentive Alpha, and while his methods may seem a bit forceful to some, they got the desired result and turned up the heat between this couple in ways I couldn t have expected.If you find yourself in the mood for an Alpha who completely dominates his Omega in the most manipulative of ways, while putting her wants and feelings before his own, you won t want to miss out on this story either ARC provided for an honest review Release 09.04.2018 Genre Sci fi Romance Dual POV 3rd person Heat 4.5 Standalone Knotted 1Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr 3.5 Stars I was very curious about this author and her new series First of all I need to say that this book has dark themes and isn t for the faint of heart The first half of the story I found to be frustrating at times, and hated what the heroine had to endure in the arms of her enemies I m glad I persevered through to the next half of the book though that is when Simin enters the heroine s life and even though she fought her circumstances full heartedly, Simin worked very hard to gain any kind of affection from her He was a worthy hero and I fell for him very quickly This is story is written in a unique setting with aliens called the Alphas They search for their Omegas to make their lives fulfilled I had never heard of this alien universe before but now that I have been introduced I definitely want to check out It did take me a little bit to become engaged with the universe as this was not a flowery type of story This world is violent and their ways are very hard to swallow or accept The theme is very sexual and very dark I would take the author s warnings to heart This world is not one that everyone would enjoy For myself, when I m in the mood for a darker theme to my books I am definitely going to check out of this author s violent worlds I always love it when I come across a story that is unique 4.5 STARSThe weighted stare of a demon held her in terrified thrallAs always, this author serves up the best dark and twisted talesYou ll have my heart I ll have your soulI love that while a lot of authors shy away from examining the emotional upheaval their characters face in these kinds of stories, Ms Cain dives right in and makes it her focusTo be Omega was to be consumed, fed upon, and discardedShe s the only author I ve read who can take a truly unequal power dynamic and forge it into something Choice mattered to her, even if she never really had one at all If you re interested in reading about this fabulously depraved Omegaverse, don t start with this one go back to the beginning with Born to be BoundLust was an empty, hollow emotion I ve never had a favorite author until addison Cain She could write a One Direction fanfic and I d read it because she s that good.Update Cover revealed I didn t expect anything less a hot shirtless guy Review Wasn t as dark as I was expecting from and AC novel but I really did enjoy a lot of it I found the dialogue to be a little sappy and out of place at times, and overall the story was pretty romantic I don t think I ll read the 2nd one but it s nice to have some variation. This was almost a 5 star read for me Almost But the author had to go and drop the detail that the hero had HUNDREDS of sexual partners Yes, hundreds Why why do I need to know that The power imbalance was already massive in the H h dynamic so adding on that extra layer was almost too much And of course the h was a virgin Again I plead with authors, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you do this ONE LINE SUMMARY Sex, sex, sex not necessarily a bad thing hero arrived on the scene a bit too late for my liking as always, Addison is the queen of Omegaverse Blog Bookstagram They re coming..Morgaine has a talent that she has to keep secret as to share this talent would have dire consequences, if not certain death, for those she loves No, it s her burden to bear though it has saved her countless times from being one of those selected by the invading Alphas.Unfortunately, Morgaine is forced to reveal herself when her mother is threatened Morgaine, an omega female, now finds herself a prisoner of the Alphas with an uncertain future as no one captured by the Alphas ever returns WarningThis is a dark tale that does include abuse, dub non con scenes that might stretch comfort zones, and graphic sex For any readers who have read previous Addison Cain Omegaverse stories, this is nothing new so it s for potential new fan base readers of this author.This is a highly emotional tale that does conclude in a to be continued vs cliffhanger sort of ending Don t know how else to say that this is a complete story, but, not quite a complete story as there is so much I THINK in store for the main characters of this story I feel that this book story really features two separate halves The first half features Morgaine and her captors The second half features Morgaine and well, this is when I cite that this information would be spoiler information and you have to read the story for yourself to find out The romance though a number of scenes are non dub con scenes are graphically graphic and do include knotting, though to be clear there is no paranormal shapeshifter characters I would include BDSM but feel that would be deceptive as the focus is power exchange d s with a side of caning so adding that tag might lead potential readers to confuse traditional BDSM aspects In Omegaverse world building, Omegas do parallel submissive s but in a different way manner role.The secondary characters do add depth to the world building and do support the main characters in this world but little In other words, if the secondary character has no direct interaction with the main characters, they fall by the wayside Quite a number of times I felt myself wanting structure to these characters and wanting fall back on them but I guess the idea that these characters could return was an option which is why author might have kept them as fluid as they were Not going to mention any standouts as this is a new release with quite a number of twists and turns so naming names would be a form of spoiler info One thing though KARMA I am so on board that KARMA is in one or two of the secondary characters futures as it s not right to leave me the reader not getting my taste of revenge over certain unresolved portions of this book Just sayin My issues First was that there were several editorial grammar errors that were irritating Nothing worse than reading along enjoying myself when an obvious oops shows up that should have been caught The other issue I had is from the back seat quarterback chair This is a dark romance story that includes twists and turns Love love love when that happens as I read a lot and enjoy the ones that stretch my reading experience by including content that elevates a straightforward story to something Whether that is a blindside, twist, moral ethical dilemma, dark horror that might give me nightmares, whatever In the case of this story I felt the focus on the first half of the story was important, yes, but left the second half, which I enjoyed so much , wanting The second half then became too long and drawn out in regards to something I can t disclose as it would be spoiler, to the point I really resented the conclusion scene Don t do that to me it was a cop out sort of thing not the epilogue I resented Anyway, that s my take on it For those fans of Omegaverse dark erotic thrillers, this is a new series to check out Want to again include that this book does not contain any shifter characters, only the animal based personalities and characteristics unique to Alpha, Beta, Omega mindset Can t wait for the second installment which is untitled, not as yet named, and with no release date to see where the author next takes me. 4.25 oh sooo dirty stars